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Part 12: Paralogue 1: Tragic Start

Time for a brief diversion! A girl in a "nearby" village that's not even in the same country as us needs saving, so save her we must. But not before I mess around in my castle a bit.

"Limited funds" is actually a lie, you can farm infinite gold by repeatedly giving food to your weird fish dragon thing. You can only give food after either each chapter or waiting for a certain amount of irl time to pass though so it would take a lot of waiting or a lot of 3DS clock fiddling-with.

Oh and you can also get infinite gold by selling the items you get from the lottery shop which I just bought. There are 3 tiers of prizes: Bronze gives food and minerals, Silver gives low-rarity weapons and items, Gold gives high-rarity ones. Just like feeding your fish you can only do this between chapters or after waiting a while.

I agonised over whether using this was "cheating" for a short while but honestly who even cares. I crave the thrill of chance!!! This was the Fire Emblem gatcha before Heroes, except for the part where you don't spend any money or even "gamble" anything

Silas thinks he'll be fired for buying weapons from the his own shop, but I'll actually fire him for not discounting lances even though he knows I want them. Aren't we friends, Silas? Surely you can give your old friend a half price Javelin...

May as well buy a Steel Sword while they're cheap. Nobody can use it just yet, but you've got to buy things when they're cheap, you know? Oh no this is how they rip you off isn't it

Also got a Nosferatu tome for Odin. I don't even know if he'll be a longterm unit or not but at the very least I'd like access to his daughter's paralogue for the cool tomes it gives.

B supports for Corrin/Silas & Arthur/Elise, C supports for the other two. Odin wants to be a sword user again but I won't let him.

One girl with a stick versus an army of Faceless. Does she even need saving? I've seen enough action movies to know she'll hand every single of of them their own ass.

I could have done this chapter anytime after 7 but there are reasons to delay it, namely that it is free EXP and you might not have the units you want to give free EXP when you first unlock it. The enemies are a little low leveled so they're not worth a tonne, but weapon EXP and support levels will always rise at the same rate no matter who you're fighting.

This is not a Conquest map which means none of the enemies have personal skills. They are, however, a bit stronger than the Faceless in Chapter 7 despite being the exact same level. So I guess it's not quite free EXP.

"They slaughtered the Ice Tribe and now they're coming to recruit me!"

Corrin is the only one who can recruit Mozu, so she pairs up with Silas and heads for her, hopefully activating VoF along the way. This chapter should be a good place to raise her sword rank a little.

Meanwhile Elise & Odin block the bridge for extraction of delicious EXP. I'm not going to marry the pair of them even though Elise/Odin is one of those great pairings everyone does. I'm also probably not going to marry Odin & Effie unless I decide that Odin's not working out and I don't care about Ophelia being good either. Effie might have great growths but she does not make very magically adept children.

Behold, the power of Nosferatu!!!

...he's good i swear

Mozu's safe for the first few turns but the enemies will start to aggro around turn 6 or 7. Thankfully Silas was able to break through this little blockade with a crit, but I had plenty of time anyway.

Unlike Donnel, who gets a heroic tale of a farm boy taking up arms to defend his mother, Mozu has her entire family slaughtered before her eyes and then joins up with the army of the country that created the monsters that killed them in the first place. This poor girl has it rough.

Mozu is like Donnel from Awakening, except either much better or much worse depending on your view. She doesn't turn into an unkillable juggernaut like he can, but that's also a thing nearly every unit can do in Awakening. Mozu will remain fragile even when raised but she has a genuine niche as a good Archer if reclassed, and so long as you can spare her a Heart Seal she can be a lot more self-sufficient at lower levels than Donnel.

She also gets absolutely destroyed by the enemies like Donnel does, but at least there's no weapon triangle disadvantage to make her miss!

Steadily replacing her axes with better ones is how Elise will get stronger before promotion seeing as her strength growth doesn't exist. The shift from Iron to Bronze should help her a lot!

Niles doesn't appreciate this open field of 1 range enemies quite as much as the rest of the army. At least he looks very cool here.

Don't worry Mozu, Niles is your family now! And he can capture lots of generic units to replace all your friends that died.

Chapter's halfway done and only now does someone level up. I certainly can't complain about this level.

As you can probably guess I'm trying to support Niles & Mozu, but unfortunately she's a bit of a crappy support partner thanks to the awful pair-up bonuses that Villagers give. She might fix his accuracy issues a little but she's not helping his damage output... It might be better to keep them unpaired so Niles can still benefit from dual strikes...

Well I've reached the boss but somehow I don't think Elise or Odin will be defeating it any time soon, and the rest of my army is halfway across the map. Maybe by the time they've reached it Elise will have finally chipped the boss to death.

Elise is a Troubadour in a Wyvern Rider costume.

Lunge is like Shelter in that it's a great skill that I am too dumb to use. It gives you the option to swap position with your foe after initiating combat, which is great for extending your own movement range and messing up enemy formations. It is also good for making you tear your hair out when the enemy uses 5 lunge units in a row to take your defensive tank for a ride across the entire map and dump them in front of a super strong enemy that kills them.

Good job Odin! That boss that Elise spent like 6 turns weakening didn't stand a chance.

no res terrible unit 0/10

I could have spent 30 turns grinding up Mozu but I didn't. Know that I totally would have if I were planning on using her though.

None of this chapter makes sense in Conquest, but I guess it's good we saved some random little girl. Mozu having access to Hoshidan classes is part of her appeal and all but part of me thinks it would have been cool to have a Nohrian villager class that uses swords and promotes to either Paladin or Dark Knight. Then again I did also spend time theorising a Clown class that uses Tomes and Knives so maybe I shouldn't be allowed to add classes to Fire Emblem games.

...okay i'm sorry mozu i burst out laughing irl. HAPPY BIRTHDAY EVERYBODY YOU KNOW AND LOVE IS DEAD

Next time: Lunatic mode stops pulling its punches