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Part 56: My Castle (Chapter 24)

So the results are in! That's 6 results for "use them all on Ophelia", 5 votes for "use them all on Camilla", and 1 vote each for some other options. I am updating these statistics as people post while I write this, hopefully there's not a last minute push for giving them all to Seigbert or whoever that I accidentally end up betraying.

I had 4 boosters and two units got nearly all the votes with an almost equal split, so it only makes sense to share. Ophelia gets the Spirit Dust for obvious reasons, and the Goddess Icon because her luck stat was 4 points away from capping while Camilla's was only 2. Unfortunately it won't be possible for her to reach her magic cap of 41 (40 + statue bonus) even if she gets magic on all 4 of her last levels. A shame.

Camilla gets the Energy Drop and the Dragon Herbs. She was 2 points away from capping strength so it's not exactly efficient, but it's too late to back out now. Camilla only needs a single point to cap luck now but otherwise she has no chance of capping anything else. I thought she might have a chance at defense but nope, her natural cap as a WL is 36 and her statue boosts it one higher. I have no idea why they decided defense was her signature stat, even without the statue she's very unlikely to cap it.

I said I'd recruit Izana and Flora, so I may as well build their respective buildings now. Izana and Flora will both show up one battle after you build a level 3 Hot Spring and Flame Orb respectively. This recruitment requirement makes no intuative sense at all and is very easy to miss... The idea of Izana being able to join you feels like a silly easter egg so I kind of get it for him, but why make Flora's recruitment so obscure? I'm sure she was billed as an important character in the game's promotional material.

The Hot Spring does not do anything of note, it just gives you some brief and weird cutscenes. The Japanese version of the game let you buy various swimsuits from the Accessory Shop to use here, but they were cut out in localisations along with the weird face petting minigame.

The Flame Orb is just a magical ballista you can use in castle battles. I guess it might be useful for invasions? I never bothered building them for any reason besides Flora's recruitment.

I really want Corrin to get Life and Death before she hits level 20 so I'll bite the bullet and reclass her. Master of Arms is a weird class, it's basically a faster but less bulky Great Knight without a mount or armour weakness. It is kind of fun to use, but I never really thought any unit who could be one actually wants to, skills aside. Maybe you could reclass Subaki into one if you wanted to make him super tanky in Birthright? Idk.

Apothecary (HS: Ninja (Kaze), Wyvern Rider (Camilla))
A+ Support Partners: Ophelia (Dark Mage)
Personal Skill: Lucky Charm (Skills that rely on luck to activate get a flat +20% increase to their activation rate)
Growths (With Default Class) [Base]:
HP: 42.5% (62.5) [45]
STR: 42.5% (62.5) [35]
MAG: 15% (15) [5]
SKL: 52.5% (62.5) [55]
SPD: 45% (55) [35]
LCK: 37.5% (42.5) [50]
DEF: 32.5% (42.5) [30]
RES: 32.5% (37.5) [20]

Mighty Midori! Midori is an Apothecary who sells the medicines she brews from her herbs. You can't handle her strongest potions.

Midori's one of the two kids available in Conquest to have a Hoshidan class by default, and Apothecary is a weird one. She's actually the only character in the entire game to have it as her default class. As an actual combat class it's a bit crap - slow and bulky isn't a winning combination for bow users - but it does grant access to the two very weird classes of Merchant and Apothecary.

Camilla as a mother will make anyone viable, but Midori's standard growths aren't very good. She's specced entirely in skill and luck with not much in anything else. Her personal skill is certainly fun for gimmicks but it's not massively useful, especially in CQ when the only Nohrian luck-based skill is the rather underwhelming and unreliable Good Fortune. It combos fairly well with Profiteer if you want the extra cash, and with Kaze paired up with her she will have what is effectively Miracle with an extra 20% chance of activating, but even with capped luck it's not anything you'd ever want to rely on.

As a Merchant Midori will be very good at getting gold bars, but if you want a unit who can do well in combat and annihilate foes with Spendthrift you're probably better off with Mozu. Mechanist is a much better combat class thanks to its ability to use knives, but again if you want a dedicated Mechanist you could probably do better with Kaze... Midori will at least be able to learn skills from the Ninja class just by promoting into one. I do however have the benefit of inheriting both Camilla's excellent growths and Trample on my Midori, so I may as well try her out as a Mechanist and see how she does. Maybe it'll change my opinion of her?

Just like Dwyer she feels like a character that would work better for postgame minmax builds rather than use in story, except there are no postgame maps to use her in. I'm sure a maximum luck Miracle Midori with Renewal and Good Fortune could absolutely annoy some people in online battles, assuming anybody even does those. Maybe even make her a Sorcerer and give her Nosferatu if you really want to infuriate your opponents.

My Rating: Her hair matches her dad's ninja scarf thing!