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Part 8: Chapter 1, Part 7: South Sofia II

This battle will be the easiest since the first. We have more units and far more power at our disposal.

Our first full-size map is wasted on this battle. Just six enemy cavaliers face us, and they're split by the river.

Plus, the cavaliers are all weaker than Robin, with no items or anything even.

Turns 1-2

We start off pretty far apart, so the first couple turns are just moving.

One of the enemies finally reach us, but misses. Robin does 8 damage in return.

The level's not a great start, though.

Turn 3

We should have plenty of time to take care of the two enemies on our side of the river before the rest get to us.

Gray lands a fireball, but Silk misses out on the kill.

Instead I feed the kill to Luka for some reason, while Robin misses the other cavalier.

Alm and Claire gang up on the remaining southern cavalier, but Claire is one Power short of being able to get the kill herself.

The southern enemy tries to get to the healing tiles on the north side of the river, but isn't going to make it there.

Turn 4

Silk does land the killing blow this time.

The rest of the turn is spent preparing to meet the rest of the enemy force.

Claire takes another hit (down to 10/20 HP) but that's all for the enemy phase.

Turn 5

Gray lands another fireball and Robin lands one of his attacks to weaken the first cavalier.

Silk misses again, but Claire picks up the slack.

Alm gets a timely crit to take out the next enemy in line.

A pretty good level this time.

Cliff erases a cavalier with his Bolt Sword.

The last enemy decides to suicide on Cliff.

Pretty typical merc level for Cliff.

Another easy battle completed in just a handful of turns. The game does get better, I promise.

Current Roster:

Next time:

We finally reach the Liberation HQ, which looks pretty similar to the Thief Shrine - at the entrance, at least. But at last, we get some more plot!