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Part 15: Dance in the Skies Part 1: Sailane-Throve

Chapter 4: Dance in the Skies

Welcome back to the LP! This time, we're finally out of Agustria, and into the brand new country of Silesia. Let's see what's in store for us.

Under the guard of the valiant Pegasus Knights and the Wind Mages, Silesia proved to be impenetrable by any force. As a result, Silesia successfully maintained its neutrality for the hundred years following its foundation.

death. Before long signs of war began to emerge within the once peaceful kingdom.

Duke Maios, began to amass an army at Thove Castle.

There was no indication of just how far the conspiring brothers would go. The majestic land of Silesia was about to be engulfed by the raging flames of war.

Chapter Four: Dance in the Skies

I know it must be uncomfortable in such a small castle, but please bear it a little longer... I have been writing letters explaining your innocence to King Azmur, but he has yet to respond.

That's... Prime Minister Reptor has probably been hiding them. I'm sure it's he who tricked my father...

Lord Sigurd... I understand how you feel, but you must not hold grudges against people like that. Hate will bring you nothing. I promise you I will think of something, so until then...

Yes... I really don't know how to thank you.

Don't worry about it. Oh, one more thing. Something good has happened in Grandbell.

Something good?

Wait a minute, Kurth's daughter? That's Deirdre, isn't it?

The entire country is bursting with joy.

What? ...Really!?

King Azmur recognised her at once.

Royal heritage nothing, Sigurd, this is your wife we're talking about! Perhaps there's hope that we'll find her again once we return to Grandbell, and everything will be alright!

The King has approved their marriage, and there is to be a grand wedding soon.

With Lord Alvis?

Everyone is saying they look perfect together, Lord Sigurd. It's nice to be young, isn't it?

WHAT!? First he helps brand us as a traitor, then he steals our wife!? Well alright, he might not know that Deirdre was married to Sigurd before. Hell, he probably doesn't know anything about her, other than that she's the heir to the throne. It's probably some grab for power, so while it's not exactly great news for us, at least it's not a direct fuck you to Sigurd. Hopefully. But still, that bastard's got to pay.

Diadora... she's still gone... It's already been over a year. Celice has grown so much, but I still can't show him to her...

Lord Sigurd, I'm sure you'll find her. So...

Yes, I know... I know that I will find her some day... I just know it.

Please be wary of Duke Maios of Thove. He has had his eye on Sailane for some time. He may go so far as to attack you. We would offer you troops, but...

...Silesia needs to be protected in case of attack by Duke Daccar of Zaxon. Do not concern yourself with our protection. We can deal with any attacks by Thove's army.

Well, you are a veteran of many battles. It has been good speaking with you, Lord Sigurd.

Lady Rahna, it's been a pleasure.

You talk for hours with Sigurd, but you won't even spare one moment for your own son?

My son left me two years ago and ran off to some faraway place. I don't see him anywhere.

Ah... you're still mad?

You have no idea how worried and saddened I was!

I had my reasons, mother. But since I've come home in one piece, will you please forgive me? I'll make up for the time I was gone. I know, do you want me to massage your shoulders for you?

Why, I never! Treating me like an old lady...

She's been so cheerful ever since you returned...

Thank you, Mahnya. You have my gratitude. Take care of mother for me, alright?

Yes, of course. As the flightleader of the Silesian Pegasus Knights, I will guard her with my life.

Thank you. Also... are you going to leave Fury here?

Oh, Fury. You were there?

Don't tell Lord Levin any more than necessary...

Oh... Sorry, you're right. I should have kept quiet. Fury, I'm returning to Silesia with Lady Rahna. So make sure you protect Lord Levin, alright?

I know, Mahnya...

I'll round up some reinforcements and meet up with you again. Until then.

I know you'll be cleared of that false accusation soon. Stay strong and persevere.

Thanks. Well, you've got a long trip ahead of you. I wish I could help you all out somehow... I'll be praying for your safety.

So yea, that's why I was so concerned about promoting Ethlin and Fin, and having Fin and Lachesis fall in love before this chapter. They're gone now, and who knows when they'll be back, if at all? And if they will be back, there's a decent chance Lachesis could accidentally have fallen in love with Beowulf or something. Anyway…

Alright then. Give my order to strike Sailane! Deetva, your Pegasus squad knows what to do, don't they?

Yes. Our squadron is to divert the enemy.

Alright, then get going! Heheh... The heads of the Grandbell traitors should fetch us a nice little sum!

So, it's a new chapter during a new year in a new country with a new enemy to fight. That's our castle in the far west of the map, and our current target, Throve, in the northeast. To the south lies the capital, Silesia, along with Queen Rahna and Mahnya. Just east of there is Zaxon, a castle that borders the Yied Desert, the area directly between Grandbell and Isaac. We'll be headed there next chapter. Some mountains block our progress to the south, but more on that later. Even more directly, an Allied Silesia unit blocks our progress to the south. I'll show that off in a bit.

On to the music. We started off this chapter with a new tune, Silesia Palace. This is obviously the Silesia theme. It's an alright track on its own, but it really fits the context of the chapter's opening I think. It's kind of relaxing and peaceful, which goes along with the year off we've had from fighting and the pretty much nothing we've been doing between chapters. Speaking of peaceful, let's talk about this chapter's theme. It's probably my least favorite theme in the first generation, but it's still good. It's kind of subdued and peaceful, and a lot slower paced than the previous themes, which I think fits with the snowy visual aspect of the map.

Lastly, before we get started, this is more or less Levin's chapter. It takes place in his home country, its story is about the civil war being fought over whether or not Levin should become the next king, and a few plot and lover things happen with him here, that we'll get to later.

Now, one of my favorite things about this chapter is that it's the chapter where pretty much everyone promotes. Most units now have enough money to buy the Elite Ring, so I have them trade it around to do the arena. This allows everyone but Dew, Tiltyu, Alec, Noish, and Ardan to reach level 20. So let's start checking everyone's promotions out.

The Arch Knight to Bow Knight promotion is pretty mediocre. Midir gains +3 Strength and Resistance, and +2 Skill, Speed, and Defense. He also gains a rank in Bows. So he's still not a great unit. However he'll get something good soon that'll make him a great unit.

Aideen's Priest to High Priest promotion is quite a bit better. +5 Magic, +3 Skill, +2 Speed and Defense, and +1 Resistance.

She also gains C rank in all anima magic, meaning she can actually fight now!

She buys Azel's Fire tome, and Azel buys the Wind tome that popped up in the shop. Speaking of Azel…

Azel's Mage to Mage Knight promotion is excellent. First and foremost, he gets a horse, automatically making him about 50 times better. On top of that, he has great stat gains. +5 Strength, +4 Defense, +3 Magic, +2 Resistance, and +1 Skill and Speed. You're probably wondering why a mage class is getting that much Strength on promotion, especially in a game where Attack Speed and Strength are independent from one another. Well, Mage Knights get the ability to use B rank swords. Of course, this only brings Azel's strength up to 6, so he won't actually be using swords at all because he'd be useless with them, but this promotion allows for an interesting pairing you can do for generation two. More on that much later.

Azel then sells his Thunder tome for Claude to buy, so that Claude can attack as well. Coming up next, we have Holyn.

So Holyn has one of two Swordfighter promotions, Swordfighter to Forrest. He gains +5 Strength, +3 Magic and Resistance, and +2 Skill, Speed, and Defense. The Forrest class is akin to the Mercenary/Hero class in modern Fire Emblems, though without the Axes. So Holyn will be generally stronger and more durable than Aira, but with less Speed and Skill. This is the worse of the two promotions, and it's pretty damn good. Which means the other promotion must be pretty great. Speaking of which…

I forgot to take an after screencap for this. Aira promotes from Swordfighter to Swordmaster, gaining +5 Strength, Skill, and Speed, +3 Resistance, and +2 Defense. In addition to this, she also gets…

Continue as a class skill. So she's now even better at killing things, if that's even possible. Moving on, we have Beowulf.

Beowulf promotes from a Free Knight to a Forrest Knight. It's a very odd promotion, only gaining +1 Strength and +2 Defense, but +9 Skill, +6 Speed, and +3 Resistance. He also gains Continue, and gets up to A rank swords. Moving on…

Fury has another interesting promotion, from Pegasus Knight to Falcon Knight. She gains no Strength, but a whopping +7 Magic, +5 Resistance, +3Skill and Speed, and +1 Defense. I don't have a shot for it, but she also gains Continue, a rank in Swords and Lances, bringing her up to A in each, as well as C Staffs, meaning she can put that +7 Magic to good use. She's also alright at using Magic Swords, but I'll actually be having her buy the Hero Lance that Fin sold last chapter. This will help her overcome any shortcomings in her offense, and now she'll be able to kill most enemies pretty easily. Next up, Levin.

Levin has a pretty excellent promotion: +8 Magic, +5 Skill, Speed, and Resistance. The magic boost helps to offset his mediocre growth, but it won't matter for long. It's worth noting that he's now reached 30 Speed, meaning he's capped it. I don't think I've mentioned it before, but 30 is the highest cap for a non-HP, non-Luck stat that any unit has. Of course, a certain units can get up to 45 or 55 in certain stats if they have a +10 or +20 holy weapon bonus, as well as a stat ring. But at that point it's just overkill. Let's look at Jamka now.

Jamka promotes from a Bow Fighter to a Sniper, acquiring +5 Strength, +3 Resistance, and +2 Skill, Speed, and Defense. Nothing really special about this one, though the Strength boost is nice.

(This section is so long that it will take up two posts)