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Part 79: Effie

Knight (HS: Troubadour)
A+ Support Classes: Elise (Troubadour), Mozu (Archer), Nyx (Dark Mage)
Personal Skill: Puissance (If user's strength > enemy strength + 5, deal 3 more damage in battle per attack)
Growths (With Default Class):
HP: 35% (55)
STR: 60% (80)
MAG: 0% (0)
SKL: 35% (50)
SPD: 50% (55)
LCK: 50% (60)
DEF: 35% (55)
RES: 30% (30)

It's Effie, it's Effie, it's Effie! Her strength growth is 80%.

If you looked at Effie's growths you'd think she's the best unit ever made, but unfortunately you've got to consider her join situation too. Her base stats are fine, but low speed and 4 move can put a damper on even the best stats. What's even more dire is her reclass options - Troubadour is absolutely 0 help to her at all, and she gets it not only from heart seals but also her easiest A+ support to unlock. Dark Mage is also completely useless for a unit with infinite str and no magic. The Archer class however is a surprisingly good option for her, and not one that's too difficult to unlock either.

As a Knight Effie can still be pretty great. Her defenses aren't unimpeachable (if you want a tanky unit then just pair her up with someone else, she'll give them +4 defense), but they're still pretty great and they let her safely approach an enemy to absolutely thwomp them to death. Achieving OHKOs is entirely within Effie's power and given a good enough weapon she can even continute to make them into the endgame. General sacrifices any pretense of doubling with her naturally high speed growth for even better offense and defense, while Great Knight massively increases her mobility and lets her bring the pain straight to her foes.

The Fighter & Cavalier classes are both options she can grab from marrying either Arthur or Silas, the former leaning into her high speed and power and the latter allowing her to get the Elbow Room and Defender skills to stack her potential damage even higher while keeping her lance rank. Alternatively, the Archer class allows Effie to be a deadly force from far away, and gives her the Kinshi Knight promotion option, a flying archer that can also make use of her lance rank. Archer Effie has surpisingly similar stats to Archer Mozu except without the bad earlygame and the nonexistant bulk.




My Rating: I don't know what "puissance" means

theshim" post="518240109 posted:

One of the issues with some of the considerations for characters is that many of them require reclassing, often as soon as possible, and seals are very much at a premium for Conquest's earlygame. You can get one or two units moved around okay, but past that it becomes impractical until a good ways into the game. If you're using DLC/Castle rewards/visiting other castles this all goes out the window, of course.

Walla" post="518242776 posted:

Effie: She will always be strong. A lesser meme is Maid Effie. At 10/1 she will usually have around 18 strength and the early promotion means she should have Tomebreaker well before end game. She will also be fast enough to double most enemies and still be relatively tanky. You don't do it because it's optimal but because it's funny, and it works as long as you don't need her to heal or use offensive staves. Knight to Great Knight is a perfectly fine path for her, but Archer and Kinshi completely breaks large parts of the endgame. I almost always marry her to Arthur and dump both for their kid.