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Part 35: My Castle (Chapter 17)

Lilith's hit her stat caps and has stopped gaining stats when she levels up. I could spend DPV to level up her building and increase her caps, but all I really care about are the gold bars she gives me. It's not as if higher stats will save her from her extremely dumb plot death anyway!

I have a surpluss of Iron Bows and Steel Axes so I forged one for Nina and Camilla. I'm hoping Camilla's 14 might axe might let her pick up some OHKOs in the next chapter she might not be able to make otherwise...

C supports for everyone! I much prefer the supports between the Nohr siblings than the Hoshidan ones... I don't dislike any of the BR royals except for maybe Ryoma, but from what I've seen they don't have a particularly good dynamic with each other.

Though it causes me great mental duress, I shall use two of my stat boosters on units who kind of need them. Corrin's a bit slow and Elise's good defenses are ruined by her bad HP, so they both appreciate the help. I'm still not sure on the rest of them. I don't have any units in desparate need of a Goddess Icon, the Talisman could maybe go to Silas or Corrin, and I am completely stumped on who to give the Spirit Dusts to. Camilla's probably not going to remain a Malig Knight and Corrin and Elise are absolutely going to ram their magic caps... Maybe Leo and Ophelia? I could give one to each of them and then hold onto the remaining one.

Here's the gang. I think I can actually deploy all of them in the next chapter... Which is very convenient, because I'll need all the help I can get.

Outlaw (HS: Dark Mage (Niles), Villager (Mozu))
A+ Support Classes: Soleil (Mercenary), Velouria (Fighter?)
Personal Skill: Daydream (Unit receives +2 damage dealt and -2 damage taken when adjacent to two male units paired up)
Growths* (With Default Class) [Base]:
*With Aptitude
HP: 40% (40) [30]
STR: 52.5% (62.5) [45]
MAG: 27.5% (32.5) [30]
SKL: 52.5% (62.5) [35]
SPD: 57.5% (77.5) [40]
LCK: 57.5% (57.5) [50]
DEF: 40% (40) [25]
RES: 47.% (67.5) [45]

Nina! Nina is Niles's kid, and she's an Outlaw too. She is a little different from Niles, at least with her default growths - her physical bulk, skill, and speed are all lower, but she's stronger both physically and magically and her luck's much better than his. You can either give her a magical mother and make her an Adventurer and your best candidate for the Shining Bow, or you can go all in on her strength and make her a Bow Knight or something else physical. Her bulk is quite terrible by default however so she can't quite take advantage of the Shining Bow's 1-2 range when she really doesn't want to take physical attacks up close.

Otherwise... I guess most of what I said about Niles applies to her? She can't capture units, but if you don't care about that then her personal skill is a straight up improvement. Daydream's a bit hard to use, but it's not impossible to take advantage of. Hopefully I can make use of it while building supports between Kaze and Silas?

Having Mozu as a mum and inheriting Aptitude means she'll have better growths than almost anyone else in my army. My original plan was to make her an Archer until I realised she does't actually inherit that from her, so instead I'm going to try making her a Merchant as soon as she promotes. It's a bulky class with great strength that should make up for all her shortcomings without lowering her speed too much.

If Nyx is Nina's mother then the overlap between her and Niles's classes will result in Nina instead getting the Diviner class, which is Hoshidan exclusive. Nyx!Nina will be incredibly fragile and would still probably prefer to use the Shining Bow as an Adventurer rather than tomes, but it's still a neat thing you can do if you want.

My Rating: I swear one of her eyes is bigger than the other