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Part 20: Door of Destiny: Zaxon-Lubeck (Part 2)

Chapter 5: Door of Destiny: Zaxon-Lubeck (Part 2)

On the next turn, Sigurd starts retreating to repair the Tyrfing, and maybe help out our weak units in the west if they need it.

Then our mounted units continue to destroy the enemy. There's not very many things left in the first generation that are an actual threat to most of my units.

Dancing allows some unmounted units to catch up, and allows Sigurd to get back to Zaxon more quickly.

Fury starts killing off that guy to save the village. Note that the Yeid Desert is neutral territory that we can't fly over yet.

Having the best avoid and attack, Dew leads the charge while the Social Knights tag team the mage, then run away. Ardan also starts attacking the bandit on that village. Unfortunately he does pitiful damage (I think 5 per turn while the bandit has 65 health), and takes about a quarter to a third of his health in return, while only having decent evade. But I guess you can't expect much when he's only level 7.

Everybody decides to suicide onto Beowulf, which I guess is the smart choice when faced with Levin, Lachesis, and Lex.

The boss reaches him too, but nothing really exciting happens.

On the western front, the unpromoted armors attack Alec and Noish…

While the boss goes for Dew with only a 3% hit chance. I've switched Dew over to the Slim Sword for now, in order to further boost his Evade.

Next Sigurd takes care of that bandit before he can do too much damage. These guys are actually pretty beefy with that much HP and decent defense. It takes even Sigurd two rounds to kill him.

And the game again reveals some pretty critical lover system mechanics a bit too late. I'll actually be making a more detailed mechanics update after this chapter about inheritance.

Back east, Tiltyu takes out Slaydar. Oh yea, I should mention that Tiltyu now has the Elite Ring. Aideen also has the Bargain Ring, and Levin has the Recover staff.

I figure Holyn could use a bit of EXP, so he gets the last Great Knight kill.

We slowly approach Lubeck.

And Fury saves the village there.

That's probably not at all important, and is best off being immediately forgotten.

So it looks like Ardan leveled up and got some Strength, so he now does a whopping six damage per turn.

And takes 18 in return… And I don't have a healer over there. This might not go too well.

The Social Knights finish off another armor, and retreat further back once again. At this point I realize that these guys will try to capture Zaxon, and I should probably not let that happen.

So I think I have Alec and Noish out of their range, meaning they'll cluster around Dew instead of advancing further.

And we end up like this.

These villages are really taking a beating, and there's one further to the west that I haven't even started saving yet. I guess there's still six turns, but when you only have pretty weak units helping out, that's not a whole lot of time.

So my strategy worked, and everyone gangs up on Dew.

Including the mages, who I can easily defeat with the Wind Sword (remember, Wind > Thunder).

And I even get a Solar activation, so Dew heals back up to full. How lucky.

At this point Andre mobilizes. I'm not sure what the specific trigger is, but I'd guess it's either killing Slaydar, or just being within a certain range of the Beige Ritter.

Let's look at the west first this turn. As you can see, Dew got surrounded last turn. However, that won't really be a problem, since we want enemies focusing on him. He's a pretty mean dodge tank, even if he does take a while to do any damage.

He can manage to kill this fucker though!

Ardan continues his slow attack on the bandit. I think he dodges this time, so he's still not in major danger of dying. Also, I move Alec and Noish south to help him out.

Meanwhile Sigurd enters Zaxon to repair his Broken.

Bow Knights are ridiculously easy. Since everyone else in their range can counterattack, they'll probably target either Beowulf or Aira, either one I'm fine with since they're both fairly durable.

Oh shit, I did not foresee this happening. Being so wounded already, this mage could surely take out Ardan in one hit, right?

Luckily though, he misses with an 80% chance. Luck is on Ardan's side today, for whatever reason.

As I suspected, going straight for Aira.

And actually doing some decent damage with that Hero Bow. Luckily she's dodgy enough to have dodged most of the regular units' attacks.

At this point, I'm pretty sure the armors can take Zaxon if I don't do something.

And Dew needs to go save the southwestern village. I do have a plan though, that should work quite nicely (no, sadly it's not having Sigurd murder them all with Tyrfing).

Holy weapons are expensive. They cost 1000 Gold per use to repair, except for the Valkyire staff which costs 30000 Gold per use.

However, we don't need the full price to repair it. We can just partially repair it with what we have. You can see it has the standard 30 Mt, as well as Prayer as a skill on it. I'll show off the stat boosts momentarily.

Ardan keeps up the offense on that bandit while the others take out that dangerous mage (I think Noish manages to crit him). I then have them go back north to defend Zaxon.

Oh, right, Tyrfing. So it gives +10 Skill and Speed, and +20 Resistance (the other +5 is from the Barrier Ring), taking care of Sigurd's one weak spot.

So I'm trying to have him get to Lubeck asap, so he can seize it and we can move on without losing too many turns. Though I do have to sacrifice an extra turn by not sending Sylvia with him, because she's needed for the unlikely defense squad over here.

With the Defense sword and her natural Evade (plus swords getting extra evade against axes), she'll be in no real danger hanging around the battle after refreshing the Social Knights. Hell, she's probably better off than them thanks to her evade.

So we go for the big guy with Noish first, hoping for a crit, but alas, it is not to be.

Thankfully, they're just far enough away that they can't capture Zaxon this turn.

Alec finishes him off, leaving just the two unpromoted armors left.

On the eastern front, Holyn activates Lunar on this Andre, leaving him with just one HP.

While killing him with Brigid or Aideen would be more appropriate, Tiltyu wants the EXP more.

Scorpio is Andre's son (who we definitely won't see in generation two, so don't even think about it). A lot of the villains in this chapter mention their kid in their death quotes. Oh, also interesting to note, whenever a unit gets a lover, their death quote changes to mention that love in some way. If people really want, I can post the death quotes for our team, and the altered quotes for the lovers I have them with in a mini-update.

With Holsety, Levin doesn't even need a skill activation to kill this guy. He's just that badass (and the enemy having only one Resistance doesn't hurt either).

Pretty standard cleanup here, not much to say.

I have Azel, Midir, and Beowulf start destroying the castle guards, while keeping Midir far enough away so that the ballistae can't kill him.

We do some healing, and end up like this.

Luckily, I forgot to equip Sylvia with the Defense Sword, so she gets knocked down into Prayer range, making her unhittable for the rest of the turn. She doesn't do much damage, but the EXP gain is nice.

Lex tanks the northern ballistae, while Midir gets hit by the southern ones.

Back on our turn, Dew almost reaches that village. He's got a good four turns to save it so that shouldn't be a big problem.

Alec grabs an easy kill, and moves south to get ready for a refresh with Noish.

And this turn, these guys actually can take over Zaxon. Still, with Alec and Noish combined, we should be able to at least body block the entrance so they can't get in.

Noish manages to get a lucky crit on this guy, leaving just one armor knight left.

Sylvia refreshes them and moves east, while Ardan keeps on trying to kill this guy. Looks like he gained a point of defense at some point too, not that it'll help him much here.

And between the two of them, Alec and Noish save Zaxon, and gain a few levels in the process.

Meanwhile Sigurd moves along, working his way towards Zaxon.

Let's take a look at Langobart now.

So he's our first foe with a holy weapon, and it really makes a difference, especially since the Swanchika boosts defenses so much. It'll be hard to take him down with magic, and damn near impossible with physical attacks.

But let's have Lex attack anyway. It'll probably yield some interesting dialogue.

So we didn't accomplish much there, besides losing about half of Lex's health. Let's give him some money to make up for it.

Well geographically, we are pretty close to Isaac… Maybe we should send him over there when we're finished retaking Grandbell.

I'm getting a lot of use out of Azel this chapter.

He's actually not talking about our exploits in Verdane and Agustria, I don't think. This more refers to things that Langobart and Reptor have been doing behind the scenes.

Beowulf actually activates Charge here, letting him kill the ballista in one turn.

Back to Langobart, obviously the best way to kill him is with magic, and what better magic weapon to use than Holsety?

Fuck Big Shield. That is the god damned most annoying skill.

Fury's gonna have a big role next update, so I'm trying to let other units get some combat exp this turn, and just have her get exp through healing.

Since we're waiting on Sigurd anyway, there's no rush to do things quickly here, so I refrain from having Lachesis attack since she's already 30.

We're cutting things close with this village, but we'll be able to kill the bandit next turn, no problem.

Uh oh, Ardan's not looking too good. Luckily Alec and Noish are now free to help him out.

They leave him at 3 HP, meaning I can take my pick of who I want to kill him next turn. I think Alec will hit level 20 if he kills him, so I'll probably go with that.

Levin vs. Langobart, round two.

No skill activations, but a solid hit this time at least.

Let's finish up with Tiltyu again!

Luckily we both hit, and avoid Big Shield!

I believe Dannan was mentioned before, but if you forgot, he's Langobart's other son. Well I think one of two other sons.

So we do some cleanup. At this point we're pretty much waiting on Sigurd. I guess while we wait we can get some healing EXP for Fury and Levin.

Finally that bandit falls. Let's see if we can finish off the other one too.

Alec finishes him off, hitting 20, which means he's ready for a promotion! I actually hadn't intended to show off the Social Knight promotion in generation one, but it just so happened that this little skirmish worked out leaving Alec ready to promote.

And Noish will grab the actual village.

That was maybe our fault. But I'm sure Throve and Zaxon would've attacked Silesia anyway, even if we weren't there.

Blah blah, healing, clean up, and positioning. Naturally that gate will lower after we take Lubeck, so I set my troops up there to get ready to move.

Er, no, it's ok, we fought them off. How did they even get to the west of us to begin with, anyway?

So Alec gets ready for his promotion next turn, and the other two just head back to see if maybe they can get a bit further in the arena.

And Sigurd Seizes.

Oifey, I need a favour of you.

Sure. What is it?

Isaacian territory is just northeast of Lubeck, right? Langobart's oldest son, Dannan, has been stationed in Isaac ever since their defeat. But I'm willing to bet his authority hasn't reached the outskirts of Isaac. So...

Just a second! Are you suggesting I leave you all and head for safety!? Forget it! I'm not leaving your side, sir! I'm here till the end!

Oifey, I hate to impose on you, but please understand my situation. I don't want to lose Celice. He is not even two yet. But I can't fight and take care of him. Oifey, please. I want you to take Celice and go to where it's safe. You are the only one who I can feasibly count on to do this.

...Alright, I'll do it. ...I'll guard him with my life. But you have to promise me something. When this war is over you must promise to come get us. Otherwise, I'm not leaving.

Of course. I promise. I'll come for you.


And I'm not handin' him over to Oifey or anyone until she says it's okay!

Shanan, come on... I know how you feel. I'm not any happier than you are about Deirdre not being around, but this is for the best.

Forget it! It's my job! Besides, Isaacians hate you guys. You send Oifey by himself and he'll be in big trouble! I'm the prince of Isaac. I can protect him better than anyone. Besides, I promised I would.

I know you don't want to get him involved in this. He is still pretty young. But he can hold his own. His presence would add a level of safety I can't provide in Isaac.


You got it! I'm gonna get even tougher, you'll see. No one'll lay a hand on him! And I'll tell him all about Deirdre, too!

I'll be praying for our victory.

Thanks, Oifey. Stay well.

Will do!

Man this really is heart wrenching. Celice ripped from his father after losing his mother, Oifey and Shanan forced to flee the battle, Sigurd forced to be separated from his son due to war. Well, we're almost done, just three castles to go.

And then all the drama is removed because they call the castle Lube.

Also Sylvia's still trying to catch up. Meanwhile, to the south…

Wait a minute, those sprites… could that be… Cuan and Ethlin? It is!

I heard Sigurd's troops are coming south through the Yied Desert. So if we head north, we should meet up with them at some point.

It was so kind of you to agree to help my brother... especially with your father being so sick. But making enemies with a major power like Grandbell... Well, it really concerns me about Lenster's future.

Ethlin, Lenster may be a small country, but it's a country of warriors. My entire family is descended from the Crusader Noba. In a war of justice there is no loser. My father wants us to give this battle all we've got.

As a side note, Cuan has the Gae Bolg here regardless of whether you had him get it in Chapter 3.

Anyway, I really believe I can help Sigurd out.

...I know you will.

Ethlin, we're in enemy territory now. You better head on back. The fighting may start anytime.

Cuan, I've been thinking. I... I'm coming with you.

Look at her sleeping on your lap. She's only 3 years old! What would you do if we were suddenly attacked!?

I'll keep her safe with me!

I would have never brought you along in the first place had I known your intentions!

But Altenna wouldn't stop crying... I (sob..) had to bring her!

Wait you brought a baby along!? To a war zone!? What the hell is wrong with you? What on earth would make you think that's a good idea!

I believe this is the first mention of Leaf. Those reading the FE: Thracia 776 LP will know him as the main character and Lord of that game. Those who aren't will now know that Leaf is the main character of Thracia 776 because I said it a sentence ago.

Ah, so Fin won't be returning to our army. Kind of a shame, since we just promoted him and all.

Okay, but let me stay with you a little longer... just a little. Please, Cuan.

Well... okay, but keep it short.

So Cuan, Ethlin, and their forces slowly make their way through the desert towards us. They're unfortunately not under Sigurd's army, so we can't control them, but knowing Fire Emblem we just need to talk to them with Sigurd to recruit them.

Meanwhile, further south…

Let's bid a fine farewell to Lenster's Lance Ritter! The desert's hinderin' their movement. No way they can put up a fight here! Let's move! The future of Thracia is in our grasp!

But... but what about you?

Ethlin, they're like a pack of hyenas. They'll show no compassion for a child! Thracia has been after our country for quite a while. I left half of our military behind with Fin in case of a surprise attack by Thracia. But I never dreamed they'd come after us... I've made a grave miscalculation!

So these guys are a lot more mobile than Cuan's Lance Ritter now. But mobility isn't everything in a battle! We still have the Gae Bolg on our side! Anyway, over in Velthomer…

You're the one who said Sigurd wouldn't pose any problems! You KNEW Langobart and I sent most of our military off with our sons to subdue other areas. You've explicitly gone against your word!

Lord Reptor, calm down a second. I already have Velthomer troops positioned in the Yied Desert.

Wait, so HE was the one who got Trabant to come attack us? Oh you're devious, Alvis. Very devious indeed…

Reptor, as long as you and I engage our armies together, the rebels WILL fall.

Alvis, you better be right this time. You can have the throne for all I care. But you best not forget about us once you become king.

Don't worry. When this war is finished, your family will take Agustria. And the Dozel family will take Isaac. Rest assured. Those countries are rightfully yours.

Well, alright then. We'll take on the rebels with all we've got.

Manfloy? How many times have I told you not to show yourself around here!? All members of your Lopt Sect must stay completely hidden until I've taken power!

Yes. You're too weak to admit our presence, and you let that greedy Reptor and Langobart run all over you! The original plan was to dispose of those two once they proved useless and work through their sons instead!

Hmph... Manfloy, I'll say this once and only once, so listen good.

Well that's good at least. Even if he's a complete dick who's willing to fuck us over left and right, at least he won't turn the world over to some dark sect.

I have no problem with your Lopt Sect existing, but I'm not leaving the world in the hands of the Dark Lord. You follow!? I don't care if I have the Lopt Clan's blood in me. I have Saint Maira's blood and he fought for the good of the people. The Fire God Fala is also one of my ancestors. I will use my power to create a world which is free of prejudice. One where all peoples can live without fear of repression!

Lord Alvis, you're afraid, aren't you. Afraid her memories may be restored!

That child is certain to become a magnificent king! Heeheehee...

Wait, where did that guy come from? He wasn't anywhere before.

And Midir manages to dodge a huge explosion. Also yes, the tome really is called Meteo, not Meteor. Go figure.

And more stats for those who care.