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Part 18: Chapter 4 Part 3: Silesia-Zaxon

Chapter 4 Part 3: Silesia-Zaxon

Alright, folks, we have another short one today. If you'll recall, last time we rescued the queen in Silesia and saved some civilians. Also Fury's sister died, and everyone was sad. If you have a memory for details, you'll also remember that there was one enemy left hanging around Silesia after we captured it.

So we'll have Dew kill him. At this point he should be able to promote next chapter. Now, after capturing Silesia we have a few conversations involving Levin. First, Levin will talk to Sigurd.

I never would have imagined Jungby's archer brigade would be here.

Yeah. Well, I was the one who screwed up. I haven't had my head on straight lately. I should've been protecting the country and helping my mother. But instead, I just took off. I really think Mahnya got herself killed doing my job.

Well, I wouldn't go that far, Levin. You need to care for your mother now. You must make sure Mahnya didn't die in vain.

Yeah, I know. You don't have to tell me that.

...Well, alright then. Ah! One more thing.

That's not just for the sake of the story, it is quite important to have Levin go talk to Rahna from a gameplay standpoint. Next up, Fury talks to Levin.

What? Oh, about Mahnya...


Ah, so you and her were... I'm sorry. I didn't know.

Fury! You've got it all wrong. When I was a little kid I thought your sister was hot. But that was then. Now it's you.


I love you, Fury...

And Levin and Fury are now lovers. This conversation gives 290 love points between the pair. And they start with 210 love points. If you forgot, a pair needs 500 love points to become lovers, so this conversation makes them automatically fall in love, which is kinda cool, and allows us to set up a pretty great pairing with next to no work. Now on the next turn, we'll have Levin enter Silesia.

I think Sir Sigurd has had a good influence on you.

C'mon, give me a break. You're treatin' me like a kid or something. Sir Sigurd is NOT that much older than me, you know.

Dear, Sir Sigurd is light-years ahead of you when it comes to responsibility. You still have much to learn from him. I need a prince who can put my mind at ease. Especially since Mahnya is no longer with us.

...That should've been me out there. Her death has really made me think, mum. Mother, I will protect you from here on out. I solemnly swear I will NEVER leave your side again.

Levin... I never knew such endearing words could come out of your mouth. Well, that's put me a bit at ease. But I want you to stay with Sir Sigurd. He needs your strength.

But what about you?

I'll be fine, Levin. You, as a descendant of the Wind Crusader, must guide the world onto the proper path. I believe the time has come for me to entrust you with the Sacred Wind Tome, Holsety. Here you go. It's yours now.

So this is our family's Book of Holsety! Eraagh... What power! Where's this heat coming from?

Levin, please remember the Wind Crusader flows like a cool breeze guiding all living beings to the path of peace. His way is never to be confused with violence.

Yes, I understand now. That is the only way I could hope to live my life.

Hmm... You are without a doubt a child of the wind. Levin, you need to get going. Take care and use sound judgement out there.

But mother...

Go! Please...

Okay. You take care.

So we have yet another holy weapon, and it's the second best one we'll ever get. Levin now effectively has 45 Attack Speed, meaning he's next to unhittable, and has a 65% chance to activate Continue (and an even higher chance to activate either Continue or Critical). And being a tome it's our first 1~2 range holy weapon.

Now, a lot of people seem to miss out on getting Holsety on their first playthrough, though I don't exactly see why. It's not like the Hero Axe or Pursuit Ring where you really have to have a guide to find it. The game flat out tells you to have Levin visit Rahna. Go figure.

Let's take a look at the enemy army, shall we?

Damn, they're pretty well equipped. Deadly weapons and potent healing. It's also interesting to note that Lamia's army is made up entirely of women. It may be the only place where there are enemy Sword Fighters (besides Aira) and Bow Fighters in the game, but don't quote me on that.

However, there aren't very many of them, and none of them have 1~2 range, so they're not really a threat if we get to them first.

We'll start by taking out Lamia since she's probably the biggest threat.

She's pretty cocky for someone with such unimpressive stats.

And, dead already. And Aira actually makes some good use of the Elite Ring I have on her by grabbing that kill.

So pretty standard stuff, kick some ass, set people up in a diamond, dance for them, you know the deal by now.

I really wish there were more to say here, but this part of the game is pretty dull and straightforward. The difficulty kinda crashes through the ground at this point, despite the well equipped enemies. Things get a bit harder next chapter, so maybe that'll be more interesting.

Oh, look, Pamela's already here. I should note that I warped Midir and Jamka to Silesia to help out, after they wasted their time up at Throve.

The last remaining member of Lamia's squad goes for Sylvia, and manages to miss.

And Fury finishes her off. My personal goal is kind of to get 50 kills on the Hero Lance by the end of next Chapter. There's no hidden goal or anything like when I was trying to promote Fin and Ethlin, I just think it makes the next chapter more interesting. Anyway, we have Midir go and attack Pamela.

Auto crits with the Hero Bow makes short work of her.

In case you forgot, Beowulf here still has the Wing Clipper, so he's also getting auto crits.

We hit that priest with the old, one-two punch, and she lives. This really shows how much Pursuit matters. My army is easily destroying more durable enemies than this, one on one, but Tiltyu and Dew combined can't kill a lowly in one turn, because they both only get one hit in.

We fall just short of killing everyone in one turn again. Oh well, I guess it's to be expected when they have two fliers in the middle of mountains.

The remaining Peg Knights target Midir, possibly to avenge Pamela, but more likely just because he can't counter.

Let's try Holsety out.

Behold, the overwhelming power of green blurs! I guess that's supposed to be wind, but it really just looks like a bunch of big squares floating around. Anyway, you can see here that the enemy actually has zero hit on Levin.

Unfortunately Levin activated no skills there, so Dew will finish her off. Now that I think about it, I guess Pamela's squad is also entirely female, being all Pegasus Knights. In Fire Emblem, for whatever reason there are no male Pegasus Riders.

So we finish off the pegs, and approach Zaxon.

Daccar actually has Blizzard (and of course cheats so he'll reequip Tornado when we attack him), and manages to hit Sigurd with it. He has a lot of health and high defenses, but only 9 Magic makes him not much of a threat.

So we clean up this little triangle of foes, then place Sigurd for a counterattack on Enemy Phase.

And naturally, since these enemies are actually promoted Generals, they have Big Shield. Son of a bitch.

So we're ready for a full assault next turn.

And naturally he pegs Midir with Blizzard. Shouldn't really matter though, since the map is almost over and we have plenty of units to attack Daccar. Speaking of which, let's have Levin attack now.

It's kind of unclear from the screenshots here, but Levin's second line actually comes before Daccar's second line. Also for some reason the Mid-Boss theme plays here instead of the Boss theme.

Hit one! And…

Looks like Continue activated!

Target destroyed!

Let's seize.

If at all possible, I'd like you to station your troops here at Zaxon Castle. Duke Langobart of Grandbell brought in a large military force and overran Lubeck Castle. They're a mere stone's throw to the east. The citizens of Silesia are a bit uneasy right now. They don't want a war with Grandbell.

Langobart's military is here for us, not Silesia. The Silesians have been too kind to us. This my problem, and I can't drag them into it. We need to move out of Zaxon Castle at once and settle this with Langobart.

Wouldn't that be a reckless move? I can't see how you could win!

If we stay put, they'll just attack us here. Queen Rahna, there's no time to dispute this.

You really think so? Oh, how sad this all is...

Queen Rahna, this year in Silesia has been wonderful for me. You've been like a second mother. You see, I lost my mother when I was very young. I grew up not knowing what a mother's affection felt like. But for the first time I felt what that feels like through you. I'm sorry to leave so suddenly. I so look forward to the day we meet again. Until then...

The same goes for me, Sir Sigurd. You be careful and don't push yourself too hard. I'll be praying for Deidre's safe return.

And we're done in Silesia. A short and easy chapter, but a pretty fun one to play through. Sadly I'm out of things to say about the manga, because as far as I know it's only been translated up to Chapter 4 of this game. But there will be plenty to talk about in the next chapter, where we'll finally be returning to Grandbell, and hopefully reclaiming Deirdre and restoring our good name.