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Part 23: Chapter 2, Epilogue: Sofia Port and Sofia Castle II

After many battles along the way, Celica's group finally reaches Sofia.

Sofia Port isn't much to look at. A closed gate in the northwest, an open one to the southwest, a cabin with a couple of beds, and a couple of visitors.

We gave chase, but lost them around here.

Didn't find anyone at the pirate base we cleared out. Must be further ahead.

Palla and Catria are actually a call-back to the first Fire Emblem game. They and their sister, Est, were Pegasus Knights in the player's army, fighting in Archanea. It's a nice little cameo and a way of confirming that Gaiden takes place in the same 'world' but just a different part.

Anyway, there's nothing else here, so let's leave through the open gate.

Celica is now in Alm's half of the map. The only thing for her to do here is head for Sofia Castle, but there's nothing stopping you from going to the Thief Shrine or any of the other locations. In fact, if you skipped anything with Alm - shrine uses, recruitable characters, etc. - you can actually pick them up with Celica instead. There's not much point in doing so, but theoretically you could try and do Alm's chapter with as few allies as possible, leaving the rest to Celica.

Anyway, off to the castle.

Everyone's still abuzz over Alm's victory over Dozer. The first two chapters of the game happen pretty much in parallel.

...That area's crawling with Geyse's bandits.

Guess where Celica's headed?

Some of the conversations have at least changed since the end of the first chapter. They're not much more interesting, though.

...What's happened to the Earth Goddess Mila?

More signs of larger problems with the world.

Who cares, that sounds like Alm's problem.

Remember, Mycen placed Celica in the care of the island church where we started the chapter.

Celica also refers to Mycen as 'Grandfather'. A common term of affection, there's no actual relation between her, Mycen, and Alm. I think. It's not super clear.

There's one person left for Celica to meet, after all.

You should find someone you've been wishing to meet.

I just said that Mycen!

...could it?

Well, why don't you go see?

Might as well, nothing else to do here.

Alm's still waiting upstairs where we left him last chapter. Let's have a chat.

These two already know each other. Makes sense, having both apparently grown up with Mycen.

I haven't seen you since I left the village....

Yeah. We always used to play together. I held a serious grudge against Gramps the day you were sent away.

I was sad too, but Grandfather told me why he did it: 'If you stay in Ram, Dozer will come to kill you.'

But why? Why would Dozer want to kill you, Celica?

Alm hasn't quite put it all together yet.

That.... I'm sorry. I'd rather not say right now. In any case, Alm, I have a request. Can war be avoided with the kingdom of Rigel?

That's impossible. King Rudolf of Rigel decided to attack while Sofia is weak. At this rate, Sofia will be destroyed.

But aren't we all the same? We should be able to coexist.

There's no way. Sofians won't tolerate Rigel's barbaric rule. We must retaliate!

How sad.... I'm sure if we talked, we could come to an understanding....

Celica's hiding in the church all this time has rubbed off on her a bit, here.

Unless, Alm, now that the Sofians call you their hero, you want to become their king as well?

That was kind of out of nowhere.

What! That's mean, Celica. I just want to protect the people of Sofia, that's all. Besides, Sofia's only remaining princess is still alive. I'm planning to search for her. After I find her, I'm returning to Ram.

Yes, the princess is alive. Somewhere. If only we could find her.

That's not true! Sofia's royal family is gone! But I get it, Alm. You go ahead to Rigel. My companions and I are going to Mila's Temple.

And with that, we've finally reached the end of the second chapter.

Next time:

Time to continue 'liberating' the continent.