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Part 17: Chapter 4 Part 2: Throve-Silesia

Chapter 4 Part 2: Throve-Silesia

So previously on Genealogy of the Holy War, we conquered Throve, killing one of Levin's uncles, and Silesia and Zaxon went to war in what seemed like it would be a pretty even battle. We also started warping our unit back to our home castle, so that they could more quickly get to Silesia once that allied unit goes away.

Now a few units will be staying by Throve for reasons we'll see later. Namely our archers, and Lex because he wants to fall in love with Brigid.

And you can see this jerk is still blocking us, but we're congregating by the bridge, ready to move on when the time comes. Let's look at the NPC war going on now.

So this is Mahnya, Fury's sister and the head of Silesia's army right now. She has decent enough stats, and the Shield Ring gives her good defenses.

And this is Mahnya's squad. Significantly worse stats, but that's to be expected of generic mooks.

Here's Pamala, who is certainly not Deetva. Very slightly worse stats than Mahnya, but she has a Lance instead of a Sword, meaning she'll have weapon triangle advantage over Mahnya.

Her squad also has the same stats as Mahnya's, but Javelins for 1~2 range and potential WTA if the Silesia army keeps their swords equipped. So this battle will come down mostly to luck, since we can't interfere. Oh wait, who is that approaching from the east?

Uh, shit. Bow Knights joining in on a Pegasus battle. So yea, you might imagine that this is pretty much a scripted loss for the good guys. And here's Andre, mentioned by Brigid back in Chapter 3. Well, before they interfere and fuck everything up, let's see how the battle goes.

So getting the first attack, we're off to a good start. Mahnya's squad kills a few members of Pamela's squad, and when the two get in range, there's a little conversation.

Back on our turn, we have Sylvia and Claude talk.

I'm Sylvia.

Miss Sylvia? What seems to be the problem? Did you run across some bandits, perhaps?


Well, it's just that... I hate to be the one to tell you this, but you're in your underwear.

Huh!? Don't tell me you've never seen a dancer before! This is my dancin' outfit. It's jus' like you wearin' a robe.

Is that so? But, you must be awfully cold.

Not at all. I'm burnin' up in this. You see, my heart is on fire!

Dancing is that enjoyable, is it?

Yes! I want to do it for the rest of my life!!

Really? How do your parents feel about that?

But he was really mean! He would hit me when I didn't even do anythin'. Anyway, I had enough, and I left him last year for good!

That's horrible!

You have a sister?

Yes. But she was abducted when she was just a baby. I've been searching for her all these years, but still no sign of her.

Ohhh! I bet your sister is real elegant an' beautiful an' all. Nothin' like me.

That's not true! I find you very attractive, and you have a grace all of your own.


Of course. I'd never tell a lie.

Wow! No one's ever said anythin' so nice to me! Er.. I feel funny inside... You are... so kind!

Now, if you remember, Claude and Sylvia both have Blagi blood.

So Claude has a missing sister that should be about Sylvia's age, and Sylvia is an orphan who doesn't know her family. It's pretty obvious what they're hinting at in this conversation. They're long lost siblings who just got lover points with each other. More incest.

So most archers don't quite reach the Silesian troops, though the ones that do score easy kills. Things do not look good for us.

I don't believe I showed this off last chapter, but the game restricts us form just having Fury fly into areas where she shouldn't be by marking the area as neutral territory, where we're not allowed to fly. Fury cannot enter any of those yellow squares, so we can't go to help out Mahnya. Not that we'd have much luck with all those archers.

Uh oh, this is most certainly not good.

Oh, 'tis a tragic loss! Woe is us, and all of Silesia! The track that plays here, Time of Sadness 2, I think is only played at this point during the story. It's also the Game Over theme. I believe Time of Sadness 1 only plays if Fin, Cuan, or Ethlin die before the end of Chapter 3. I'll add it to the OP.

And after warping several people back, we now see the Give command pop up between Azel and Tiltyu. Of course, by now you know what this means!

Yet another pair of lovers! Now it's just Brigid and Fury that are still alone. But that'll change soon enough.

Oh, and after warping so many people back, Aideen's Warp staff broke. That'll be an expensive repair. Luckily she can just fix it at Throve.

At this point Pamela's squad starts heading up to Throve. This is why we left the archers (and Lex) there. They'll completely destroy the enemy.

And Andre's squad heads to take over Silesia.

We're still waiting over here for this jerkass to move it so we can help out his castle.

You may recognize Donovan as a recolor of Kinbois from Chapter 1.

These civilians will be a gameplay mechanic, but more on that in a bit.

So the army outside Silesia now is actually pretty small, but the one by Zaxon is much stronger. Still nothing really impressive though.

So this guy is FINALLY gone, meaning we can advance. Let's look at those civilians real quick.

So their stats are less than impressive. Hell, a base level Dew could kill them. Which is really bad, because we kinda want them to not die. You see, we can have our units stand next to a civilian and help them, essentially saving their lives. As a reward, the unit gains 100 EXP. Originally I had planned to use this to get some levels for Alec and Noish, but then I remembered that they can't reach the civilians through the mountains since they're not promoted. Oh well, maybe Dew and Sylvia can get something out of it.

These mages with Blizzard just appeared out of nowhere. If we're lucky, they won't kill any civilians.

So we finally move our troops forward, Dew leading the pack, to save some civilians.

And Pamela continues going towards Throve.

Donovan's army starts chasing the civilians, but luckily can't reach them this turn.

And sadly, there's nothing we can do to save this guy, short of extreme RNG manipulation.

Ok so their army is slightly bigger now, but still pretty crappy. Being mostly axe units, they shouldn't be any trouble to kill.

So Dew saves the first civilian, pretty standard stuff. Let's see if we can get a few more this turn.

Fury takes care of that other pesky Blizzard mage so that no more innocent civilians can just be picked off.

Thanks to Sylvia's dancing, Dew manages to save another citizen. This will mean yet another turn where Donovan's army can't reach them.

Pamela keeps on keeping on while Beowulf murders some axe fighters.

Dew and Sylvia save some more civilians. We'll see if we can get the last one to cross the mountain for Alec or Noish to grab.

So we're back to just destroying enemies without much thought, and Pamela's almost at Throve. We should see combat in a couple of turns.

And Alec (I think Alec at least) grabs the last civilian, getting one of his last levels of the game.

That worked surprisingly well. Azel has really grown over the last chapter or two.

More fighting, and it's worth noting that these Warriors have bows, meaning that we need to keep Fury out of their range.

We will have her get some EXP from healing though, even if Azel doesn't really need it.

You know, this battle would go a whole lot more quickly if these guys would actually move their full movement each turn.

I kind of fucked up with that whole "avoid bows" thing with Fury. Luckily she's strong enough to take a hit, and she managed to dodge a 61% hit chance.

Donovan is less fortunate, stupidly attacking Azel and dying for his arrogance.

If you remember, Aira has the Elite Ring for now. I think this is the first time she's actually engaged in combat since the arena.

Easy cleanup is all that's left, and it's worth noting that this is one of the few times when Azel will be using Elfire, since it beats Wind in the weapon triangle.

I think that last guy is bound to Zaxon, so we can still get EXP from him if we seize now.

I feel so useless. So many people have died... I can't tell you how horrible I feel! And poor Mahnya...

Queen Rahna, don't lose heart. I will personally take it upon myself to avenge her death. And Daccar has gone way too far! I request your permission to lay siege to Zaxon Castle.

Lord Daccar has put the innocent citizens of Silesia through enough suffering. The man's a murderer, nothing more. He must pay for his crimes.

Alright. Well, we'd better start making our way to Zaxon. Please get some rest.

Sir Sigurd, you be especially careful. Let's meet up after you get Zaxon under control.

Beowulf grabs that last kill.

And Pamela is finally at Throve. Next turn we should be able to actually fight her.

GOD. DAMMIT. I forgot this happens. Upon taking Silesia, Pamela goes back to attack it instead of Throve. Well, maybe we can Warp our archers down to Silesia to help out when they finally get there.

And that's it for this time. A rather uneventful update, gameplay-wise, but some interesting story stuff happened at least. Next update will be pretty much the same. Hell, the rest of the first generation is a lot more story focused than gameplay focused. But, to add a bit of anticipation for the next update, we'll be getting a holy weapon, and a new love pairing will be completed. Wooo.