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Part 31: My Castle (Paralogue 20)

Are you sure Elise is an adult, game? "Childish" characters in these games are always weird and offputting to me, sometimes they act like slightly immature adults and sometimes they act like 5 year olds.

I guess I can keep forging Iron Bows if the game wants me to. If I have the funds for it I would like at some point to go ham and forge a +4 or higher thing.

B support for Corrin and Elise, C for everyone else. For a moment I forgot that Elise doesn't start as a Wyvern Rider and was excited to reclass Corrin into one...

And an S support for Odin and Nyx. The game knows if you're marrying two magical units you're probably trying to minmax a super wizard child. This support was actually quite sweet despite me screenshotting the weirdest part of it. I guess Nyx is now part of the Ylissean royal family?

The last few levels gave me the impression that my Peri is doing super well and my Silas is doing badly, so I decided to check them against their average stats.

+1 HP, +0.5 STR, -0.5 MAG, +0 SKL, +2 SPD, +0 LCK, +0.5 DEF, +0 RES

-1 HP, +0.6 STR, +0.3 MAG, +5.6 SKL, +2 SPD, +0.3 LCK, -3 DEF, -1.2 RES

...and it turns out my Peri is only slightly above average, while Silas isn't doing as badly as I thought. His bulk has taken a huge hit, but otherwise he's quite good? I did make sure to take into account the one stat booster I gave him. I don't think I've ever seen either of them cap a stat before promotion though.

My plan is still to go Master Ninja Silas, although his crappy bulk does make that idea seem a bit less good now. I'll have him go Paladin until he gets Defender... I also need to start building some supports with Kaze, I'd completely forgotten about that.

Paladin boosts Peri's strengths even more, while Great Knight evens out her stats a bit. Great Knight is her "canon" class, and possibly her best choice unless you're worried she won't be able to double consistently...

...but I want Defender and she's going to end up as a Wyvern Lord anyway. Building axe rank as a GK would be nice but I want the skill more.

Those were all the Master Seals I had. Ideally I'd be buying as few of these as possible, but your units will start hitting level 20 faster then they show up as loot on the map.

Oh and give me a Hammer while it's on sale. It's funny, Birthright gives you so many Nohrian weapons as free droppables but in Conquest you actually have to buy them.

I doubt I'll be promoting Odin, but here's what his stats would be. Dark Knight might look better than Sorc in nearly every single way, but losing Nosferatu is a big disadvantage... And the Sorcerer class, like all promoted classes that only use one weapon type, has some small intrinsic bonuses it provides you. The game doesn't tell you what they are, but it gives +5 to hit and critical avoid, and +10 to critical hit chance. Which adds up to +20 factoring in Odin's personal skill.

The reason why I'm not promoting Odin and ditching Leo in favour of him is because I value magic much more than strength for a Dark Knight. He might be better than him in quite a few ways, but dishing out magical damage is what I'd want one to do and Leo does that much better. Maybe I'll promote him and keep him around anyway, but there's not much room in my deployment slots and I have other child paralogues I want to unlock.

Oh and lastly Elise finally gets to be a magic user again. Losing luck doesn't bother her, she's got tonnes of it already.

Okay fine I will use one stat booster. I'm about to recruit a few children so I'll save the rest for later when I know what my army's going to look like! I don't have a problem you have a problem I could stop hoarding these whenever I like

For real though I'm about to grab Ophelia and I think she'd appreciate most of these. The Seraph Robe could go to any one of her, Silas, or Elise... The Speedwings I'm a little unsure on. Maybe Corrin? Maybe once I'm done with the child chapters I'm planning on doing now I should put it up to a vote. I think I need an intervention.

Here is everyone. My army's looking a lot better now I've got all these promoted units. Conquest is meant to be the route that's stingiest with EXP, but you actually level up much faster thanks to the higher level of enemies... It's probably the only route where you'll end up with multiple units at 20/20 without grinding.

Paladin (HS: Wyvern Rider)
A+ Support Classes: Kaze (Ninja), Laslow (Mercenary), Leo (Dark Mage)
Personal Skill: Chivalry (+2 damage dealt and -2 damage received if enemy has full HP at start of combat)
HP: 45% (55)
STR: 50% (65)
MAG: 5% (5)
SKL: 40% (50)
SPD: 35% (45)
LCK: 60% (75)
DEF: 40% (50)
RES: 15% (25)

Big bro is here to break the game in half. He's got a cool sword and an effective defense stat at base higher than the cap Paladins have in the GBA games. All that stops him from being a better unit than Camilla is not existing for half of the game. Even he is not without flaws though...

Right off of the bat, Xander is a physical powerhouse. His strength and defense are both through the roof, his high power 1-2 range sword only boosts them both further, and then his personal skill boosts them even further beyond that. He's so bulky that a lot of units won't even bother attacking him when he first joins, which is both a blessing and a curse. He's the master of choking points and protecting your weaker units, but he can also run through groups of enemies unafraid and even one-shot more fragile ones with only a little help. He's also got a great luck stat to make sure he never gets crit. His sword will provide its +4 defense boost whether it is equipped or not, even if the class he's in has no sword rank at all.

Xander will be good with absolutely no investment at all, but there's a few things you can do to make him even better. Pairing Charlotte up with Xander is pretty much the meta - she boosts his gargantuan attack even further, while also raising his speed high enough to allow him to double. Not boosting his defenses can actually be a good thing, since it means enemies will happily throw themselves against him to die rather than refusing to attack outright. It also grants him access to the Hero class, raising his speed and ridding him of his weakness to Beast Killers. As a Hero Xander gains access to Sol, which he'll activate often thanks to his high skill. Seigfried's 1-2 range means Xander won't even need to be a Master Ninja to pull off the Sol MN combo, although by supporting Kaze he can still become one anyway, and he'll do quite well at it. Xander can also get access to Hero by A+ supporting Laslow or by marrying Selena, both of which provide him with pretty useful stat bonuses too. Otherwise he'll do fine as a Paladin. His lance rank is mostly useless thanks to the insane power of his personal sword, but you can give him a Beast Killer if you've got one going spare.

Xander's only real flaws are his speed and resistance. The former you can patch up with a good supporting partner but the latter is a little more troublesome, especially because most classes that boost resistance won't provide any other boosts that will be particularly useful to him. The Hero or Master Ninja classes are both good for fixing his speed, and the latter will help his resistance too, although he'll need certain supports for those.

Xander will keep his D rank in lances as a Wyvern Lord but I don't think there's any good reason to make him one unless you really need him to fly somewhere or you want some of the wyvern tree's skills.


My Rating: A way better father than his Hoshidan counterpart!

Adventurer (HS: Ninja, Fighter)
A+ Support Classes: None
Personal Skill: Highwayman (If enemy cannot counter and unit initiates battle, reduce enemy's strength and speed by 3 after the battle)
HP: 30% (30)
STR: 25% (30)
MAG: 10% (25)
SKL: 20% (25)
SPD: 35% (55)
LCK: 30% (30)
DEF: 15% (15)
RES: 35% (55)

Shura is the man you gave up a pair of Boots for. Sure you can pair him up with someone to give them +1 movement anyway, but if they had a pair of Boots they could pair up with someone else who gives movement to get +2 move... I'll be honest, pretty much every unit from here on out is going to get a purely speculative analysis. I can tell you what their stats are, what classes they can have, and what I think they might be able to do, but I won't be speaking from experience.

Shura's kind of a role-compression unit. He can pick locks, he can shoot bows, he heals, and he gives pretty handy pair-up bonuses as an Adventurer. He'll do all of these things with no investment and only one deployment slot, and he just happens to join before a chapter where you'll want all of those things anyway. Statwise he's about on par with a freshly promoted Niles, although he'll quickly fall behind once his bad growths start to take effect.

As a Hoshidan native who's been living in Nohr, Shura's got a rather funky class set. He'll do perfectly fine as an Adventurer, but you could consider making him a Mechanist if you want one. He'll keep his bow rank while significantly improving his bulk and gaining the ability to use Knives. Bow Knight is probably fine for him too, but maybe not worth wasting a Heart Seal on when he can still use bows as an Adventurer. Otherwise his other classes don't seem good for much but their skills. The Fighter tree might have some great classes but Shura won't have weapon ranks in any of them, and by now you'll have a large amount of units who could do all of those things better.


My Rating: Clearly shares a hair stylist with FE7's Heath