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Part 7: Chapter 1, Part 6: South Sofia

We're outnumbered again, but we have plenty of firepower to take care of it.

Another simple map. Seven soldiers and an archer in the small fort will come straight at us, while the cavalier in the upper left won't even reach us until the battle's over.

The soldiers and the archer are the same scrubs from the last battle, without any special items.

The enemy cavalier isn't anything special, either, a bit weaker than Robin.

Turn 1

Cliff has the Bolt Sword, which gives him a fixed 15 Power and attacks with magic damage against the enemy's Magic Defense instead of regular Defense. He's going to tear through this army now.

Claire is going to need some more Power before she can be really useful - she's in much the same situation that Cliff was last chapter. But she rides a flying horse which is awesome.

We move up and form a rough line, though only a couple enemies can reach.

The archer hits Alm for 3 damage, while a soldier gets in for another 4 - Alm counters for 12.

Claire sees her first action, dodging and then scratching a soldier.

The enemy cavalier starts his slow trek.

Turn 2

Silk starts off our assault with the soldier that attacked Alm, but only lands one of her attacks.

Cliff obliterates a soldier with his new toy.

Gray tries to finish off Silk's target, but fireballs just aren't as accurate as they used to be.

So instead, Claire gets the kill.

Also, Luka softens up this soldier a bit more for 10 damage.

Alm moves up to hurt the archer, while Robin sits in the forest to attack another soldier.

On the enemy phase, this soldier decides to attack Cliff. Not his best move.

That's...not great, really.

Another soldier goes for Alm, much to his detriment.

Two other soldiers exchange blows with Robin and Claire; the others retreated.

That cavalier is a bit closer now, but will still take one more turn to approach.

Turn 3

Silk gets the kill this time, earning herself an odd level.

Cliff tries for this third kill, but misses one of his attacks.

Gray lands his attack this time and helps Cliff out.

Luka dishes out just enough damage to finish off this retreating soldier, earning himself a pretty good level, by his standards.

Robin rides up to finish off the archer before it can reach the recovery tile.

Alm and Claire team up to take out the final soldier. That just leaves the cavalier.

Turn 4

It's 7-on-1 now, should be easy to finish it here.

Silk and Gray start off with long-range attacks - Silk misses, but Gray connects for 11 damage.

The cavalier is weak enough now for Cliff to kill in one shot, but Robin is close to a level so I try to get him another attack to push him over. It doesn't work - he ends the battle at 99 XP.

With that, Cliff ends the battle.

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Next time:

Another quick battle is all the remains between us and the liberation camp.