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Part 66: Chapter 5, Part 3: Final Dungeon Third Floor

Two floors down, one to go in the final dungeon. Take the lower-right drop here to reach the third floor and the next battle.

No gimmicks here, just a wide-open brawl.

Turn 1

Alm starts off the battle by pulling out his bow and taking out one of the slayers.

And he's now capped Skill. He's now got a 48% crit rate with the Regal Sword, and a 40% crit rate with the Angel Ring. Almost as deadly as Dyute.

On the other side, Matilda tosses the Gladius a couple times to take out the other slayer.

The two bigles are handled by Teeta and Python with holy attacks. I didn't want to let them start any summoning shenanigans this time.

The high knights have only 4 Movement so can't reach anyone; the only concern on the enemy phase is teleporting witches, but they're relatively weak at this point in the game.

Only one witch teleported, and Alm's extra 40 magic evasion from the Angel Ring kept the lightning away.

Turn 2

The second turn is all about eliminating the witches. Force and Alm start here with easy kills.

Matilda and Claire easily wipe out the other two witches. Really these vanilla enemies can't hold up in a stand-up fight at this point, Alm's army is just too strong.

I cluster everyone together a bit in case the high knights start moving, but they're going to stay in place until they can actually reach someone.

Turn 3

The high knights are a little tougher, I won't be able to take out all six in one turn. Matilda and Teeta start on the first one, kicking it off the recovery tile.

Python takes a shot at the high knight on the other recovery tile, but misses one of his attacks. I stay a bit conservative on that side, content to draw the high knight forward off the evasion-boosting tile.

Sure enough, the high knight moves up to attack Python, who counters for 28 damage but doesn't quite get the kill.

Mycen claimed the other recovery tile and used it to draw in another high knight.

Turn 4

Alm finishes off one high knight, and then Python claims the recovery tile to weaken another.

Force finishes off Mycen's attacker. Even without the Speed Ring, he's fast enough for two attacks, and he's now strong enough to dish out a ton of damage to these high-Defense enemies, too.

He's now almost capped HP and has a Power also near the cap even without any weapons equipped.

The Gladius strikes again in Claire's hands, crippling another high knight.

Just three high knights left, and two of them are already crippled.

And the last healthy high knight runs straight into Gladius.

Turn 5

Teeta and Silk each finish off a high knight with a shot of Angel.

Not your typical healers anymore. They're fast, tough, and pack more punch than you'd expect.

Alm easily handles the last knight, ending the battle.

Probably the easiest and simplest map in a long while.

The third floor has no other exit than through this door. Unless you want to go back and drop down into the empty fourth floor, anyway.

Celica's army is still slowly losing HP, in case you were wondering.

The sign in front of the next staircase is your only warning that the next update is going to be a bit unusual....

Next time:

No sneak preview spoiling the battle - but we're obviously headed into the treasury.