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Part 21: My Castle (Paralogue 2)

Completing Chapter 12 unlocks the option to upgrade my resource farms so they give more of each resource. Upgrading a building also gives you another "use" of it instantly, so it's better to harvest your resources and then upgrade them to immediately get another use if you can.

Only 3 supports this time around. I've never actually raised Jakob and Silas's support past B rank in all my playthroughs of this game, so I have no idea where it goes...

Incidentally, this is probably a good time to give a brief rundown of who's being paired up and why.

Corrin & Silas is mostly because of how good the combination of Corrin's Supportive and Silas's Vow of Friendship is. But I'm also doing it because it's one of the easiest marriage options for Corrin to unlock, and Corrin's child paralogue is a great source of easy EXP that's even more valuable the earlier you do it.

I think I might have over-exaggerated when I said the kids would be bad - Kana's definitely just a worse Corrin besides their potential to have very high stat caps if you combine a certain boon with a good parent, but Silas isn't a bad father for him. He'll make his strength and bulk better in exchange for making his magic and speed worse. Kana leans more towards magic than physical than a "normal" Corrin does, so he's not the ideal parent, but he's not bad either.

Sophie is a much faster and more resistant Silas with less strength and defense. With a good mother she can easily be better than him (Vow of Friendship aside), with a bad or mediocre one she's a bit worse, although even if her growths aren't optimal she can still be faster than him and avoid his issue of being too slow to function well as a Cavalier in the lategame. A +mag -res Corrin for her isn't great, but isn't awful either. Sophie's natural magic growth is weirdly high for a physical unit so a +mag Corrin could let her function as a mixed attacker if I wanted.

Elise & Arthur was just to make Elise work better as a Wyvern Rider early on. I am almost certainly ditching Arthur when she promotes, since as a mobile ranged attacker I imagine she'd rather take advantage of dual strikes than be glued to a support partner who won't boost her magic at all. Percy might be usable but I don't really care about him.

Niles & Mozu I'm doing to make Niles an Archer. Mozu's pair-up bonuses are near useless for him and as a ranged unit he'll want to go solo anyway, so she's getting benched as soon as they hit S.

Mozu is a great parent for nearly everyone thanks to Aptitude, and Niles's daughter might end up becoming a better version of him. In fact looking at her growths then with aptitude she will literally just be a better Niles, minus the ability to capture. Maybe I'll replace him, maybe I'll have two Niles running about.

Azura & Jakob is purely for the child units (and their paralogues). A support parner is almost of no help to Azura, and Azura as a support partner is just a waste of a good unit. As a staffbot, Jakob is pretty much the same way. So it's a relationship based off of mutual neglect!!!

Seriously though both Azura and Jakob's children can be made into good staffbots, and the two of them aren't bad parents for those. Azura's child can also be a great rallybot, who will have access to three different rally skills thanks to Jakob as a parent. Exactly why that happens is because of a weird quirk of Fates's inheritance system that I'll explain later.

Odin & Nyx makes a pretty decent Ophelia, not as good as she could be but not bad either. Ideally I'd use Elise but I didn't want to have Elise paired up with a unit who gives magic and nothing else while she was at her weakest. Felicia's also not a bad choice but I won't get her for a short while yet. My original plan was to pair Odin with Camilla because I wanted to use them both and they were the only units on my list who were unpaired. I decided against it since I wanted to focus on Camilla's strength rather than her magic, and gluing her to Odin in the early chapters would make it hard to use her in emergencies.

Camilla & Kaze... might not even be a pairing I do. I'm still figuring out what I want to do with Camilla. I wasn't even planning on using Kaze originally, I just liked the levels he got in chapters 4 and 5. It's possible I might drop him for Keaton when he shows up.

Peri & Xander is entirely because I want to try out Wyvern Rider Peri. It seems like a fun idea! I'll maybe talk about this more later because Peri's only just showed up and Xander won't be here for a while.

Xander's kid may as well be dead to me because the paralogue to unlock him is about as fun as undergoing dental surgery, and about as difficult as performing it. Maybe I'll do it anyway, assuming I don't get mad and give up.

Leo is the last unit I'm planning on using. Who he pairs up with is currently up in the air. Right now I'm thinking either Felicia to get a magical Forrest or Beruka to get a decently bulky one whose magic won't get completely tanked. Who knows?

Also Elise can have this cool book Ryoma had because she desperately needs the accuracy. I hope Hoshido doesn't have its own language that she cannot read.

That's everyone! Elise is at the bottom because not being available shunted her to the bottom of the list. Forgetting to deploy her for like 3 chapters is definitely not something I would ever do because of this.

Mercenary (HS: Ninja)
A+ Support Classes: Xander (Cavalier), Odin (Dark Mage), Keaton (Fighter)
Personal Skill: Fancy Footwork (Use the "Rally" command to give Strength and Speed +1 to allies within two tiles - stacks with other rally skills, including rally str & speed)
Growths (With Default Class):
HP: 50% (60)
STR: 45% (60)
MAG: 0% (0)
SKL: 45% (65)
SPD: 30% (45)
LCK: 55% (60)
DEF: 35% (45)
RES: 25% (30)

Laslow's base speed growth isn't very high and he has slow in his name. He's not a unit I have much experience with, and I don't think he's a particularly good one, but he is still quite interesting!

Laslow's growths are actually pretty solid, beside his bad speed. Unfortunately his bad speed is somewhat of a problem. His base isn't terrible, but it's not great for a class that's meant to take advantage of its speed (although it will be improved by taking away his Steel Sword). The boost Mercenary gives to his growth is good but it's not really enough to get him out of his speed rut either. Bad speed doesn't doom a unit, but unlike other slow units like Beruka he's not quite specialised combatwise enough to make up for it.

Fancy Footwork however is a great personal skill and it allows Laslow to be useful even if he never fights anybody. +1 to arguably the most important stats can turn a lot of near misses into kills, and it even has the advantage of stacking with other rally skills. Rally Skill from Bow Knight might be the only rally Laslow gets naturally, but an A+ support with Keaton and S support with either Selena or Azura can grant him both Rally Strength and Rally Speed, turning Fancy Footwork into a plus 5 boost. He can also grab Rally Defense or Resistance by marrying a wyvern or a troubadour, although one of those class options is obviously a lot more effective than the other for him.

Laslow's also the unit who has the easiest time accessing the Sol Master Ninja combo. Promote him into Hero for Sol, and then Heart Seal him into Master Ninja and you are done. He'll need an Arms Scroll or a lot of knife practice to use anything but Bronze though, so he still needs investment and time to be able to pull it off. He's also got a worse speed growth than Silas and is quite a bit less bulky, so he might not be the best user of it.

Otherwise? I'm not really sure... I don't have a lot of experience using him. I think you can instantly promote him into a Bow Knight for decent effect, and then replace him with his daugter Soleil after he reaches an S support. Her growths are arguably better than his and her join chapter potentially rewards you with some neat stuff, so she's worth picking up.

My Rating: Should have had pink hair like his mother.

Cavalier (HS: Dark Mage)
Personal Skill: Bloodthirst (Str/Mag/Skl/Spd + 4 for one turn after defeating an opponent on Player Phase)
A+ Support Classes: Felicia (Troubadour), Charlotte (Fighter), Selena (Mercenary)
HP: 30% (40)
STR: 50% (65)
MAG: 5% (5)
SKL: 30% (40)
SPD: 50% (60)
LCK: 35% (50)
DEF: 25% (35)
RES: 45% (50)

Personality wise, Peri is bottom tier. Spoiled rich kid who murders her own servants for fun does not make for a sympathetic character, and unlike other amoral jerks throughout the series she can't even make up for it by being funny. Apparently she's got some tragic backstory but like who cares. She would not be out of place amongst the ranks of Hans and Iago.

As a unit she's not great either... But bad personality & bad unit = underdog I am bizarrely compelled to use. She's not without her uses, but she takes a little investment.

Peri's one of the many girls in this game with 50% strength and speed or over. She hits fast and hard and has weirdly good res, although the latter is only situationally useful given her lack of good 1-2 range. Cavalier's a fine class, and instant access to Elbow Room and Shelter never hurts. Her accuracy is a little shaky and her physical bulk isn't amazing either... She's also pretty underleveled for the chapter she shows up. You'll definitely have to feed her kills when she first joins, but once she gets some speed procs she'll start to shine. Paladin plays to her strengths more but Great Knight can fix her defense issues.

Bloodthirst is a very cool personal skill, albiet stuck on a unit who doesn't quite make good use of it. Peri needs to kill a unit on her turn and then either be left in range of enemies or be danced to kill again afterwards. The statboosts from Bloodthirst will easily push her into ORKO territory against most enemies, and the skill boost will help her hit too. Unfortunately her bulk's not great so she's unlikely to be able to run into a crowd and slaughter everyone on their turn, and her lack of good 1-2 range means she'll only be killing the 1 range units on enemy phase. It's very good for killing bosses and tough if you use Azura to dance her though.

Peri really wants the Heartseeker skill from Dark Mage to improve her mediocre accuracy. She would also quite like Lifetaker from Dark Knight to heal her up after she gets a kill to activate her personal ability. Otherwise, don't make her a mage. She has high strength and almost no magic, there's nothing there for her. Dark Knight's not an awful class for a physical attacker, but it really doesn't offer anything that Paladin or Great Knight don't.

As for her Friendship Seal options, Hero or Bow Knight might not be bad reclass options for her, and Quick Riposte will make her personal even better. They'll both shore up her bad skill anyway, and they can make use of her axe rank. Fighter's not bad either, and suits her good offenses quite well, but if you want her to stay as a Fighter then you may as well just use Charlotte.

My Rating: Still using her though!