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Part 102: Shigure

Sky Knight (HS: Troubadour (Azura), Wyvern Rider (Jakob))
A+ Suppot Classes: Forrest (Troubadour)
Personal Skill: Perfect Pitch: Heal 10% of max HP of allies within 2 spaces when using "Rally" command if allies have less HP than unit.
Growths (With Default Class) [Base]:
HP: 42.5% (42.5) [35]
STR: 37.5% (47.5) [45]
MAG: 10% (10) [5]
SKL: 42.5% (52.5) [45]
SPD: 35% (50) [35]
LCK: 35% (55) [25]
DEF: 30% (30) [35]
RES: 25% (45) [25]

Time for another "analysis" where I kind of just shrug my shoulders and say "yeah this guy exists". Shigure's a child you'll want to pick up on any run of the game thanks to how useful Azura is and how good his paralogue is for EXP, but is he actually useful? Maybe.

Shigure's niche in Conquest is being a Sky Knight - Azura can be one too and so can her husband, but Azura absolutely does not want to reclass and her husband might not be a particularly good fit for it. Sky Knights get access to the extremely useful Rally Speed, which combines with Shigure's personal skill to make him uniquely equipped to support his allies. He's guaranteed to inherit Troubadour from Azura, so he can grab Rally Resistance too. Additional rallies can be gotten through his father - Arthur and Keaton can get him Rally Strength, Laslow and Niles can get him Rally Skill, and Jakob has the strange quirk of giving him Rally Defense through Wyvern Lord. By default Shigure gets both Sky Knight and Troubadour, and for some reason rather than inheriting Cavalier from Jakob he instead inherits the "opposite" class to Sky Knight from Azura, which is Wyvern Rider.

As an actual combat unit I guess he's okay. His base speed is surprisingly bad, but Sky Knight boosts it a lot. Otherwise his strength and defense both seem decent. Jakob unfortunately does not do his growths any favours, but his function will be to rally so I don't really mind his combat being mediocre. I feel as if Kinshi Knight is his "canon" promotion, but I much prefer Falcon Knight - it gets him Rally Speed and lets him support allies with staves. A Kinshi Knight Shigure would probably help a lot in Chapter 24, especially if he's a late recruit with a decent bow rank right out the gate, but I honestly don't have enough experience with the guy to say.

One thing to note is that Keaton's inherited Beast Killer weakness won't hurt him at all if he stays in his base class, on account of it already being weak to beast killing weapons. Keaton doesn't seem like a bad father for him, actually. He gets good stats, Rally Strength, he can inherit a cool beast skill like Better Odds...

Unit Rating: I wish I could give him ginger hair