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Part 96: Flora

Maid (HS: Dark Mage, Mercenary)
A+ Support Partners: Felicia (Mercenary)
Personal Skill: Icy Blood (If user sustains damage in combat from more than 1 tile away and unit's HP is not at full, opponent receives same amount of damage in return and skill & speed -3) [I'm actually a bit confused by this, the in-game description doesn't mention the HP at full thing and Serenes Forest doesn't mention the one or more tiles away thing. I assume both must be true though?]
Growths (With Default Class):
HP: 35% (35)
STR: 40% (50)
MAG: 20% (30)
SKL: 45% (60)
SPD: 30% (45)
LCK: 35% (45)
DEF: 30% (35)
RES: 30% (40)

Flora! The other maid. I called her a candidate for worst unit in all of Conquest and I stand by it. Is she terrible, though? Ehh. Fates's mechanics make it hard for a unit to be completely useless, and you can always do something if you can hold a staff.

Flora shows up at Chapter 19 at the earliest, but I personally wouldn't grab her until the chapter after. She's a Maid without the weird level cap that the other two servants have, which is already a point against her. Statwise she's more similar to Jakob than her sister - she's got high skill and weirdly high physical stats, but her magic is very underwhelming. She's also quite slow.

She can use staves and has a high starting staff rank, and her strength and resistance are both high enough to make her a good answer to mages. That's about it! The other servants join earlier and learn cool skills earlier, and even if their stats aren't all that good I think you could argue they're better distributed than Flora's too. Icy Blood is a interesting skill for sure, but it's not particularly good and has a few too many conditions required for it to activate. One thing to note is that it does not work like Poison Strike - the damage it does to enemies happens during combat and can kill them, which can potentially lead to some silly strategies that allow her to kill Stoneborn from miles away with a counterattack.

One oool thing about Flora is that her default class set gives her 4 breaker skills by default - Tome from Maid, Bow from Sorcerer, Shuriken from Bow Knight, and Axe from Hero. She can even marry Corrin to grab a fifth... Felicia can do the same (and will learn them much earlier), but she has to A+ support Flora in order to grab Bowbreaker.

That's all I have to say about her. Use her if you need a staffbot and didn't train either of your servants (or reclassed them) I guess. They really should have just made her a regular recruit.

My Rating: Has a way more romantic support chain with F!Corrin than she does with M!Corrin