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Part 45: My Castle (Chapter 21)

Oh, I've got a spare one of these. I guess I could forge it... Actually, I've got a lot of spares of things. I should start forging more stuff.

Iron Knife, Steel Sword, Steel Lance, Iron Bow, Fimbulvetr. The Iron Bow's a +2 that came from combining Niles and Nina's two forges. If I have to deploy Niles again he's going to have to make do with the Steel Bow.

Level 3 of both kinds of shop unlock after Chapter 20. The difference isn't nearly as significant as the one between levels 1 and 2.

Brave weapons are now available, but they're a bit too expensive for my tastes right now. Bows are on sale and I did briefly consider buying the Crescent Bow (kind of a brave bow except the debuff it gives is different), but even with the cheaper price I'm not sure I actually want it. A Brave Axe might be useful next chapter but I'd rather wait until a sale.

Stat boosters are now on sale from the Staff Store but they're not worth buying for this price unless you really really need the boost and tonics & a meal won't cut it. If anything you'd probably have better luck boosting stats with an Eternal Seal, a super expensive item that increases your level cap by 5.

Corrin's got Defender, now I want her to grab some Swordmaster skills. More magic + speed isn't quite a good tradeoff for everything else, but she should get an innate bonus to crit and avoid too. She'll be sticking with this class until she gets Swordfaire at level 15.

I learned to do this after I took stat screenshots this time. Gunter seems to keep cooking weird stuff for some reason? Units can cook effects other than the ones they usually do, but Gunter just seems to be giving me a random one each time. This is normally associated with Odin or Ophelia.