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Part 104: Dwyer

Troubadour (HS: Sky Knight (Azura), Cavalier (Jakob))
A+ Support Partners: Percy (Wyvern Rider)
Personal Skill: Born Steward (+20 Hit and Avoid, +2 damage dealt and -2 damage taken when fighting in My Castle)
Growths (With Default Class) [Base]:
HP: 35% (35) [45]
STR: 47.5% (47.5) [45]
MAG: 27.5% (37.5) [30]
SKL: 40% (60) [20]
SPD: 45% (55) [30]
LCK: 35% (50) [30]
DEF: 22.5% (22.5) [30]
RES: 35% (50) [35]

It's Dwyer! I'd call him Jakob's loser son but not turning out like Jakob makes him a big winner in my book. His over the top lethargic teenager voice acting is both very endearing and extremely grating.

In terms of pure stats Dwyer is superior to his dad in almost every single way, at least at base. He's got significantly less skill and luck, and slightly less speed and HP, but otherwise he's much stronger and more magical with a little extra bulk too. Having Azura as his mum has made mine stronger and faster at the cost of his physical defenses.

Unfortunately in practice Dwyer's lacking a lot of Jakob's strong points, such as his weird half-prepromote status and his amazing availability (if you're playing as a girl). As a staffbot he's likely to outstat his dad and more staffbots are always nice to have, but he's not exactly a gamechanging unit even with a good mum. His stats are better than his father's but are fairly bad as far as second gen units go. I always thought Brady from Awakening was one of the worst kids (postgame minmaxing aside), and Dwyer's kind of got the same problem, especially since you could easily slap Flora or Izana on your team if you've got DVP to spend and you want additional staff users. But even if he doesn't have Jakob's weird early promotion, he can still inherit level 15 promoted skills from his father to get them earlier than other units would.

Dwyer's meant to go Butler but he'll work fairly well as a Strategist, especially if his mum has halfway decent magic. I feel like Strategist is a more useful class in general thanks to its higher mobility, but the Flame Shuriken does hit harder than most tomes. He might work okay in some combat classes but his staff rank and the weapons of his promoted classes will make it difficult to find a class he can become that he won't be stuck with E rank weapons in.

If for some reason you want to do Fates PvP then Dwyer's personal skill is great, otherwise it's pretty awful. Invasions do exist and having better stats for them is handy, but it's unlikely that the combat stats of your staffbot will make much a difference in their difficulty. I guess it would combo very well with Foreign Princess? Assuming it is possible to inherit that skill.

I'd be very welcome to hear alternate Dwyer opinions because I've mostly been very negative, even if he is one of the few child units I'll actually be using this run!

My Rating: This isn't my job...