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Part 60: My Castle (Paralogue 16)

Corrin kills an assassin for a B support with Azura, has a C support with Xander, and Percy gets to meet his parents. I actually quite like Elise as Percy's mum, his appearence and personality match her very well.

Ophelia S supports her trophy husband so he can give her better pair-up stats through his class. I guess she's now the future Queen of Nohr in addition to being a member of the Ylissean royal family? I wonder how much Macbeth-ing she'd have to do to become the ruler of both.

The reason why I didn't immediately reclass him to Malig Knight was because I prefer the pair-up bonuses Dark Knight gives - more magic, and a focus on defense instead of resistance. Ophelia's defense is quite flimsy but her resistance is so high that some enemies won't even bother attacking her, which is more annoying than it is helpful. I could have also gone Sorcerer if I wanted to maximise magic gains, but I prefer the movement and physical bulk better. Seigbert's not doing anything but providing support bonuses to Ophelia so his combat performance in whatever class I give him doesn't matter.

Unfortunately he used my last Partner Seal which means I'll have to buy a new one if I want to make Corrin a Paladin again. All I have is this Friendship Seal and while looking at stats is fun, I don't actually want to make her either of these classes she can borrow from Elise.

...and that's all the money I earned last chapter blown on Mend staves. Oops! At least there's a 5000g chest I can grab in the next paralogue, and then some more money in the two chapters after that.

No unit stats because they've barely changed from last time. Have my analyses of Percy instead. Just one more of these to write and then I'm freeeeee

Wyvern Rider (HS: Fighter (Arthur), Troubadour (Elise))
A+ Support Partners: Ignatius (Knight), Dwyer (Troubadour)
Personal Skill: Fortunate Son (+15 crit avoid for allies within 2 spaces, +5 crit avoid for unit himself)
Growths (With Default Class) [Base]:
HP: 30% (40) [30]
STR: 17.5% (32.5) [30]
MAG: 35% (40) [5]
SKL: 35% (45) [45]
SPD: 47.5% (57.5) [40]
LCK: 72.5% (77.5) [75]
DEF: 35% (55) [55]
RES: 27.5% (27.5) [15]

Percy! Arthur's partner in crime, he rides his trusty wyvern Ace and has the same voice as Pit from Kid Icarus. It's a good thing his bulk is so good because slamming head first into his father's terrible luck cap must hurt.

Percy's a bit of an oddball. Two of his base growths are so high it's literally impossible for his mother not to lower them, those being his luck and his defense. Unless you download the gay patch and have Arthur marry Benny you're always going to get a Percy who's a little flimsier than advertised, and even Mozu's not reaching that level of luck growth without Aptitude.

Right off the bat one of the best aspects of Percy isn't his stats, but the circumstances of his joining - his paralogues is one of the earliest you can unlock, and it's a great source of funds if you're not like me and play his paralogue well. He's guaranteed to be able to inherit HP+5 from his dad in addition to all the great skills he gets from being a Wyvern Rider, although if you want it is also fairly easy for him to pick up Elbow Room. He is also a flying unit who uses axes so it's hard for him to be bad, even if you are almost guaranteed to also have both Camilla and Beruka by the time he does join.

Statwise he's very similar to Beruka, they're both very physically bulky but somewhat lacking in offenses. An ideal mother will want to boost his offenses while not tanking his bulk too hard, which Effie is pretty much perfect for, especially on account of how fast she builds her support with Arthur. Mozu is a good mother for pretty much anyone, but Percy's especially worth considering on account of his early join time and great class to take advantage of his growths with. The option of promoting into Malig Knight makes giving him a magical mother a not entirely terrible option, but his magic isn't quite good enough for him to do much with it. With Elise as a mother he'll have a 50% magic growth as a Malig, but he will have to climb out of his poor magic base regardless.

Fortunate Son is a pretty cool personal. Even with his high luck Percy appreciates the extra critical avoid, and so will anybody in his vicinity. It's especially useful in chapters that force you to fight large quantities of high-crit units, like Chapters 15, 23, and 26. He also makes a predictably good father son team with his dad...

My Rating: Could have come up with a better name for his wyvern