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Part 43: My Castle (Chapter 20)

Finally, a Mess Hall big enough to seat my entire army. Now this building feels actually useful instead of being pointlessly luck based!

Speaking of luck based, I can upgrade the Lottery too. Supposedly it gets better odds at higher levels, but I just upgrade it to spin it twice in one sitting.

Oh! Well that was definitely worth it. On one hand Secret Books are probably the worst statbooster overall, on the other hand I won't waste any time hoarding them because I know exactly who they need to go to.

I hope Elise doesn't get travel sick from reading all these books from the back of her wyvern.

Oh and I'll work my way through a tiny bit of my stat booster backlog while I'm at it. Goddess Icon for Peri, Talisman for Corrin.

Silas gets an A and a B support because he was the only one who did anything last chapter.

Finally, at long last...Those stat drops might look pretty drastic, but the access to 1-2 range will help him out immensely. His res also gets a nice boost. Master Ninjas also get a cool +5 to all 4 of hit, crit, avoid, and crit avoid, despite being able to wield two different weapon types.

Unfortunately I used my one Arms Scroll on Elise so he's stuck with E knives and therefore cannot actually proc Sol with them yet. At least he's got an insane 163 hit! Enemies are going to struggle to dodge any of his knives.

Now that the Mess Hall seats everyone there's really no reason not to cook before every battle. I get more milk each chapter so I'll just make a speed meal before each one unless the situation calls for something specific.

Camilla's a good enough chef. Iirc the two best chefs in CQ are Jakob and Peri, but in order to guarantee they'll appear I need to buy an Accessory Shop and give one of them a chef's hat, a thing which costs a huge amount of a specific castle resource. As well as the DVP required to buy and upgrade the shop in the first place...

...oops, I should have done that after I took pictures of everyone's stats. Oh well, I'll just not do them this time around! They take too much time anyway.