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Part 69: Chapter 5, Epilogue: The End

Without further interruption, the ending of the game, in story-board form.

Music: Ending 1

Considering that the lands of Alm-ruled Valencia and the future ruler become the primary antagonist of a future Fire Emblem game, this game doesn't exactly have a happy ending I guess. At least not long-term.

Have some credits:

Okay, these aren't the real credits. The game just scrolls through each character in the game, one-by-one, and shows you the same character portrait we've been staring at every time we look at their stats screen. Nothing to see here.

Eventually the game gives up and just spits out a list of names without any of the portraits. Not sure how the portrait list was chosen - after Alm, Celica, and Mycen, I got Dyute, Silk, Force, Matilda, Claire, Python, and Cliff. So maybe somewhat based on kill count after the first three? Mycen hardly killed anyone, that's for sure.

I don't even remember most of this group by now.

So I guess the named enemies get to make an appearance of sorts, too.Bonus points if you can name the update that each of these names were from.

Okay now we're done. Can't forget poor Rudolf, whose only solution to war was to trap Mila, give up on facing Dolma, and then declare war.

A gold knight pops in and walks across the screen for absolutely no reason whatsoever.

Now, for the real credits.

Only five programmers for an entire game. I'm pretty sure a single item in a modern RPG takes that many now.

Pain-staking pixel editing for all the sprites, and one dude just pumping out the music. Speaking of which, here's a link to the full playlist of music for this game, since I wasn't very consistent about introducing it.

Almost as many managers as actual workers, go figure.

Now this name even I recognize. The end.

Okay, not quite. It's a Fire Emblem tradition to tell you what happened to each of these characters that had almost no backstory or development to them. For some reason. Oh and not every character gets a happy ending, even if they lived all the way to the end. So, here goes:

Music: Ending 2

I feel like this guy was angling for this job all along. You know Alm and Celica aren't going to pay attention to day-to-day stuff, so Mycen ends up with all the real power. Probably why it all goes to hell by the time Fire Emblem 13 rolls around, I'm sure it's all Mycen's fault. What a jerk.

Now that we wiped out everyone who believed in Doma, Noma can just take over and pretend it was all the same all along.

Well that was pretty generic, thanks.

Isn't that nice.

I had to double-check to make sure I didn't accidentally copy the same image twice.

Claire was awesome and Gray was the most useless character in Alm's army, I'm not sure how I feel about this.

Not sure who his new wife is yet. Also these messages will change slightly depending on who's alive at the end. Like obviously Claire and Gray don't get married if one of them dies during the game. I'm not about to go through and try to find all those combinations at this point, though.

I can imagine a spin-off story where Luka, Robin, and Force work as delinquent castle guards under Cleive's watch. Okay, maybe not.

May just goes home I guess.

Silk's the only one so far who actually acts like a hero when the cameras are turned off.

Was this Cleive? They aren't even on the same team!

Boey goes back with May to continue his middle school courting.

Kamui's off doing good things I guess.

Valbo on his way to becoming the next Jeigan in the un-released Fire Emblem Gaiden 2.

Her only story is that she is now Cleive's wife. Pretty sure she could kick Cleive's ass by the end of the game, maybe Alm should've put her in charge.

Python turns into Batman or something.

Meanwhile the crappy archer from Celica's group becomes another faceless knight.

Atlas did nothing all game and then went back home to do nothing there.

Jesse comes out of nowhere to carve out his own country in the desert lands that nobody wanted anyway.

I got the sister part, never expected Judah to be their father. Seems like a weird and important detail to leave until the very end like this. None of this information was remotely mentioned when we recruited Sonia, way back in Geyse's Fort.

Saber went from carrying Celica's team through the second chapter to being a liability by the end of the game. And he joins the new mercenary desert kingdom, of course. Gotta keep all those mercenaries in one place, away from us regular folk. He also gets an un-named wife, maybe it's Jenny, or maybe they both married people we never met, who knows?

Ryuto was pretty good until he got completely overshadowed by his sister Dyute. Doesn't really seem like a reason to run off and leave her behind forever, though.

Well that seems like a terrible idea. No wonder your brother ran off. You have all this power and just throw it away, meanwhile he can barely make the wind move.

Wait for it....

Guessing that one looks a bit different if Est dies.


Unsurprisingly, all three of the pegasus sisters show up again in the next game.

He just disappeared for a few months to go back to Archanea and set a few things right in the next game.

I'm sure worshipping your queen as a goddess doesn't have any unintended side effects.

And Alm becomes king, in the least surprising plot ending ever.

And that's it! Thanks for sticking with me on this long three-year-plus journey.