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Part 84: Nyx

Dark Mage (HS: Outlaw)
A+ Support Classes: Mozu (Archer), Effie (Knight), Charlotte (Fighter)
Personal Skill: Countercurse (Enemies receive half the magical damage they inflict on enemy phase)
Growths (With Default Class):
HP: 30% (30)
STR: 5% (15)
MAG: 50% (70)
SKL: 35% (35)
SPD: 50% (60)
LCK: 20% (20)
DEF: 15% (20)
RES: 30% (40)

Oh boy, it's time for the worst unit in Conquest...? Second worst, perhaps? Maybe third or fourth? I think there's some not so good prepromotes and kids with awkward recruitment chapters that you could say are less useful. If you don't consider pair-up stats to be part of a unit's useabiliy then I think you could argue she's better than Charlotte...? Maybe Benny too if you're super into good turncounts?

Anyway. Nyx has exactly two good stats, magic and speed. And they are both pretty good, although I don't think a natural 50% in two good stats is enough to justify a complete lack of growths anywhere else. She hits fast and hard and can do so with relative safety. Odin, who is otherwise a great Nosferatu tank, struggles a little in the "actually dealing magical damage" department, so she's definitely got that over him. Elise requires a Master Seal in order to make use of her great offensive stats, Camilla's magic is pretty bad, and Leo won't be showing up for a while, so Nyx does have some time as the best user of tomes to deal actual damage. Otherwise... she's not very good.

Nyx's absolute non-existant bulk makes her rather hard to use. Her HP and defense will rise once in a blue moon, and her average resistance fails to tank much when her HP is so low. Countercurse, while a cool ability in theory, does not do very well when the target barely has any HP to countercurse with in the first place. Nyx will die if anybody so much as thinks mean thoughts in her direction. Her skill and luck are also atrocious so she's going to have trouble hitting a lot, and be in danger of getting crit to death by any attack that isn't already one-shotting her. Her bad accuracy can be fixed somehwhat by Heartseeker, but standing right next to an enemy more often than not means eating a counterattack she really can't afford to face. It is safe to say that she will really struggle tanking with Nosferatu without tonics or a great support partner.

Otherwise, Nyx is mostly there for her utility. As a support partner she gives magic and speed, making her a great wife for Odin or Leo. Her stats mean any kid she has will be fast and magical, although even glass cannons like Ophelia don't appreciate Nyx making their defenses even worse. As an Outlaw she can open locks and shoot enemies from far away with the Shining Bow, and maybe even kill some flying units with regular ones if her weapon is good enough. Adventurer Nyx can make use of her magic stat to heal, too. A Nyx who's going to be a support partner and nothing else is a good candidate for early promotion, something she'll only need to earn a single level to qualify for. As a Dark Knight or Sorcerer she can even contribute fairly well to early game combat before eventually turning into a stat backpack.

Nyx is definitely an underwhelming unit, but even she has ways to contribute even without seeing any combat at all. I think that makes her better than a lot of other games's bad characters. That's pretty cool! And if you really want, you can give her a good support partner, some statboosters, and maybe a tonic or two, and she'll be a cool offensive mage who can last into the lategame. She's certainly not unusable!

Friendship seal wise, Nyx can potentially appreciate the Archer class. It'll make her more accurate and give her some cool skills she can take back into classes that suit her more. She can also get HP + 5 from Fighter if you really want...? And if you really, really want, you can make her a General and slap a Bolt Axe on her. I'm sure that would at the very least be pretty funny.



My Rating: The third best girl in Hades?

theshim" post="518338572 posted:

It says something about Nyx that even in the Bad Units Run I was doing of Conquest on Hard, I was legitimately unable to find a use for Nyx past Chapter 10. She's simply too squishy to ever see combat in any amount, and even her killing power is unimpressive. She was relegated to permanent backpack duty immediately after finishing off one or two enemies in the next level, while every other unit (yes, even Charlotte and Felicia) still saw plenty of combat.

Walla" post="518344574 posted:

There's a handful of characters who are simply better in their secondary classes. Mozu, Laslow, Silas, Jakob, arguably Arthur and Elise. Nyx is definitely one of these. Sealed to Outlaw at base will give her 16 speed and a whopping 4 strength, but 4 +18 = 22 and that's her minimum damage output against anything that flies. Possibly twice if she's fast enough. She's also much better as an Adventurer than either Dark Knight or Sorcerer, and if you're not using a servant or Elise then a second healer will be useful. Your next one doesn't show up for 6 more chapters.

She's never going to be great, but she can be useable. And it's fun to take trash units and do outrageous things with them.