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Part 22: Chapter 2, Part 10: Sea V

Let's go take out some wizards.

Seven wizards, two chokepoints. A rather interesting setup, but Celica's army has a lot of units with high Magic Defense so we shouldn't have too much trouble here.

All of the wizards have Recover and Dora. The one on the right of the front line is level 3, the rest are all level 1. 11-12 magic damage per attack, but not enough Speed to really be threatening. A physical attacker with high Magic Defense is the best option here - think we have anyone like that?

Turn 1

May's high Magic Defense and possession of the Holy Ring make her all but invulnerable here. She gets started with some long-range lightning, but it's too heavy for her to get in a second attack.

Boey's the only one on the left side, so he's just going to make sure that the wizards don't break through over there this turn.

Leo is one of the few in our army without enough Magic Defense to really hold his own here, but he gets double-lucky with a dodge and a crit.

Another wizard singes May for 1 damage. May lands one attack for 5 damage herself.

Boey dodges both wizards here, paying back for all of his earlier misses.

Turn 2

Leo attempts to finish off the wizard that attacked him last turn. He misses his first attack, eats a nasty counter, then gets the kill with his second attack.

Not particularly helpful for an archer.

May moves up a tile, trading blows with the wizard again while still blocking the bridge.

Jenny is the safest she's ever been on this map - with her 13 Magic Defense, she literally can't take more than 1 damage from the enemies in this battle. Unfortunately all of the wizards have enough Magic Defense to limit her Nosferatu attacks to just 1 damage as well. Instead she heals up Leo.

Boey pulls back to make room for the A-team, but still gets a crit on the way out.

Saber has enough Magic Defense that, combined with the Holy Sword's free healing, he can tear through the wizards without much trouble. Another crit doesn't hurt, either.

Saber and May hold the two bridges.

Celica dodges, then lands two fireballs of her own for 14 damage.

Seriously, something other than Skill and HP, please.

Saber takes a fireball to the face, but will heal all the damage next turn.

A waste of time all around, here. Jenny takes one damage and then misses both of her attacks.

Turn 3

Saber starts off with another crit.

Celica moves in to soften up the next wizard.

Leo and May together can't finish off this wizard, though.

On the enemy phase, this wizard takes the opportunity for a free shot at Saber from range.

Another wizard comes down to go after Celica, but she can fight back.

The other two wizards retreat and heal each other up.

Turn 4

Leo starts off with a quick kill shot.

May gets in a couple attacks on the other wizard to keep it in retreat mode.

Celica gets out of the way so that Saber can make with the wizard-killing.

Just two left.

May fends off one attack on the enemy phase. If she could actually land more of her own attacks this wizard would already be dead.

Pretty much the only way to go after Saber. He shrugs it off.

Turn 5

Saber gets another easy kill.

He's already hit another level, too. It's not much, but he's just that much more unkillable now.

The last wizard has 12 HP. May only does 10 damage with a pair of fireballs, but I really want her to get the kill since she's close to a level as well. The wizards count as promoted units so they spit out a lot of experience.

The solution's actually pretty simple. I can't have Leo attack since if he lands both shots he'd get the kill himself. Instead I send in Jenny - even if she misses both of her attacks, the wizard will use up 1 HP to counterattack her, and another 1 HP to counter May. Then all May has to do is actually land both of her attacks....

And we're golden.

This level might as well be empty for all the good it does May.

Oh well, another ship sunk.

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Next time:

Time to wrap up the second chapter as Celica and company arrive at Sofia Port.