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Part 98: Kana

Nohr Noble (HS: Samurai (Corrin), Cavalier (Silas)
A+ Support Classes: Seigbert (Cavalier), Percy (Wyvern)
Personal Skill: Draconic Heir (Restore 15% of max HP at end of turn when equipped with a Dragonstone)
Growths (With Default Class) [Base Growths]
HP: 35% (50) [30]
STR: 40% (55) [35]
MAG: 17.5% (27.5) [30]
SKL: 45% (55) [40]
SPD: 42.5% (52.5) [45]
LCK: 42.5% (52.5) [45]
DEF: 32.5% (42.5) [25]
RES: 25% (30) [25]

So, Kana! Kana is like Corrin but smaller and with worse stats and availability. And no Yato. Kana's default growths are straight up worse than those of a theoretical Corrin with no boon or bane, literally either equal or worse in every stat. Certainly no Morgan...

Because of how child growths are calculated in Fates (the variable parent and the child's "base" growths averaged together), the boon or bane of your Corrin won't actually affect the growths of your Kana. They will affect their stat caps, but it'll be a while before they hit those. This can be both good and bad. Good in that you can potentially make a physical Corrin with no magic and then still have a Kana with good magic (or the other way around), bad in that it makes it harder to minmax a super Kana exactly how you want them. In fact the only way you can really "minmax" a Kana is with their stat caps - marry a +str Corrin and Charlotte to get a Kana with a strength stat cap modifier of 8 for example. Not really anything that matters unless you're messing around with online battles or whatever.

Kana's strength growth might be worse than a default Corrin's, but their magic growth is the same. They also get a unique ability that allows them to restore health when equipped with a Dragonstone. Without any cool sword to use like Corrin gets, it makes the most sense to build Kana as a magical Dragonstone unit if you want to make the most of their unique utility. By the time you actually recruit Kana, Dragonstones won't be as effective as the OHKO tool they could be for +mag Corrins that they could be in the earlygame, but they're still pretty good for their defensive utility.

Nohr Noble is still a pretty good class at the end of the day, so Kana's not too bad. They get more EXP from combat, and they can debuff foes with Draconic Hex once they hit level 5 promoted. Send Kana right into a hoard of units, tank them all as a dragon, and leave them debuffed to be harvested by the rest of your units. Pretty good!

Unfortunately I married my Corrin to a physical unit so Kana's just kind of a worse Corrin. He'd definitely do alright if I trained him. His growths are fine, he'd make a perfectly functional physical unit... He's just not very interesting.

No pros & cons because I really don't have much to say.

My Rating: Please do not make your 12 year old son fight in a war