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Part 51: My Castle (Chapter 23)

Okay I guess I'm forging a Steel Bow today. This one only has a single point of might over the double forged Iron Bow, but it's still an improvement!

All this time I believed the shopping discount was like 50% or at least 30% or so, but I looked it up and it's actually a whopping... 5%. I have no idea how I never noticed that before. So all I would save from buying this Brave Axe when it's on sale is a measly 400 gold. Now I regret some of the impulse purchases I made on discount goods...

Sophie meets her family, Xander gets the final A support with Laslow, and Leo gets a C support with Azura.

Now I can finally do this! The decrease in his already low res is very unfortunate, but otherwise this is a big improvement for Xander. The speed boost will make it a lot easier for him to double with support, and the skill boost should come in handy when he unlocks Sol. This'll most likely be Xander's final class.

I must do this while I remember, I forgot to last chapter. The mages in Takumi's chapter aren't very threatening, but there are a lot of mixed attackers mixed in with powerful physical attacks so you do want your physical tanks to have good resistance too.

It's true Mozu, you have not! I'm not entirely sure who "fans of Nohrian food" applies to, but I assume it's like 95% of my army. Maybe I'll check?

Nina... isn't a fan? Weird. Maybe she doesn't count because she's a second gen unit, even if she is the child of a Nohrian. I guess her mum is from Hoshido and she grew up in a deeprealm...

...and yet Shigure is one. Azura was originally a Nohrian princess and his father is a Nohrian, so it makes sense...?

Okay Silas isn't one? Maybe it's because he's available on all three routes. Maybe it's Nohr exclusive units... and also Shigure.

Okay nope I have no idea. Maybe it's just random. Maybe Shura moved to Nohr for the cuisine and Niles goes down to the local Hoshidan takeaway every night for dinner.

Here is everyone. I've decided I'll bite the bullet and do Takumi's chapter next... It's probably one of the most brutal chapters in all of Conquest. But it also doesn't have any staff users or ninjas so who's to say really?

Cavalier (HS: Nohr Princess (Corrin), Mercenary (Silas))
A+ Support Partners: Velouria (Fighter), Soleil (Mercenary)
Personal Skill: Michievous (When unit initiates attack and successfully hits enemy, inflict defense -3 and remove enemy's clothing (really))
Growths (With Default Class) [Base]:
HP: 40% (50) [35]
STR: 40% (55) [35]
MAG: 27.5% (27.5) [10]
SKL: 47.5% (57.5) [55]
SPD: 47.5% (57.5) [50]
LCK: 40% (55) [35]
DEF: 30% (40) [25]
RES: 27.5% (32.5) [35]

Sophie is one of the many "basically their dad but faster and less bulky" type units. The "standard" Sophie is arguably worse than Silas, but an optimised one can be quite a bit better. This Sophie is not very optimised but at the same time is still pretty decent.

That's about it! Not much else to say. Her personal skill is pretty good, although in my case it's made completely redundant by Draconic Hex. I feel like mine would turn out well enough if I raised her but there's really not much room on my team. I don't know what her best class would be, but I imagine she works well enough in all the classes she inherits by default. Great Knight might make up for her poor defense if she's a bit too frail for your liking, Hero can inherit axe rank from GK if you Offspring Seal into one, Bow Knights are always good and worth having, and Paladin is a safe choice.

Sophie's one of the first children you can unlock in Conquest and her paralogue is rewarding in terms of items and captures even if you don't care about her, so it's worth doing. Effie's a great mother for her, she joins at the same time Silas does and is not a bad support partner for him. You'll get a very strong and fast Sophie with just about good enough mixed bulk (she can inherit defense + 2 from her mother) who joins very early, and can potentially replace an early promoted Silas if you want. Otherwise I guess you could pair Silas up with either Selena or Azura to make her a Sky Knight? Azura would give her better combat stats but Selena would help her physical bulk a bit.

I really wish there was more discussion online on what to do with Fates's second gen, there's like none. The people who tend to write massive screeds about which units are good and how to best use them tend not to do the optional child paralogues, so I don't have much to go off of.

My Rating: The Avel obsession is really offputting