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Part 41: My Castle (Chapter 19)

I think this is the slowest arena battle I've ever seen... Makes me glad this game doesn't work like 3 Houses where more than a few rounds in the arena counts as a loss. Where did they find promoted enemies too weak to be able to do more than single digit damage to Azura?

Perhaps I'm just lucky, but I'm sure some units are more likely to appear in certain buildings than others. Felicia keeps appearing in the shop and giving me discount staves.

There is one chapter in the game where the Entrap staff is absolutely vital, so I'm grabbing it now while it's affordable. I've been extremely stingy with offensive staves so far... You definitely want to save at least a few for the stretch of chapters between 25 and Endgame, but maybe I should use them a little more. I think I've done like 2 Enfeebles and a Freeze.

Finally, I can do what I've been planning all along! Wyvern Lord's a great compliment to Peri, she gets to keep her lance rank and it boosts her mediocre defense and skill. Meanwhile her speed and resistance are still good, and her strength only gets better.

Wyvern Lords are also super good for cheesing the next chapter. The one good thing about Kitsune Lair is that you can just deploy like 1 or 2 units with high physical defense and no beast weakness and have them grind out weapon ranks a bunch with little to no danger.

Seigbert gets a bunch of C supports and Jakob & Elise have a B support.

Camilla and Kaze finally get their S support. Ideally it would have been Keaton, but ah well. Even if she's already fast she does appreciate the speed he gives her, especially because she's likely to hit her rather low cap as a Malig Knight soon.

I'm not 100% sure when I'll do the remaining child paralogues. I'm mostly putting them off of EXP purposes, but 3 of them will also give me staffbots who are guaranteed to have decent stats and weapon ranks. Maybe once I've gotten Leo married off and my deployment slots freed up a little I'll do some more?

Slightly overdue team stats. Everyone's looking a bit overleveled thanks to all the paralogues I've been doing.

Cavalier (HS: Wyvern Rider (Xander), Dark Mage (Peri)
A+ Support Reclasses: Kana (Samurai), Forrest (Troubadour), Ignatius (Knight)
Personal Skill: Gallant (Grants +2 damage dealt to female units when supporting them)
Growths (With Default Class) [Base]:
HP: 35% (45) [40]
STR: 47.5% (62.5) [45]
MAG: 5% (5) [5]
SKL: 37.5% (47.5) [45]
SPD: 47.5% (57.5) [45]
LCK: 40% (55) [45]
DEF: 30% (40) [35]
RES: 32.5% (37.5) [20]

Before Ferdinand von Aegir was Ferdinand von Aegir, Seigbert was Seigbert... In Heroes, anyway. Fates doesn't have voice clips for selecting a unit.

Seigbert's a cavalier with very balanced stats that are high all around. He's pretty much just a nice filler unit who's likely to have better stats than your other cavaliers, but without any of the time they had to build supports or be useful. That's... about it, really? I don't know what to say about this guy.

Gallant is a poor man's Forceful Partner, except it works for all girls and not just Corrin, so he's not a bad unit to pair with one of your second gen girls to make them hit harder. Seigbert can reclass to Malig Knight if you want him to give boosts more relevant to a magic user, something I might end up doing if I do pair him with Ophelia. If you want to use him as a combat unit, it can be a good idea to Offspring Seal him into Great Knight and them promote him into Wyvern Lord, WK's a good class and he'll start off with axe rank if you don't recruit him too early.

My Seigbert in particular has very similar stats to Peri, who is his mother. He's basically Peri with the edges smoothed off, he's slightly less strong, fast, and resistant, but better in every other aspect. Half the people who play this game usually pair him with Charlotte, who makes him even faster and stronger with more HP in exchange for worse defenses. Charlotte!Seigbert is probably very good?

Yeah I've really got very little to say about this guy. I told you these analyses wouldn't be very good! I'm sure someone on the internet has a lot of insightful commentary about the uses of kids in these games.

Unit Rating: Worst haircut in Fates