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Part 33: My Castle (Paralogue 22)

Daggers might be worse than Shurrikens, but they're still good weapons. They forge pretty well too, since they already have high accuracy but are short on might, which forges increase disproportionately largely compared to everything else.

Archers actually lose strength when they promote into Kinshis... It may seem silly, but losing stats is a reasonable price to pay for gaining access to a flying mount. I feel like the devs put much more thought into balancing classes in Fates than they did Awakening. I remember Snipers having arguably worse stats than Bow Knights and then Heroes being literally superior to Bow Knights in every way statwise.

I'd much prefer Niles get the stats than the movement though. Especially since the next paralogue I'm attempting is full of bows. Sniper also provides intrinsic bonuses - +10 crit and +10 hit. Pretty handy for capturing!

Supports for everyone! Odin/Leo, Peri/Xander, and Silas/Azura B, C for everyone else. Unfortunately Silas wasn't able to build enough support points with Kaze for a C rank...

...Peri's support with Xander is genuinely sweet and then her support with Leo is literally her announcing that she's going to go out and kill some random stranger for fun. I think Peri's existence ruins Xander's characterisation more than anything else. Why did he hire her?

Here is everyone. Everybody's promoted now! Except Ophelia I guess. Hopefully she can grab some kills in the upcoming chapter.

Dark Mage (HS: Samurai (Odin), Outlaw (Nyx))
A+ Support Classes: Midori (Apothecary), Soleil (Mercenary)
Personal Skill: Bibliophile (+10 crit when carrying 3 or more tomes)
Growths (With Default Class) [Base Growths]
HP: 37.5% (37.5) [45]
STR: 10% (20) [15]
MAG: 47.5% (67.5) [45]
SKL: 37.5% (37.5) [40]
SPD: 47.5% (57.5) [45]
LCK: 42.5% (42.5) [65]
DEF: 17.5% (22.5) [20]
RES: 30% (40) [30]

Here's Ophelia Dusk, newest descendant of Marth, the Hero King. Allegedly. Ophelia is supposed to be the best child in the game, but I've never really used her to her full potential... There's all sorts of super high magic OHKOs and incredibly high damage Nosferatu tanking she can do, but I've never really had her do any of it. So this really isn't going to be much of an analysis, more just "here are her stats".

Nyx!Ophelia isn't too different from Elise!Ophelia, honestly. I think she is straight up worse growthwise, but luck's the only stat where the difference is more than 5 or so percent. Otherwise she's still stronger and faster than her "base" growths. I also like her hair more this colour, too! There, I said it. I won't take it back. Felicia's presumably a good mother for her too, although her magic and speed are even worse than Nyx's.

Bibliophile is a cool skill that's simultaneously more and less restrictive than Odin's personal. She won't have to rely on forged weapons (which is good, since her personal tome can't be forged), but she will have to fill up over half of her inventory with tomes. This isn't so bad if she's a tome user (which she should be), but theoretically if you wanted Adventurer Ophelia then she'd have to carry around a bunch of weapons she can't use to get her crit bonus. Although she'd probably be using a Shining Bow anyway, and those can't crit...

Missiletainn is a tome that's stronger than Fimbulvetr (and doesn't have the avoid or doubling threshold penalties) but slightly less accurate, which is a decent enough tradeoff. It also boosts her crit by 10 and her skill and resistance by 1. An Ophelia that wants bulk or skill would rather use the Horse Spirit, and one that's fishing for crits should probably use Mjolnir (the killer weapon equivalent tome, not a legendary weapon), but otherwise it's a nice weapon to have around.

Skillwise, Ophelia can absolutely make use of Vantage and Life and Death for some Nosferatu shenanigans, or even just hitting foes hard enough to take them out before they can hurt her. Ideally she'd get Vantage straight from Odin without having to reclass. Duelist's Blow also helps her avoid on player phase, but it's situational. Nyx!Ophelia can go Adventuter to pick up Locktouch (always helpful), Move + 1 (again, always helpful), and Lucky 7 to make up for her slightly shaky accuracy and avoid, although that'll only help her during the first 7 turns of a chapter.

Otherwise... watch Zoran's videos if you want to see all the cool stuff Ophelia can do. Turns out there's quite a lot!

My Rating: Doesn't get her name written in allcaps like ODIN DARK because her voice actor isn't hammy enough