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Part 47: My Castle (Chapter 22)

As silly as Lilith's death was, this does make me a bad sad... Her building in the castle still works the exact same way though. Her ghost will even participate in battles with the same stats as normal.

Wait, when did I get this? According to the wiki Fuga had it, so I guess I just forgot about it. I'm just glad Elise didn't miss during the last chapter...

Camilla gets the Energy Drop to make up for her poor luck with growths, Silas gets the Goddess Drop because his luck is a bit low for a unit who'll be taking as many blows as he will. Ophelia was the other candidate but I kind of want to give her the Dragon Herbs when I get them?

I didn't use it here, but I think I might use the Speedwings on Xander. My plan is to reclass him into Hero, which should boost his speed enough that doubling becomes feasible, especially if Laslow or Peri are supporting him. Speaking of, I should maybe use my spare Master Seal on Laslow too. I don't care about his stats and Heroes give really good pair-up bonuses, although Bow Knight is also an option if I want movement over defense. Maybe I do?

Ooh, tomes are on sale! And I really want to buy them all to forge a bunch of stuff. Imagine a forged Nosferatu or Mjolnir...

...but both of my (good) magic users have very full inventories already and I do only have so much money to go around. I'll just buy a second Lightning that Ophelia and Leo can share.

Turns out I had a bunch of spare Thunders so Camilla can have a forged one. I'll merge this with Ophelia's forged tome when I reclass Camilla. Unfortunately there's one less character than I wanted. I can't use all the characters I want in maps or names : (

Camilla/Beruka B, Leo/Felicia A. I'm not sure Camilla's going to have enough levels to get all the Berserker skills before she hits level 20.

I have so many ingredients that I can make a speed meal before every map. I might replace it with something more specific if I need the stats, I'm just doing this so I don't forget and go into the next chapter with no buffs accidentally.

Staaaats. After this chapter I'm probably going to recruit Shigure for his rallies. Otherwise I'm not sure - the longer I put off paralogues the higher level the recruits will be and the more EXP I'll get, but if I put them off for too long then there won't be much time to reap the benefits from having them... I'll definitely have them all done before Chapter 25 at least. I want every advantage possible before I try Ryoma's map.