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Part 27: Chapter 7 Part 2: Yied-Melgen

Chapter 7 Part 2: Yied-Melgen

Previously on Let's Play Fire Emblem 4, we took Yied and started heading south towards Melgen, ignoring the nearby castle of Darna.

And now that Celice has met up with Shanan, they can have a conversation.

I heard you took back Isaac while I was gone. I can't thank you enough, Celice.

You were the one who gave us the courage to fight in the first place!

Hey Celice, you're getting some muscle on you. You'd be just about...

What's that, Shanan?

...Huh? Ah, nothing. Never mind, Celice.

Well, anyway... Shanan, I'm going to take on the empire!

Haha... That's great, Celice. I've been waiting for this day to come, too.

Well, I better get going. I'll see you later, Shanan!

And Celice gets some Skill, which will increase his crit chance ever so slightly. Not much else beyond that.

So here's our target. This is actually one of the hardest fights in the second generation. A lot of armors, archers, mages, ballistae, and two magic bosses, who we'll look at in a bit, and our units aren't overpoweringly strong yet.

To the west, there's a line of neutral soldiers blocking off Darna, and a bandit destroying a village.

So I'll have Oifey go over and rescue it.

Also at this point, Johan and Lakche have fallen in love. That was really fast.

As a reminder, we have these guys over by Lenster. They won't be fighting anyone or doing anything interesting this update though. On enemy phase…

Heh, heh... I like them feisty, but her obstinacy I can do without. Bring her to me!

L..let go of me! You freaks!!

Who the hell are you!? You worthless mercenary... How dare you challenge me!

No one lays a hand on her. You got it?

How dare you speak to me like that! Somebody, get him!!

Who of you doesn't recognise this sword? I must warn you the Mistoltin craves blood! So who wants to be its first victim?

That's... the Demon Mistoltin? You're Aless, the Black Knight!?

Yeah, that's me.

Ulp... forgive me! I was merely having a little fun! Look, I'll never lay a hand on her again!

Leen, you okay?

Let's take a look at those two bosses now. On top of Melgen, with have Ishtor.

With his siege tome, he's pretty damn deadly. And because enemies cheat in this game, if you try to attack him up close he'll equip Tiltyu's Tron, significantly raising his evade.

He also has Continue, which means he'll occasionally be able to hit us twice with Storm. Incidentally, we'll never get to use Storm, or any other siege magic. Next, we have Liza, the enemy's mobile boss.

Two rings that she won't drop , increasing both her attack and defense. She is a force to be reckoned with, but luckily she doesn't have any skills.

Now this is gonna be tough. We can't just charge in and destroy things like usual. Doing that will very quickly result in us getting swarmed by armors, then destroyed by long ranged attacks.

So we're going to try to slowly lure the enemy out of range of Ishtor and his ballistae. This is somewhat difficult though, since we have to worry about entering Liza's range, while still managing to pull her back.

We take a pretty big beating, and don't manage to kill many enemies. They remain within the ballistae's range, so we'll wanna pull them back further still.

Meanwhile Oifey saves the village.

Especially that Aless. I wouldn't want to meet him in a dark alley. He's still young for a knight, but he has this magical sword called the Mistoltin. The story goes that Commander Jabarro found Aless as a child. Sounds like the two are very close. Anyhow, you wouldn't stand a chance against Aless on the battlefield. Not to dash your hopes or anything. Here, this Shield Ring may be of some use to ya.

Well we got that on the wrong character. Whoops. If you somehow haven't figured it out by now, Aless is Eltshan's son (you know, the one I told you to promptly forget about a few chapters ago). Maybe he won't die like his father.

Our horses hit and run, slowly thinning their numbers, and the rest of the pack retreats.

Unfortunately, they retreat too far, and the enemy army doesn't give chase. But this gives us a turn to heal up at least.

So we move forward some, again trying to draw out Liza's army.

This actually worked out pretty perfectly, only one attacker reaches us, and the rest get pulled up. Now the hard part will be killing them without dying on Enemy Phase.

So instead of doing that, we kill do more hit and runs. I decide to show off Julia's Rezire tanking skills, too.

Her high Magic, Resistance, and Resire make her the perfect unit to bait out Liza.

And now, reinforcements arrive. Having more healing is great, and Shanan can destroy everything fairly easily.

Like that.

I pull a stupid, risky move having Johan attack with only 6 HP and not a 100% hit chance.

But it pays off, and all is wonderful.

In case you forgot, this is what the sibling crit looks like. Lakche and Skasaha will get it much more often than other siblings since they have the same movement speed and combat role.

I think Skasaha activated Lunar anyway though, so the crit wasn't necessary. Still, always helps to have more reassurance for the kill when you're relying on lucky skill activations.

And we finish off the remaining enemies (besides the priests and the ballistae which are out of range), so it should be mostly smooth sailing from here on out.

These priests are actually quite fast, so Celice doesn't kill her since he can't double attack her.

At this point, I remember that Patty can talk to Celice.

I'm Patty, Shanan's girlfriend.

You're Shanan's girlfriend? Yeah, right.

Ulp... you got me. I used to be a thief, but I've given that all up. So I'm here to help you guys out now.

You can't be serious. This is an army. It's no place for you.

You sure about that? You guys have no money, right? But you gotta have money to fight. That's where I come in. I can get you all the money you need!

Yeah, but we don't want your money if it's stolen.

Sir, where do you think the imperial troops get all their gold? They steal it from the villagers! I'm just tryin' to take it back from them! ...What's so wrong with that!?

...I'm sorry, Patty. You've got a good point.


Patty, I think we can make room for you.

Hm? Really??

Yeah, I think so.

I promise I'll work as hard as anybody else! Here, I'll give you this sword as a token of our friendship.

Wow, that's a nice blade!

It's a Hero Sword... just for you!

So now we have two Hero Swords! Celice would rather use his 50+ kill Silver Sword though, so we'll pass that off to Skasaha. This sword is incidentally another way that people attempt to make Patty better at combat. By pairing Holyn with Brigid, you can pass down his Odo blood, giving Patty B Swords, and letting her use the Hero Sword.

Heal, move forward, charge ballista, kill priests, attain victory.

Delmud's ability to just barely survive makes him a prime target for Ishtor.

So now we just wanna charge forward and take out Ishtor as quickly as possible. I have the frailer units retreat towards Darna to avoid being picked off.

Skasaha has more than enough health to take a hit and survive, so he'll be escorting Celice and the other Swordmasters.

Even with the Killer Bow, which has very high hit, it's difficult to hit Ishtor, and he has great hit in return. So we won't have Lester attack there. Instead our strategy will be to have Shanan destroy Ishtor, since nobody else can really do it.

So he, Lakche, and Celice approach the castle while the rest retreat.

Shanan immediately activates Meteor, destroys Ishtor, and gets Tron. At this point nobody can actually use Tron though, since it's A rank and Arthur only has B rank thunder. After promotion he can use it, though that might be a while from now.

Cleanup, retreating, healing, seizing.

I have a hard time believing Prince Ishtor or his general were bad people...

Yeah, but don't forget that they both supported a ruthless tyrannical leader. They were without a doubt the enemy in this scenario. Celice, this is war! It's not just about hatred or resentment.

...Yeah, I suppose.

Haha! You've got a good heart, Celice. You just need to learn to let go sometimes. We've got a rescue mission in Lenster we need to focus on.

Yeah, that's right. We'd better start heading in that direction.

And we end our turn.

We need to move before they gear up again. Commander Jabarro, it's time. Take them from behind. I want them dead... all of them!!

Yes sir!

He's just usin' you. I... I just hate him so much!

Leen, you have to understand that...

I don't care anymore! Don't talk to me. You just do whatever you please! Just forget we ever met!

You show them what you're capable of!

Well they look familiar.
Hmph... And to think I raised you as my own when your mother passed away. Don't tell me you've forgotten all I've done for you!

Of course not, sir.

Then get going. Those horrible people killed both my son and his sweetheart Liza. YOU are to avenge their deaths!

Look at you acting so tough now that Aless isn't around! You sick old man! You'd better just stay away from me!

No! Aless...

Well, it's all behind us now, so I suppose we can let it rest.

What's that supposed to mean?

Heheh... Well, right about now I'd imagine Bramsel is...

How could... How could you know that and not tell me, Jabarro!?

Stay out of relationships, Aless. You can have your fun with them, but leave it at that!

I see I've greatly misjudged you... I'm going back to Darna to get Leen!

I don't think so, Aless. You know I don't take kindly to those who disobey my orders. And that goes for you, too!

I know we've been through a lot together, Jabarro, but I'm cutting our ties here and now! Anyone who tries to stop me can make acquaintance with the Mistoltin!

You little ingrate! Don't push me, Aless!!

So Aless does not die, and we actually get to recruit him! Let's have a look.

He comes with pretty great stats, unpromoted, at a low level, with a holy weapon! He effectively has Critical thanks to his holy sword, and he has Pursuit, Ambush, and Continue, making him a deadly force. Since he has pretty great stats on his own, we can actually save some Mistoltin uses by using his Iron Lance. Like Shanan, he'll be awesome throughout the rest of the game. He's probably our best unit in generation two, since he joins early and strong, and has a horse. He even has good Resistance thanks to Mistoltin. Once again, I'll leave you with some stats.