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Part 9: Chapter 2 Part 4: Mackily-Agusty

Chapter 2 Part 4: Mackily-Agusty

Hello and welcome to Part 9 of my FE4 Let's Play, in which we finish up Chapter 2 (and about damn time, too!). Now, we left off last time with Fury flying right past Levin, so let's have him talk to her.

We're treated to a new piece of music for this conversation.

Ah, this getup? I'm doing the wandering bard thing. Whaddya think?

Well, it's fine. But why? I heard Your Highness was being held prisoner in Evans, so I came as fast as I could.

Me? A prisoner of Evans? Ha! Who would've told you that?

King Shagaal of Agusty.

Ha! Fury, m'girl... you've been had! It's nice of you to be so trustin', but you wouldn't last a day in the city! You'd get caught up with the wrong people... end up like Sylvia.

Levin, who's Sylvia?

She's... ah... Nevermind. Anyway, what are you doin' here again?

Obviously I'm here to take you back to Silesia! It's been nearly 2 years since you just up and left. Queen Rahna is a complete wreck. Please come back with me.

If I go back, I have to succumb to the will of my late father and succeed the throne. But my uncles would never have it. One slip up and there'd be mutiny, like there is here. You know who suffers then? The people. Give the throne to somebody who can handle that. I like the freedom I have now. I've no use for the crown. Give it to one of my uncles.

You know that Silesian royalty claims direct lineage with the Wind God Holsety. That means you are the only one capable of succession. Only you can preserve the Silesian lineage. And the people wish it of you as well. Levin, the queen was in tears when I left. Please... Sniff... just come back with me.

Fury, you're not gonna start cryin' on me too, are ya? Aghh! Give me a break. I've got a soft spot for cryin' chicks, ya know. Okay. I'll return once I've sorted some stuff out. Just let me rack my brain a bit, okay?

Okay. Then please let me stay with you until you do return. I'll send word back to that you're unharmed.

Well, I'm gonna hang a bit with Sir Sigurd. We hit it off. And his army's full of babes! You should get to know the girls... polish up your style a bit.

Er... okay.

Fury! I'm jokin'! Don't be so damn gullible. You really are a sweet girl. You put all the other girls to shame. Don't you change a thing, okay?

Er.. okay. Ah, no I...

So you might be able to guess that Levin/Fury is a predestined pairing. In fact, it's the only pairing that's made canonical in this game's sequel, Fire Emblem: Thracia 776. Fin/Lachesis is also strongly implied to be canonical in that game, but some iffy wording and outside word of god has said that Beowulf/Lachesis is canon. I think. Maybe Lachesis' son is Beowulf's, and Lachesis' daughter is Fin's. It's tough to tell. Anyway though, Fin/Lachesis is a better pairing so I'll be getting that, and Levin/Fury is a great pairing that's also canon, and extremely easy to complete, so I'll be getting that as well. Anyway, Fury's squad flies away and doesn't offer us any more EXP, so let's take a look at Fury.

She has decent stats, good weapon ranks, but no holy blood. Still though, she'll be our only flier for the first generation, so she has a lot of utility. She's ok at combat for now, but she'll see a big improvement at the end of Chapter 3. Anyway, I'll be moving her to Evans to do the arena for now, so she likely won't catch up to the rest of the cast to partake in any combat.

Back up north, our healers help to heal our army after the large battle we saw last time. Also, something I forgot to do earlier that would've been very helpful, Beowulf has a conversation with Lachesis that yields stat boosts. Also for whatever reason, Aideen's Theme plays during this conversation. Go figure.

Er... sorry. Beowulf's the name. I'm just a mercenary, ma'am.

So what do you want?

Uh... I just came to tell you this is for real out here. This ain't no fun'n games. And you inexperienced types ain't makin' things easy for the rest of us. Besides, this ain't no place for a princess. Why don't you get on back to your castle?

Where do you get off speaking to me like that!? What I do out here is no business of yours!

Heh heh... tough little cookie, ain't ya. Remind me a bit of Eltshan.

Wait! You know my brother?

Sure do. We go way back. Don't mean t'be so nosy, but he asked me t'check up on ya.

Oh, I didn't realise. I'm sorry.

S'alright. Eltshan also asked me t'teach you a bit about warfare. How 'bout it?

That'd be great!

And as a result, Lachesis gains two Strength and Skill, and one Defense.

And we continue pressing north to Agusty. We spend a couple turns healing, Beowulf and Fury do the arena a bit (Fury even manages to clear it!), and Sylvia visits some villages.

He's got a magical staff called th' Sleep Staff. Get too close an' he'll put yer lights out an' freeze every muscle in yer body!

A bit late to be giving us that news, hell Cuan's still asleep as it is! Now, fast forwarding a bit to the actual combat…

We end up with Sigurd and Lex ready to initiate. For the first turn or two, they're going to serve as defenders for our frailer units.

Also Fury starts heading toward the villages to pick up an item that one of them gives.

So let's take a look at the miniboss here, Zane. He has a Horseslayer which automatically crits against units on horses. It's similar to the Horseslayer in more recent games, but in those games it only does effective damage (three times weapon might) instead of critting (double total attack). It's a pretty small difference, but I thought I should point it out. Anyway, as I mentioned last time, Zane has a whole little arc to himself in the FE4 manga. He's shown as being incredibly kind to the citizens of Agustria, unlike all the other nobles and generals. He's pretty much forced into combat with Sigurd's army against his will, and he kicks their mounted units asses thanks to his Horseslayer. I think it ends up with Levin and Fury creating a trap/ambush for Zane so that the rest of the army can move forward. Of course none of this is present in game. He only has a line or two of dialogue total. Anyway…

The reason I bring this up is because Zane's unit is now quickly advancing and about to attack us, making it difficult to get to the ballistae and the castle.

So we start clearing out these front-most units and begin to take a defensive position.

And of course now is a great time to get some EXP for our non-mounted units.

We have Ethlin heal Sigurd, both to increase his durability for the oncoming assault, and to have them side by side for the possibility of a sibling crit.

I believe this is Fin getting some EXP, since he needs to get as much as he can, very quickly, while still managing to fall in love with Lachesis. He'll be very busy for a while.

And we end up with a defensive wall like this. Holyn and Jamka are durable enough to take a few hits, and Sigurd can destroy anything that spills over from those two. Before we end turn, Sylvia visits another village.

Each year big towns like Agusty and Mackily hold witch hunts and arrest a ton of people. Then they burn 'em at the stake for doin' what? Absolutely nothin'! Is that nuts or what!?

This little scene helps to illustrate how much everyone fears the dark sect, and exactly how dangerous Manfroy's plan could be.

During enemy phase Zane reaches our army, and delivers his one line. I really wonder why they characterized him so much in that manga.

And Sylvia visits another village.

Eltshan's demon sword Mistolteen, along with the Tyrfing of Chalphy and Isaac's Balmung, are the strongest swords in all creation.

I think Tyrfing has been mentioned before, and it's kind of obvious that Sigurd will eventually get it. As of now we don't have anyone with the blood required to wield the Balmung (Major Odo), but I'm sure we'll find it eventually.

And Sylvia now has enough money for what we need her to buy. But it doesn't really exist yet, so we'll buy that later.

So we have Lex weaken Zane since Zane switched to his Javelin on Enemy Phase, so we no longer have to fear crits on our mounted units, and then we have Fin go for the kill.

And there's line two.

Fin doesn't really want the Horseslayer though, so we'll have him sell it and give it to Fury in the next chapter.

So we have some of our weaker units who need EXP snag some easy kills…

And Aideen and Midir finally end up near one another for some extra love points.

So we heal up Holyn and have him attack some more, then send Cuan up to do some work.

Where he gets a lover crit, hurray!

Alec and Noish team up to take out an already weakened knight because they kind of suck and can't do much on their own. Now that we've cleared out a few, it's time to start setting up a defensive wall again.

A wall consisting of Sigurd, Beowulf, and Cuan. We should be pretty fine against the upcoming assault.

FFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFfffffffffffffffffffffffffffffff!!!!! These damn paladins are the worst! Well, they survived alright, but they stopped our guys from doing some serious killing. So blah blah blah, we slowly work our way through the enemies by throwing our guys against them, eventually ending up like this:

On Enemy Phase the paladins actually do something helpful and kill a ballista.

And we have Sigurd charge up and kill a second ballista.

And everyone else moves forward. So let's take a look at Shagaal.

Not great stats, but that Silver Blade is nice. He also has a staff that he can't use for whatever reason.

So Libro is basically a ranged Heal staff. It's similar to Physic in later FE games, but it has a uniform range of 10 instead of 1/2 the user's magic.

Here we have Sigurd kill off the last ballista.

Meanwhile Aideen and Ethlin stat returning people to Evans to try and get some extra cash and EXP from the arena.

And we have Sigurd ready to counterattack on enemy phase.

Now I know I'll be spending a few extra turns in the arena on this map, so here I'll try to let Aira get some EXP rather than having Sigurd crush Shagaal.

SIGH, I guess I will. Not I'll regret it later or anything…

And this will be going to Aideen next chapter.

Fury finally reaches the last village.

T'is called an Iron Cutter. This sword'll pierce some of the toughest armour around. If ya can't use it, try sellin' it at the pawn shop. It should fetch a good price.

So the Iron Cutter is essentially a Horseslayer that works on armor knights rather than cavaliers. We'll be keeping this on Fury, as well as the Horseslayer. She doesn't have the best offense on her own, to these effective weapons will help her quite a bit.

Anyway, these units went to do a few more rounds of the arena before I finished the map. Speaking of which…

Let's seize. During this scene, a sadder variation of the victory music plays. It generally plays when you manage a bittersweet or Pyrrhic victory.

It's a magical bracelet called the Knight Ring. It bestows repeated movement on the wearer. I'm sure it'll come in handy. Take care of yourself!

This is our reward for keeping the three Nodion Knights alive. It allows any foot unit to move again after acting, like mounted units can. This is what Sylvia's been saving up money for, as it helps her refresh a lot of units much more effectively.

royal staff.

I heard someone pulled him from the battlefield, but who was it?

I don't care what he's done. He's still my master, and I can't sit back and let him die.

Eltshan!? You're not hurt! What a relief! I heard you'd been captured. We've been looking for you.

Yeah, I managed somehow. Sigurd, what's going on here? Your army has gained control of the capital city, and I hear that Grandbell has dispatched officials to each of our castles. You're treating us just like we were a tributary state. Did Grandbell take occupation of Agustria while I was away!? Your answer better be good, Sigurd!

I know, Eltshan. It doesn't make any sense to me either. But, you aside, all of the lords of Agustria suddenly became hostile towards Grandbell. For the time being, I've been ordered to stay put so as to maintain public order. Eltshan, please... Just give me one year. By then the peace should be restored as well as Grandbell's and Agustria's relationship. And then we'll leave Agustria. Our king has given me his word on this.

Hmm... Really? Well, I'll take your word for it. Okay. You've got one year. Until then, I'll be up north at Madino Castle protecting my lord. I've also got the Cross Knights stationed up at Fort Silvail. If it came to it, I could take you out in a moment's notice... Sigurd, you break your promise and you can count on that! You got me!?

Of course! I give you my word. Eltshan, trust me!

So Eltshan's kind of an ass. Saving the man who imprisoned him, then threatening us when we save him. What's amazing is that after all this time, we've still only conquered about half of Agustria. Thankfully the next chapter moves a lot more quickly than this one, and is a lot more interesting. So until then!

Stat update:

Unit:          Lv      HP     Str     Mag     Skl     Spd     Luck     Def     Res
Sigurd:        18.23   50     19      0       17      17      10       17      4
Noish:         12.38   42     14      0       10      9       5        12      0
Alec:          12.44   39     10      0       12      12      7        10      1
Ardan:         5.74    38     13      0       5       5       3        13      0
Azel:          8.67    33     0       12(+5)  9       11      2        5       6
Lex:           20.48   48     16      0       15      12      10       18(+5)  0
Cuan:          15.18   46     19      1       14      14(+5)  5        15      3
Fin:           13.69   41     13      0       11      14      14       9       0
Ethlin:        19.47   39     12      8       17      17      14       8       9
Midir:         14.66   38     11      0       11(+5)  13      4        10      1(+5)
Aideen:        12.95   35     3       16      11      12      17       5       11
Dew:           5.60    29     5       0       6       15      14       3       0
Aira:          14.89   41     12      0       20      19      6        9       1
Jamka:         14.78   43     17      0       15      16      4        11      0
Deidre:        8.47    31     0       16      10      12      6        5       18
Holyn:         15.04   43     14      0       18      18      1        11      1
Lachesis:      11.27   31     13      9       12      17      8        9       9
Levin:         10.18   38     3       13      15      20      8        6       10
Sylvia:        1.80    28     3       0       4       12      6        1       5
Beowulf:       12.27   41     15      0       12      11      4        13      0
Fury:          9.12    34     12      3       12      19      7        10      9