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Part 95: Shura

Adventurer (HS: Ninja, Fighter)
A+ Support Classes: None
Personal Skill: Highwayman (If enemy cannot counter and unit initiates battle, reduce enemy's strength and speed by 3 after the battle)
HP: 30% (30)
STR: 25% (30)
MAG: 10% (25)
SKL: 20% (25)
SPD: 35% (55)
LCK: 30% (30)
DEF: 15% (15)
RES: 35% (55)

Shura is the man you gave up a pair of Boots for. Sure you can pair him up with someone to give them +1 movement anyway, but if they had a pair of Boots they could pair up with someone else who gives movement to get +2 move... I'll be honest, pretty much every unit from here on out is going to get a purely speculative analysis. I can tell you what their stats are, what classes they can have, and what I think they might be able to do, but I won't be speaking from experience.

Shura's kind of a role-compression unit. He can pick locks, he can shoot bows, he heals, and he gives pretty handy pair-up bonuses as an Adventurer. He'll do all of these things with no investment and only one deployment slot, and he just happens to join before a chapter where you'll want all of those things anyway. Statwise he's about on par with a freshly promoted Niles, although he'll quickly fall behind once his bad growths start to take effect.

As a Hoshidan native who's been living in Nohr, Shura's got a rather funky class set. He'll do perfectly fine as an Adventurer, but you could consider making him a Mechanist if you want one. He'll keep his bow rank while significantly improving his bulk and gaining the ability to use Knives. Bow Knight is probably fine for him too, but maybe not worth wasting a Heart Seal on when he can still use bows as an Adventurer. Otherwise his other classes don't seem good for much but their skills. The Fighter tree might have some great classes but Shura won't have weapon ranks in any of them, and by now you'll have a large amount of units who could do all of those things better.



My Rating: Clearly shares a hair stylist with FE7's Heath