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Part 15: Chapter 2, Part 3: Sea

Last time, Celica picked up a new ally in Nova Port and then "borrowed" a ship because hanging out on the starting island would be boring. Now we're sailing off towards our first encounter with the local pirates, which are really just thieves on a boat.

A simple battle with seven thieves, pretty similar to Alm's second battle in the Thief Shrine. All of the thieves are still just level 1, but we aren't stuck with any villagers on our side and have a tailor-made chokepoint in that bridge, so this battle is really even easier.

Turns 1-2

Saber sets up at the end of the bridge with magic support, and waits until the end of the second turn for the thieves to arrive. Boey is exiled to the corner.

The first of the thieves finally reaches Saber, connecting for 3 damage but taking a double-counterattack for 14 damage in return.

Turns 3-5

The next three turns consist of Saber killing off the thief in front of him, Jenny topping off Saber's HP, and then another thief moving up in line to take a chip shot at Saber.

Turn 6

Saber picks up this pretty great level after killing the fourth thief.

With Saber having gained a level, Celica takes a turn on the front line, roasting the back-line thief for 24 damage and forcing it into retreat mode.

The remaining thief up front attacks Celica for 3 damage, taking 14 in return.

Turn 7

Celica starts off by removing the last thief on the bridge.

Time to chase down the injured thief, then draw out the final thief who has parked himself on the healing tile for the entire battle.

Turn 8

The top thief is at full health and on the enemy phase goes after Saber, the only unit of ours that it can reach. The other thief is desperately trying to heal up, as if that would help him.

Turn 9

Celica starts off with a fireball to finish off the injured thief. Actually she missed the first attack, but landed the second.

Music: Celica Battle Map 2 (Near Victory)

This track probably played in the graveyard battle, too, but I missed it then so here it is now. It plays at some point in the battle where the game decides you're about to win.

May finally gets some action and takes out the last thief to win the battle.

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More pirate-thieves on the open sea.