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Part 92: Gunter

Great Knight (from Cavalier) (HS: Mercenary, Wyvern Rider)
A+ Support Classes: Jakob (Troubadour)
Personal Skill: Forceful Partner (Gives hit +15 and +3 damage dealt when supporting Corrin)
Growths (With Default Class):
HP: 15% (35)
STR: 5% (25)
MAG: 0% (0)
SKL: 5% (15)
SPD: 0% (5)
LCK: 15% (20)
DEF: 5% (25)
RES: 5% (0)

Gunter's back! And he's here to stay. Gunter is the first of one of many "Corrinsexuals", pre-promoted units who can only S support Corrin and have very few or even no support options otherwise. These units recieve one extra Heart Seal option to make up for their lack of consistent access to other classes through supports.

As you can tell by his growths, Gunter is 100% a jeigan type unit. Not one of those newfangled "growths just as good as the rest of your army" jeigans like Seth or Frederick, or even a "growths not good but still enough to make any EXP they gain not a waste" jeigan like Marcus. Gunter has base stats and as far as he's concerned they're the only stats he needs. Unlike other jeigans however, Gunter joins halfway through the campaign and most likely won't even have the highest stats of your army when he joins. There's a mounted prepromote you'll recruit next chapter who completely blows his bases out the water while also having much better growths and a personal weapon...

He's not useless as a combat unit though. Gunter's bases will keep him going for a short while. He's hard to kill and has good enough offenses to tank some enemies and soften up others for the rest of your units. Joining at such a high level is actually good for him - it puts him closer to level 15, where he will gain access to all the most valuable skills. His internal level is much lower than other units so he'll level up much faster. He's also got a level cap of 30, although in practice that doesn't really mean much since his growths are so awful. If you want to make longterm use of Gunter as anything but a support bot, swap him through a few classes to rack up as many cool skills as possible. Rally Defense from Wyvern Lord and Trample from Malig Knight are both good options.

Of course what most people will use Gunter for is supporting Corrin. His personal skill gives them a huge bonus to their offenses, and his default class of Great Knight gives them power and bulk and an extra point of move. He's definitely more useful for more physical oriented Corrins, but the +3 power boost applies to any form of attack. A longterm partner for a magical Corrin might want to switch him to Malig Knight or Bow Knight so he can give more relevant boosts. Just be aware that a Kana fathered by Gunter will have absolutely atrocious growths.



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