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Part 26: Chapter 3, Part 2: Sofia Shore

It's Celica's turn today. A horde of thieves led by Gaha await.

Well, this map is kind of a mess. 15 thieves, a couple mercs, and an archer. Plus we have Kamui, Leo, and Jenny isolated on the center island and stuck in a patch of 'desert' (beach) which severely hampers movement. But, we also have some help:

Palla and Catria are here to help us out. They're allied units so we can't control them directly, however.

They both come in pretty strong. Catria has an Angel Ring, which in addition to healing 5 HP per turn sets the wearer's luck to 40 and doubles stat gains from levels. So, it's awesome, but pretty much wasted on an ally unit that doesn't gain experience. Palla has a Hand Lance (Javelin), which gives an extra 3 Might for 70 Accuracy and 2 Weight, but comes with a range of 1-2 tiles.

The boss for this map is Gaha, and rather than sit by himself in the mini-fort like you might expect he's out leading the charge himself. He's still just a level 10 thief, though, so nothing we can't handle.

Everyone else is level 5, which is a step up from what Celica's group has been used to facing. Individually each unit won't be much trouble but the center group is in danger of being swarmed.

Turn 1

Saber holds the western bridge, while May zaps the enemy merc with lightning.

On the center island, Leo is able to hold the bridge while taking a shot at the lead thief. Kamui moves up slowly through the sand, while Jenny retreats to the far corner.

Gaha takes the lead for the enemy force, but misses Saber. May takes 7 damage from the archer.

Leo fights off the thief and the rest of the enemies back up behind it.

On the ally phase, Palla and Catria swoop in to finish off the lead thief.

Turn 2

Leo backs up a space to chip at another thief and let Kamui in to take up tanking duties.

Celica and Saber take out Gaha. Enemy boss dead, just like that.

Boey softens up another thief, but May misses with her lightning bolt.

Second turn, same as the first. A thief attacks Saber, the archer attacks May.

The northeast enemies gang up on the pegasus knights, but they can handle themselves.

Then on the ally phase Palla finishes off the northeast merc and another thief falls to Catria.

Turn 3

Celica starts off the turn by incinerating another thief, which opens up the space for Saber to start on the archer.

Then Boey actually comes through with another kill.

Hey, another good level for him, too.

May follows up by bringing the merc down to critical condition.

Leo softens up the thief enough for Jenny to go in and take the kill.

Kamui then advances and uses a nicely-timed critical to kill off yet another thief.

Saber counter-kills three more thieves with more crits.

Unfortunately he used up all his luck on his crit rate.

The remaining northeast thieves go after the girls on the flying horses again.

And they again take their revenge and steal our experience.

Turn 4

Just some mop-up left. Saber gets yet another critical to finish off the thief, while Celica turns the merc to ash.

One of the western thieves ended up wandering away so Leo heads it off. Kamui continues working on his targets but isn't nearly as crit-happy as Saber.

Jenny misses a shot of Nosferatu but is mostly just trying to stay out of the way here.

Just a few thieves left now. Also I'm not sure what I was doing with Valbo but he's never gonna make it through the sand there.

Now Catria getting crits isn't really surprising with that fixed 40 Luck.

The second thief takes a shot at Leo, while the other one futily tries to run away.

Palla finally misses but Catria cleans it up.

Turn 5

Kamui misses out on finishing off the runaway, and Leo whiffs as well.

Anyway not much going on this turn, our bit hitters aren't in range of the stragglers.

Leo shrugs off another hit on the enemy phase, no big deal. The other thief is still trying to run away.

Palla nabs the fleeing thief, and Catria weakens the last enemy for us.

Turn 6

Leo and Jenny are the only ones in range, but they manage to come through and finish the battle.

Pretty good level for her, too. But where did our allies run off to?

Let's check out the port again.

Our sister, Est, is still missing, and I was thinking.... Your journey will be tough, like ours. May we travel together? We can help each other out.

Hell yes we can.

This is a secret, but if the three of us surround a foe, there's a really cool move we can use.

Three guesses as to what that is. Also, the Angel Ring is ours!

Where to next? Off to the wizardly woods with Alm, or continue with Celica into the Mountain Graveyard? Vote here: VOTE

Up-to-date rosters in the second post.

New Characters:

Catria joins at around the same level as the rest of Celica's army, with great base stats and good enough growths. Her Defense might handicap her later on, making her a good candidate for Shields.
Stat	Base L5	Growth
HP	24	30
Power	11	30
Skill	12	30
Speed	12	40
Luck	12	20
Defense	5	20
M. Def	9	0
Moves	7	0
Quality	52	140
Palla comes in at a higher level than Catria with stats that aren't really any better and growths that are mostly worse. She'll end up with better Power and Defense, though, and her base Speed is high enough to keep her relatively fast for awhile.
Stat	Base L8	Growth
HP	28	40
Power	12	40
Skill	9	15
Speed	10	10
Luck	4	10
Defense	6	30
M. Def	5	0
Moves	7	0
Quality	41	105