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Part 69: My Castle (Chapter 27)

We're almost at the end! Only 2 chapters left to go. Charlotte just milked a cow.

The last support of the entire run. Elise healed a bunch of injured pirates who attacked a town thinking that showing them kindness would convince them to mend their ways, they ran off and escaped justice and now Xander is mad at her. I'm sure this support chain has a nice conclusion but it won't get to happen.

There might be two chapters left in the run, but this is the last time I'll get to access my castle. It's time to prepare for endgame, and that means selling everything I don't need and buying everything I want. 5 gold bars should be enough for the last 2 maps... I'll take Profiteer off of Nina's skillset, she can't fit it alongside all the other skills she wants.

I literally cannot use any of these so I'll sell them all for a tidy 15,000 profit. Getting rid of Bifrost is a bit of a shame, but only Butlers or Maids can reach S rank to use it and Dwyer's only at B. Having insurance just in case one of your units dies is nice, but I've never had a situation in which only one unit dies and nobody else in the last 2 chapters. Endgame tends to be a "do it right or you all die" thing for me.

I'll see if I can forge some of these spare weapons and then sell the rest. I have so many swords from all my recruits but not enough units to actually use them. Corrin and Xander have special swords they'd rather use over anything else, and Silas has knives... All my Paladins ended up reclassing and Nina can only use E rank swords and has no chance of reaching D now.

Peri gets a +1 Javelin. I doubt that extra 2 might will come in handy, but you never know. I probably could have forged this much earlier...

She also gets this +2 Iron Lance. It's 1 point less strong than her +1 Steel Lance, but also much more accurate and doesn't slow her down.

Finally Silas gets an extra forge on his Iron Knife. I really want as much killing power as possible for the last map.

After selling almost all my stuff I am now very rich. I could have bought these two Arms Scrolls and gotten Dwyer capable of using Bifrost, but alas I have already sold it. Considering how in demand inventory slots are for staff users I'm not even sure I'd want him to have it.

It is possible for Corrin to one round the final boss, and that's why I put her through Swordmaster and Master of Arms to raise her might through skills. There is one last trick to getting her offense up though, and that's Gunter - his personal will raise her damage output by 3, and as a Wyvern Lord he'll raise it by 3 more while also increasing her movement. Only having a C support with him means he won't boost her stats quite as high as he could, but he's still a great option.

Buying 4 of each tonic for the last chapter and almost every single staff in the store leaves me with 22000 gold... That's enough for 2 stat boosters with a small amount left over if it turns out I need specific tonics or healing items. Which two should I get...

A Seraph Robe and a Dracoshield will help Corrin not die, help she kind of needs if she's running Life and Death. Unfortunately I think she's still 5 or so points away from her defense cap.

Xander can have the Energy Drop, it was either him or Peri. She'll most likely be paired up with him so she won't be using her stats all that much anyway...

Now it's time for one last team status before the end. I'll try and find something to say about all of my units... Probably just one or two sentences otherwise I'll run out of steam halfway through. In no particular order:

Despite how RNG blessed she seemed to be, at least at the beginning, I don't think I got as much use out of Corrin (or "Conquest" I guess) as I could have. Turns out needing to be half dead so someone else can benefit from their personal skill makes you a bit hard to use. +Magic was kind of a weird choice for a unit who spent most of her time in physical classes and paired with Silas, but she was still very good at using the Levin Sword. A less magically blessed Corrin in this role wouldn't have turned out as well as she did, but I'm glad I got to play with this weird and fun unit even if I didn't use her as much as I should have.

This run turned a bit too much into "just use Xander" at the end. He's not necessary to beat Conquest, but he sure helps make it easy. Turns out Aegis is actually a great skill when you combine it with Sol... Looking at his averages, he seems very blessed in speed but screwed in strength, and that is taking into account stat boosters. He'd have been a lot less useful had he not been able to double so much in the lategame.

An average Silas should have reached 25 defense with his class progression, and yet I wasted at least 1 Dracoshield on this guy and he's still super fragile. What happened? At least he's blessed in pretty much every other area. If anything I'm annoyed he did so good in all his other stats, it makes it harder to complain about the one stat I want to complain about. VoF & Supportive Sol Master Ninja is a very fun combo though, and I'm glad I got to use it.

Nina might have been better had I kept her as a Bow Knight for most of her levels and only swapped her to Merchant when she needed the skills, but once she finally learned Spendthrift and got her horse back she did very well. Mozu makes every child great, but I think Nina's a good kid regardless. Bow Knight's a powerful class and as a second generation unit it's easy to customise her with good skills and growths. She pretty much carried me in Chapter 25...

I get it now. Ophelia is good, even without Elise as a mother. There were very few enemies she could not ORKO with the right tome, and even with her bad bulk she was a great Nosferatu tank. Having used her I now want to try out Rhajat in Birthright - she might not have access to the Dark Mage class without Corrin marrying Hayato or playing Revelation, but her growths and bases are both better than Ophelia's, at least in magic and speed.

Forrest is a cool character who didn't really get to do much. Staffbotting is useful but it doesn't make you stand out all that much, no flashy crits or anything. He and all my other staff users have dropped their weapons to carry as many staves as possible - I want them all for Endgame.

I feel so vindicated by how well Wyvern Elise turned out. Promoting her early might have been a more optimal choice in the short term, but by holding off until level 20 I got her even more chances to gain skill, and she happily took all of them. I don't think I'm ever going to see a capped skill Elise again. Ophelia stole her thunder a little towards the end, but at the end of the day she's still a flying unit with 8 move and solid defense and Ophelia can't compete with that!

Peri absolutely popped off at the beginning, but as soon as I swapped her class I feel as if she stalled a bit. Maybe competing with Camilla and Elise while also being shackled to Xander made her seem worse than she was, she's certainly not bad compared to the rest of my army and her stats are great. I guess that's the danger of pairing two good units together instead of using a dedicated stat backpack you otherwise don't train, one always gets overshadowed by the other.

Percy is here to prove that the ordering of my units makes no sense. I'm surprised at how useful his personal skill turned out to be, even if it was for one section of one chapter. Otherwise he's just a rallybot who only ever enters combat to lunge something closer to the rest of my army.

Azura is a testament to my stubborness in not just deciding to cut out her levels in my screenshots. It feels weird that I keep calling her a Dancer when she sings, but I guess that's just the terminology. I never really got to show off the power of Shelter to make her dance twice in one turn... Perhaps in Endgame?

Camilla's slightly unlucky levels made her not as useful as she could have been, but she's still the Queen of Conquest to me! Unfortunately Xander ended up stealing her thunder a little. RIP to her skill growth, almost 5 points behind her average! Maybe I'll let her kill her dad in the next chapter, that'll make up for things.

Shigure was the Rallyman I needed after Niles got benched hard. He might have been one of the most useful units in my army so far, even if his utility wasn't very glamorous. Healing and rallies are all you need, although I do kind of wish I'd given him Inspiration to inherit.

Dwyer was much of the same, a quietly good unit who was useful but who's usefulness mostly consisted of standing next to someone else to make them stronger. I'm definitely sold on the Jakob/Azura pairing combo, it gives you two quite useful kids.

Midori didn't really do anything besides open chests, but that's okay. That's what filler units are for! I do regret not making a Camilla!Velouria, but that's my bad for poor team planning.

Jakob managed to be useful all the way until the end, even if both his kids outclassed him. Perhaps I could have kept him as a Butler to get his staff rank to S, but otherwise movement is so much more useful. Looks like he got pretty close to D rank in tomes...

Leo is my one unit I can say with certainty got RNG screwed. A shame, I think he's good! He's a prepromote with solid 1-2, good bulk, and speed that's just good enough to get him into doubling threshold with a little help. Things just didn't turn out so well for him.

I guess Niles ended up being somewhat of a disappointment too. All that work to make him an Archer, and as soon as I made him one he forgot how to gain stats at all. To be honest he probably would have performed perfectly fine had I kept bringing him along, I was just feeling spiteful. At least Nina made a very good replacement!

But Odin was the most important unit of all. If you take anything from this let's play, let it be this: Odin is good. He's good!!!!!! I only benched him because I feared his true potential........

Actual next time for real: Garon