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Part 88: Charlotte

Fighter (HS: Troubadour)
A+ Support Classes: Peri (Cavalier), Beruka (Wyvern Rider), Nyx (Dark Mage)
Personal Skill: Unmask (+4 damage and +20 crit against female enemies)
Growths (With Default Class):
HP: 65% (85)
STR: 55% (75)
MAG: 0% (0)
SKL: 35% (50)
SPD: 50% (65)
LCK: 45% (50)
DEF: 20% (25)
RES: 5% (5)

I don't really think Conquest has an "Est" type unit, but if anybody could be called one then I guess Charlotte would be it. She joins late (by this game's standards), her join level is low compared to the rest of your army, and her growths are very good.

Charlotte's very much a high investment character. The ideal Charlotte is a fast and strong Berserker who can tear through enemies with super high strength and speed, but Charlotte at base is not that unit. She can hit decently hard, but she'll struggle to double enemies and will be faced with accuracy problems when using anything better than a Bronze Axe. You absolutely should take Gamble off of her right away and only give it back once her skill and luck growths have kicked in. Charlotte's probably not going to be helping you much until she promotes.

When she does promote though, oh boy. Your average 20/1 Berserker Charlotte will have 27 strength and 22 speed, and she'll only get more ridiculous from there. She can absolutely destroy select enemies on player phase, and even if her defenses are bad her abnormally high HP will be enough to soak up a hit or two regardless. Nearly all of the generics you fight will be men so her special ability won't get much of a chance to shine, but when it does you'll see some screenshot worthy numbers and maybe even get the chance to see 100% crit if you stack absolutely every modifier she could possibly have. Her luck stat isn't great, but it's certainly not as terrible as Arthur's, and it'll only take a Goddess Icon or two to keep most of the random crit chances at bay.

Unfortunately for Charlotte, she's got one big problem - a unit paired with Charlotte can do pretty much anything she can, except most likely with better accuracy, bulk, or movement. A unit supported by an S rank support Berserker Charlotte (something she can promote into the instant she joins) gains a whopping 8 strength and 5 speed. Any physical attacker is going to become great with those stats, although units like Xander and Kaze who can shore up their mediocre speed or strength respectively and gain access to a 1-2 range weapon & Sol combo appreciate her support the most. It's not as if Charlotte can't access similar boosts by pairing up with someone like Arthur or Keaton too, but pairing up two amazing support partners does come at a bit of an oppurtunity cost.

Her growths, as good as they are, aren't all that different from the other 5 girls in Conquest with 50% in strength and speed or over. Effie, Mozu, Camilla, Peri, and even Azura all have similar offenses. They might not start off as a Fighter like she does, but they all join a lot earlier. Her growths are still great though, so any unit Charlotte is the mother of is going to hit fast and hard and have a good amount of HP, in addition to guaranteed access to the amazing Fighter class.

Cavalier's not a bad class for Charlotte to grab skills from to increase her damage output, although it's not really one worth staying in either. Dark Mage gives her the incredibly useful Heartseeker but otherwise is useless. Wyvern Rider however is a very viable option - you trade a little strength and speed in exchange for good bulk and high movement. Wyvern Lord Charlotte might not make as many OHKOs as she can as a Berserker, but she'll be a lot tankier. Her Heart Seal class of Troubadour is a cruel joke played on her by the devs.



My Rating: Would own in a game where hand axes are good