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Part 49: Paralogue 3: Surprise Duet

My original plan was to have Camilla go through the Berserker class to get Axefaire, but honestly I don't think it's worth it now. She doesn't have enough levels to get both it and Swordbreaker unless I give her an Eternal Seal, and I still need to unlock her A+ support with Beruka... Her skill slots are tight enough as it is anyway. I'll let this be her final class.

I feel like I have a lot less lance users than I used to. This Beast Killer seems like a good deal, but I've already got one and there's like 1 more story map left with beast units in it. I could Arms Scroll Camilla to D lances and have her use it but I don't think it's worth it.

Peri can have the scroll instead. Now she can use Steel Axes! The only other candidate I considered was Silas, but he's going to be seeing so much combat that I don't think he'll have trouble raising his knife rank anyway.

Elise has capped two stats already, but there's room for her to learn new skills. I'm about to do at least one easy child paralogue where being stuck in a bad class won't matter, so I might repurpose my original plan for Camilla...

Berserker has 3 skills Elise really wants, and also Gamble. HP + 5 should make her bulk better, Axefaire will make her Bolt Axe hits even stronger (-faire skills are no longer a stat increase like they were in Awakening, so it's not useless for magic weapons anymore), and I really need someone to have Rally Strength and unlike Camilla she won't care that she can't use it on herself.

Incidentally, Elise will have 60/30/65/40/70/70/15/40 growths as a Berserker. They're... surprisingly good, honestly. Hopefully she procs HP in the four levels she gets!

I wonder if the unit manning the Lottery has any effect on the likelyhood of winning... If so, I think I'd like Arthur to be here every time. I still don't have every ore or ingredient!

Seems like Kaze and Camilla make a good duo in the Arena. I've upgraded it to level 2, which means that winning a fight lets me do another one with double the stakes. Your HP does get healed after combat, but only a little. It's generally not worth going another round unless you didn't take any damage or took so little that you end up back at full.

...sometimes you're in a lot of danger even if you are at full health. It's a gamble! Unlike the Lottery, which is not.

I agonised over a good name for the combo of Urbosa's Fury and Electrochemistr[y] for so long that I had to pick a terrible name to stop myself from spending forever trying to think of the perfect one. Right now Ophelia's inventory is super crowded and Elise can't use tomes so Leo can hold onto it. I think it's more accurate than Brynhildr?

Oh and Peri can get a forged Steel Axe too. If I wanted I could merge this with Camilla's, but then I'd only have one forged axe.

Silas/Azura A, Xander/Laslow and Jakob/Peri B. I recommend you go off and look up Xander & Laslow's supports together on your own, they're both fun and interesting. Laslow's personality really clashes with Xander's which makes for a good support. Xander's support with Peri also explains why he puts up with him in the first place.

This next map will be easy but there's no reason not to cook a dish.

Speaking of easy, why not do it now? This will be a very short map and most of my screenshots are going to be level up screens, it won't make a substantial update on its own.

We're on a boat, for... some reason? I thought this chapter happened in Shigure's deeprealm but no, we're just taking a cruise on our private yacht. I guess everyone needs time to recover from the shock of Garon's attrocities. It's probably fine to leave him in charge of invading Hoshido while we're gone...

Despite what the introductory cutscene would have you think, Shigure does not take part in this map. Which means you'll have to win before you can figure out what his stats will be. I'm just using this map as a place to earn EXP and build supports, so I'll deploy everyone who needs one or the other. Camilla no longer wants to be a Berserker so she doesn't need to support Beruka anymore.

Not content with one boat map per route, Azura's paralogue has to be a boat map too. There are 2 boats alongside ours, each one will take turns running alongside ours to let both us and the enemies attack each other.

Boat A is full of Berserkers and Adventurers. Berserkers are less scary when they're not mixed in with mages. A bulky sword or tome user can easily handle this side of the map.

Boat B is full of Sorcerers and Adventurers. They're a bit more tricky to handle, since they both hit opposite sides of the defensive spectrum while also using weapons with different places in the triangle. It is easy to bait them over a few at a time though.

Defeating the boss ends the chapter. He's on boat A and is nothing special, you could easily rush him turn 1 if you wanted. I don't want that though, I want EXP!

The generic Adventurers outclass him in some stats, but not in others... I don't know why, but non-Conquest paralogues scale really weirdly. You can tell they put a lot more effort into the CQ exclusive paralogues compared to these ones.

There's high level units mixed in among the regular ones and their stats do similar things for some reason. I wonder why? I guess it adds some enemy variety, but it's very odd.

The northmost ship moves alongside ours turn 1 and I send my army in. There's not going to be much talk of strategy for this paralogue, it's kind of just ending my units to slam into the other units.

Xander faces 0 threat from the Berserkers and Elise can cleanly KO them from a distance. Corrin also has 1-2 range and WTA against everything. Peri's there mostly to rally and Jakob is there to heal.

Meanwhile my other units can only yell angrily at the guys on the other ship until they come over next turn.

Nice! I was worried Xander's levels were falling off a little.

Boarding an enemy ship will leave you stranded for the duration of the next turn. That's no issue for me though, the enemies are stuck with me more than I am stuck with them.

Now my other units can engage the enemy. These guys will be a little harder to deal with, but Ophelia should be fine.

Elise reminds me of that one Berserker boss from Awakening. The Bolt Axe having infinite uses in this game makes me feel much more inclined to actually use it...

Hey, you missed HP! Or well in a sense you got it but not in the sense I wanted.

This is very safe. Xander fears nobody on this side, his high luck and crit avoid from his sword make Berserker crits a non-issue.

This side however is rather scary. Rather than boarding their ship, I think I'm going to have to let them come to me.

The high level Berserkers have Gamble and therefore have a single percent chance to crit. They're also just fast enough for Xander not to double them.

So the danger of "easy" maps is they cause me to turn my brain off entirely and do things like this. Thankfully Ophelia survived, and I would have lost only 2 turns of progress anyway, but it would have been embarrassing. I feel like I have had more stupid deaths in Birthright than I have Conquest because I forget enemies can actually be dangerous.

At least I can now clean these guys up in safety now they're cut off from their friends.

Very nice! It occurs to me I have no idea what Corrin's final class is going to be. I think I want her as a Great Knight for Endgame just because there's a very important damage threshold she needs to meet, but otherwise I don't know what fits her best. Nohr Noble, Paladin, and Swordmaster all suit her quite well...

There are two Berserkers Xander can't double and he crit both of them. Seems like he's committed to getting faster though.

I forgot this was a defeat boss chapter entirely. I also forgot this guy was the boss? Killing him will end the map, so maybe I won't finish him off just yet.

Peri's flying movement means she can fight on whichever boat she wants. I'd like to raise her axe rank more, but these enemies want to be hit with lances.

Some people don't do child paralogues in Conquest because they feel like cheating from how overleveled they make you, and I now understand that line of thinking a little more.

There really is no danger from leaving the boss alive. If you prolong this chapter enough than reinforcements will start spawning, but I don't think I'll go that far.

Nina gets a great level and closer to Spendthrift, Ophelia reminds me I forgot to give her the Spirit Dust I said I would.

I guess one single purple guy gets to live. Wow this sword is huge. Anime swordsmen have a lot of upper body strength!

I'm now back to being mad at Corrin. Maybe she could get the Dragon Herbs instead?


All of Shigure's friends are dead because Azura is being hunted by otherworldly forces and refuses to explain why. You won't get to learn why either unless you play Revelation!

Here are his stats. He's inherited Voice of Peace from Azura and Rally Resistance from Jakob... all part of my MASTER PLAN to make the ultimate rallybot. He'll get Rally Speed as soon as he uses the Offspring Seal, and then Rally Defense thanks to inheritence weirdness giving him Wyvern Lord. His personal skill also allows him to use rallies to recover HP.

Shigure promotes into Falcon Knight for Rally Speed... and then straight into Wyvern Lord so he can get Rally Defense. He'll have to gain 3 levels before he unlocks it, but that's not too big an ask.

While I do want him to have as many rallies as possible, it is a bit of a shame to take him away from FK since that class gives him staff access. His combat stats are better as a wyvern, but he's no Peri or Camilla.

Oh and you can take this while I remember. I now only have one stat booster left! I'm saving the last Dust to see who needs it. Maybe Ophelia, maybe Corrin.

There's a few capped stats in my army now. These high stats will make things easier, but Inevitable End and Staff Savant can't be surmounted with just numbers...

Next time: Some kid's paralogue probably because I am not using Berserker Elise in a story chapter