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Part 46: Chapter 4, Part 3: Bog Graveyard

Today Celica and company enter a graveyard that's been helpfully placed in a swamp. Or a bog. Whatever the difference is. They're well-equipped for the journey, at least.

I like to think that if I had known the update was going to be this short, it wouldn't have taken me almost a month to get around to it. Oops. Anyway three dragon zombies aren't much of a threat anymore, and they have such high mobility that we can make them come to us and all but ignore the swampy terrain.

All three dragon zombies are still Level 1. What were impressive stats a couple chapters ago don't mean much to most of Celica's army now.

Note, however, that the map designer is still a dick - the bottom five units on the roster are isolated at the bottom of the map, with their own dragon zombie.

Turn 1

Valbo is going to draw in the southern dragon zombie. If this were Alm's group we'd be screwed, since his worst units really are worthless. Celica's group has a lot of powerful mages at the bottom of the roster, however, and they'll be able to tear into the dragon zombie.

The main group has two dragon zombies with which to contend. Celica arranges some human shields around Jenny, just out of range of the northern dragon zombie. The eastern group starts to cross the small swamp separating the two islands, but they won't reach the battle before it's over.

To the south, Valbo and the dragon zombie scratch each other.

Celica actually has enough natural Defense to eventually defeat the dragon zombie one-on-one even without Angel magic. Of course, a crit from the Hero Sword certainly helps.

Turn 2

All three enemies have been lured, and one's already in critical condition.

Boey chips in with a 5-damage fireball, while Noma gets in two 5-damage shots of Excalibur (no crit, alas). Noma your sprite looks nothing like you!

May brings the pain with a 15-damage Aura, bringing the dragon zombie down to just 8 HP remaining. Since everyone down there can survive a round of dragon zombie attacks, that battle is effectively over.

Celica has no shame about using overpowered Angel magic to wipe out the previously full-health dragon zombie to the north.

Catria then easily finishes off the other dragon zombie with a couple of attacks.

And Catria becomes the first unit to hit a natural 20 Strength. 20 was the stat cap in the previous game, but in Gaiden she's only halfway there.

The last dragon zombie goes after Noma for some reason. Somehow the old man dodges the massive flying zombie and gets off a small fireball in return.

Turn 3

No need to mess around here, as May quickly finishes off the last dragon zombie.

That was almost disappointingly easy, but since it's a repeatable battle I guess they didn't want to give out too much free XP here.

Next time:

Alm's path splits - the main path leads through the town of Rigel and two small armies, while the side path hides into the woods. There's not really a choice here - as in most RPGs, you always want to take the side path first - but I'll show off a little of both.