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Part 24: Chapter 3, Prologue: Sofia Castle III

Time for the third chapter. We're back in control of Alm.

Let's head back downstairs, then.

Picture the screen rapidly (60 Hz, literally) shaking back and forth here. Then some dude rushes up from off-screen. I tried to capture it a few times but I either lost the shaking or ended up with an animated GIF somehow 3.5 MB big. So just use your imagination instead.

...The priestesses who just left are safe, but....

And this event is how the game justifies Alm and Celica remaining separated for this chapter.

There's no one left in the castle. We could leave to the south again, but there's no point in doing so. Instead, let's finally head out the north gate.

The world map for the third chapter. We can see both Alm and Celica, separated by the landslide to the north.

And the full map. Plenty of action as we clear out the northern half of Sofia.

We can now independently control both armies. Alm's goal is to take out Dozer. Celica's headed for Mila's Temple. So who should we have fight first?

Alm is headed into North Sofia to face Zack's knights.

Celica is headed for Sofia Shore to face Gaha's thieves.

Both battles are a step up in difficulty from what we've faced so far, so which shall it be:

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