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Part 31: For Whose Sake Part 1: Mease-Luthecia

Chapter 9: For Whose Sake Part 1: Mease-Luthecia

Last chapter on Genealogy of the Holy War, we recruited two more holy warriors into our army, Faval and Sety, killed Blume, forced Ishtar to retreat to Barhara, and saw Altenna, Cuan and Ethlin's daughter, as a Dragon Knight for King Trabant. This Chapter, we storm into Southern Thracia in an attempt to liberate it from said King. Let's get started.

stationed themselves at Mease Castle uncertain of their next course of action.

Grutia Castle. King Trabant was prepared for a full-scale confrontation with the liberation army. Even the citizens of Thracia feared Celice's army to be an invading force and began taking up arms. Is there any justice to be found in this battle? And for whom are we fighting for? These very issues now confronted Celice and his liberation army for the first time.

The line "for whom are we fighting for," is likely an alternate translation/mistranslation for the chapter's title.

Chapter 9: For Whose Sake

I don't want to hear it! Don't you underestimate me, Altenna. Your skills on the battlefield are like no other, and I depend on you and Arion to work as my hands and feet out there. So what happens? You ignore my orders, lose an entire battalion, and stroll in here like nothing happened! You thoroughly disappoint me, girl!

I'm sorry, father... but hear what I have to say! How do you ever expect the citizens of Thracia to be content thriving off the blood and sweat of other nations? ...Your ways leave much to be desired, father.

Please, father... just this once. Go easy on her.

Arion, if you wouldn't baby that girl so damn much, she might not be such a problem for me.

But if you screw up again, daughter or not, I'll show you no mercy! Understood!?

Yes, father...

Whatever... Well, I'm off to Kapathogia. It seems Hanibal has a problem with my way of running things. And so I must take measures to make sure he doesn't turn on me.

I want your armored knight battalion to carry out a raid as well.

Your Majesty, how many times must I tell you? This battle is futile. Only a cease-fire with the liberation army will allow us the time to strengthen internally. Siding with the empire was an absurd idea. And the populace is now in jeopardy as a result!

Where do you get off!? They killed my men out there, and now they've got Mease Castle! What good is a cease-fire going to do us now!?

...I see. Well, it appears there's no other choice then.

You're not thinking of turning on me, are you, Hanibal?

Your Majesty! I happen to have a certain amount of distinction as a warrior, thank you!

Well, how about we have a little test of your loyalty then... Your boy's coming with me. You can have him back when this war is over.

Your Majesty! Have you no faith in me!?

If betrayal's not on the cards, then you've got nothing to worry about.

Of all the...

Bring me the boy!

That boy's not even your real son, Hanibal. Does he really mean that much to you?

Corple is everything to me, adopted or not...

Don't tell me the distinguished general has a soft spot for kids. Alright, I'm counting on you!

Luthecia Castle is impenetrable, Your Majesty. You may put your worries at ease.

I'll take your word for it. I have very little faith in Hanibal of Kapathogia, though. So I took his kid hostage, and I want you to keep an eye on him.

You can count on me. And what if Hanibal were to turn on us?

You're to kill the boy. I don't care if he is a child...


Alright, then I'm leaving this castle in your custody. You make sure the rebel army doesn't pull one over on you!

The reasons'll become apparent if you handle this properly. This battle is already well underway, Celice. There's no going back.

But the dragon knight on that mountain top back there... She looked so sad. The thought of having to fight her as well...

Celice! Get over it!! This is war. If you can't handle the heat, then you belong back at Tilnanogue!


Levin's really a hardass, but it's nice to have a reminder in the army that we're not just some magic group that goes around and makes everyone happy. Sometimes you have to kill good people to see your cause through. Now this next part isn't actually translated in the translation patch I'm using. Instead, you see this:

Here's what is actually said though:

Levin, his Majesty is a little tired, it’s unnecessary to mention that...

I know. But everyone is doing their best. We don’t have time to stay here doing nothing. We have to return to Grandbell as fast as possible and stop Loputousu’s resurrection. Otherwise, the world will be destroyed.

Oifey, Levin is right, I was wrong. If we cannot avoid battle, then it is our duty to give sense to this battle. Let’s go, Levin, Oifey, I do not want to turn my back away from the path I have chosen anymore!

Yeah, I did. It's not often you see a female dragon knight, even in Thracia. Why? Was something strange about her?

The lance she was holding was none other than the Holy Gae Bolg. And her body was enshrouded in the aura of Noba. Just like your father...

Fin! What're you trying to tell me!?

Well, it means that neither your sister Altenna, nor the Gae Bolg, perished in the Thracian army's surprise attack on your family.

She... she's alive!? Then what's she doing commanding Thracian forces?

I would surmise that Trabant took her captive and raised her as his own child.

Hmm... Trabant musn't be as cold-hearted as everybody has made him out to be.

All is not as it seems. Between the two of you, only Princess Altenna inherited the God Noba's lineage from your father. Accordingly, only she can use the Gae Bolg. And that explains why Trabant abducted her. It doesn't surprise me... a man like him.

So he's basically just using her. Trabant... you're rotten to the core! Fin, we must let her know the truth! And then we can avenge our parent's death together!

You're the only one she would possibly listen to now, Your Highness. You are her brother, after all. I'm sure she'll open up to you. Please, do whatever is in your power to save the princess...

Yes, she'll open up to a complete stranger on the battlefield and believe that you're her long lost brother. Of course, knowing Fire Emblem, she probably will.

The music for this chapter is either my least favorite or my second least favorite in the game. It's kinda slow and depressing, without being as emotional as some of the other tracks in the game. I think it's supposed to be sad since you're fighting a pointless war in Thracia, but I think it just comes off as dry and tiring.

Let's take a look at the map for this chapter.

Looks pretty straight-forward. We start at Mease in the top right, and work our way down south, then east to Thracia. However, things won't be quite that easy… If it wasn't obvious from the cutscenes, we want to recruit Hanibal, but we can't so long as his kid, Corple, remains a prisoner. This means we'll actually have to go further west to Luthecia to rescue Corple, before we can take over Kapathogia. There's also a ton of villages in the northwest, most of which aren't in any immediate danger, as there's just one bandit. Still, it's probably best to send Fee out to rescue them before things get hairy.

On a different note, about this point in the game, people have enough money to trade around the Elite Ring for the arena, so more people start promoting this chapter.

Faval has the same promotion as his mother. He actually only has 21 Strength before promotion, the extra 10 is just the bonus from Ichival. For whatever reason, the game doesn't factor in the bonus past 30 after promotion. Go figure.

Patty becomes sort of combat viable now. I forget to have her sell the Pursuit Ring once she gets it as a class skill, but the only unit who would need it, Johan, can't afford it at this point.

Tinny gets her mother's super promotion to Mage Fighter. Still no horse, but great Magic and Speed boosts.

Here we have our penultimate new promotion: Shaman to Sage.

I really like Julia's Sage sprite. I think I mentioned it before, but Deirdre isn't actually able to promote, even if you grind her up to level 20, so Julia's your only female Sage in the game.

She gains +8 Speed, +7 Magic, +5 Skill, and +2 Resistance. So she now has capped Magic and near capped Speed.

The on-field female Sage sprite is also pretty cool looking.

Unfortunately, promoting to Paladin sill doesn't give Nanna enough Magic to be a very competent healer.

Delmud caps a couple stats with his promotion.

I had forgotten how underwhelming the Bow Knight promotion is. I think it's the only one to not give any boosts above +3.

The Social Knight to Paladin one is only slightly better because of boosts in Magic and Resistance. The same glitch occurs with Aless' Skill.

Lastly, we have Leaf's promotion from Prince to Master Knight. It's actually slightly different (read: worse) than Lachesis' promotion from Princess to Master Knight.

He gains +6 Speed, +5 Skill and Defense, and +4 Strength, Magic, and Resistance. He gains two more Speed and four more Magic and Resistance than Lachesis, but two less Skill and Defense and three less Strength.

And he gains Pursuit! He'll be keeping the Elite Ring for a while, too.

So most of our units move out to fight Hanibla's army, while a select few stay behind to fend off Altenna's attack. Patty is also still in the castle, because she had to give some money to Tinny at one point. Which reminds me, Tinny used that money to buy Tron from the pawn shop. Celice also bought a Speed Ring, because why the hell not?

For once there's not a lot of space between us and the enemy army.

So there's a single bandit attacking the villages, and three pretty tough, promoted enemies guarding that bandit.

Altenna's army will take a few turns to get to use, but not so many that the units I leave to defend Mease will be able to fight Hanibal's army. On enemy phase…

Let's focus on the castle's defense. We shall not attack unless absolutely necessary.

But your son...

Yes, I know. But I... Let's just wait and see how things develop first. Kanatz, forgive me, but I'd like you to cover the castle.

As you command, sir!

So Hanibal doesn't move, and Altenna doesn't move very much. Back on player phase, Faval can talk to Patty now that she's moved outside the castle.

Well, knock it off! I don't care if it is coming from the enemy.

You think I like doin' this!? Do you have any idea just how low our army's food supply is? That takes money!

Yeah, well, I caught a guy making fun of you. He said 'It's no wonder you became a thief with a pirate for a mum'. Of course, I floored the guy for saying that.

Let 'em say whatever they want, Faval. It doesn't bother me.

I was so happy I started cryin' when Levin told me that...

Yeah, me too. With all we've gone through... growing up as orphans and all... I never would've dreamed our mother was of noble rank. Do you remember her at all?

Nope, not one bit. How about you?

Just a little... just that she was beautiful and very kind.

...So she's dead, then?

I don't know... But you and I are going to look for her when we're all done here. ...And then we can finally find out who our father is.

Here I decide to use the frail, more dodgy units as front liners. Arthur and the sword twins still need to promote, so I'm trying to direct enemies towards them, if possible.

The enemies here are durable enough that a good amount of them survived the counterattacks, but they're weak enough that our unpromoted units should be able to get easy kills.

Unfortunately, there's a bishop with Fortify, so everybody gets healed back to full health. Meanwhile…

The only reason he's out there is 'cause you guys got me hostage!

You shut your trap! The 'Shield of Thracia' won't be getting any funny ideas with you in my custody.

Father, no...

Let's take a look at Hanibal's army.

Pretty decent defense, and Hero weapons makes them pretty dangerous. It's pretty unlikely that they'll inflict Sleep on any of our units, so the low attack on the Sleep Sword wielding makes them the preferable target for frail units.

But really, all in all, this isn't a very hard battle.

Frail units can target the archers, melee units can target the Sleep users, and mages/archers can target the Hero Lance units.

And even if you don't exactly do that (like I didn't), you won't have many problems. Lana can heal the most serious wounds, and if you want you can have the other healers top of the less wounded people.

I always forget that enemy Bishops are actually really fast because they have no weapon weighing them down, and they generally have a decent to good speed stat.

But after everything, there's only Hanibal, the Bishop, and one other left.

And of course, that one other puts Arthur to sleep.

Honestly I expected Hanibal to retreat at this point.

Luckily Lana could've taken a hit, even if she didn't dodge.

At this point a few Dragon Knights can reach us, but I positioned some archers at the edge of their range, ensuring that'd they would die when they attack with a Javelin.

So now everyone but Hanibal is dead, and I'm pretty positive he'll start retreating to get more units. Anticipating this, I arrange my units in such a way so that he can't get back to his castle this turn.

Also Celice starts heading to the next castle, Luthecia. While he could take Hanibal's castle, that would actually instantly kill Hanibal.

The Dragons are approaching quick now, and we'll need to retreat in order to protect Mease. Also Altenna's stats are the same as in last chapter.

So Lester guards the castle, Faval gets ready to dodge tank, and the others just retreat.

Fee is now approaching the villages, and faces some actually tough enemies. Smart positioning keeps her from taking more than one attack, since the female mercenary is the only one with two range. And of course, she still has the Thief Ring, so she'll steal from all the bandits while protecting the villages.

So the dragons attack pretty much everyone except Faval, until Altenna finally hits him with the Gae Bolg. Luckily he can take a hit, and he heals from the Life skill that Ichival gives.

So right away, we'll have Leaf talk to Altenna.

I... I'm Leaf of Lenster.

Leaf? That's Leaf as in Prince Leaf, I presume... Well, I'm Altenna... Trabant's daughter, if you haven't figured it out yet.

Altenna, your real parents, Cuan and Ethlin, were slain by Trabant 17 years ago. You also went missing at that time along with the Holy Gae Bolg. The very lance you hold in your hand right now is the Gae Bolg of Lenster.

You take me for some kind of fool!? So the person I believe to be my father is my true father's murderer? What nonsense.

Altenna, look at me! Take one good look... and you'll know if I'm lying or not. Altenna, please...

I... How could this be!? I want so badly to say you're lying... but I can't!

Altenna... you ARE my sister!!

...Wait! I must speak with my father first... I will get to the bottom of this!

Are you my true father? …or is my true father King Cuan!?

Hmph... you found out, did you... Well, this day was bound to come sooner or later. Yeah, Cuan was your father. But what the hell does that matter now? I was the one who raised you... Don't you forget that.

...So you murdered my real mother and father....

Heh heh... Yeah, I did. You got a problem with that? War is all about death, my dear. What's done is done.

Grr... You! You've lead me astray all these years, father! Er... Trabant!

Step back, Altenna! If you oppose father then you oppose me too!

...Arion!? I could never fight you!!

Altenna, you've crossed the line this time. And now I'll have you die!

No, Arion...

Well, it looks like it's time for me to take matters into my own hands. Arion, you're watching the castle.

Yes, father.

Here, I'm leaving this lance with you. Thracia is in your hands now.

Isn't this the Gungnir? Father, what's the meaning of this? Don't tell me you're going into battle without it.

Arion, I've grown tired. It's me they're after anyway. Do as you see fit after I'm gone, okay?

So you're suggesting I call for a truce!? I will never, ever give in to them, father!

Like I said, do as you see fit. I only ask that you see an end to the people's suffering. Farewell, Arion!

So Altenna is kinda like generation two's Eltshan, but she's way less of a threat, and not much of a force in the story. I think overall she's handled a bit worse than Eltshan was, but on the other hand, the player's expectation that you'll recruit her is much higher since she is a child character. I'll say it certainly surprised me the first time I played. However, once you know you don't get Altenna, I think the player kind of naturally assumes that they'll get Arion instead.

We can pretty easily clean up the rest of the dragons, but we lack the manpower to kill all of them this turn.

Johan is ready to promote now, and everyone's waiting on Celice before they can do anything, so I see no reason not to send him back to Mease.

I make sure that Arthur and Skasaha can't kill Hanibal, then have them level up on him and head back to promote.

I'm a little bit hesitant to have Fee keep attacking when the other two mercenaries will be able to hit her on enemy phase, but I figure the hit chances are low enough that she'll most likely survive.

Johan gets a decent promotion, but he's still one of our weakest units. If I can get him enough money for the Pursuit Ring, he'll actually be a strong fighting force.

At this point Hanibal's AI changes and he'll start attacking Mease instead of defending his castle. This means now he'll start retreating to get more men.

Fast forwarding a bit, the last of Altenna's army dies, Fee retreats a bit and Lana heals her with Libro, and we make Hanibal dance around by blocking him off from his caslte. Also Celice reaches Luthecia.

Honestly I've never taken Hanibal's castle before this one, so I'm not sure what gets deployed here if you do.

But with just an easy boss guarding it, taking Luthecia is a cakewalk. Let's seize.

I'm Corple, General Hanibal's son. Who are you? Hey, aren't you Sir Celice of the liberation army!?

Yep, that's me. But what would make them lock up the son of General Hanibal?

King Trabant took me hostage. My father didn't want to fight, so they've forced to him against his will. Sir Celice, please take me to my father! Once he sees that I'm okay, he'll stop fighting! Please, we must hurry!!

Hmm, you think so, huh... Alright, we need to find General Hanibal then. Let's move!

If you kill Hanibal before taking Luthecia, you get the following conversation:

Celice, it looks like General Hanibal's son was being held hostage here.

...They locked up his son in order to get him to fight!? How horrible.

Apparently, the general's son, Corple, vanished upon word of his father's death. I'm sure the boy's not too happy with us... What a shame.


So you actually miss out on two units if you kill Hanibal. Anyway, now that Corple's with us, let's look at his stats.

If you didn't pair Claude with Sylvia, you might not know whose kid he is at first, or that he's necessarily a child character at all. So Corple joins in Chapter 9 at level 1. Not exactly great. But I had him inherit the Reserve staff, which gives a ton of EXP per use, so I generally have him spam that to get to level 30 as quickly as possible. Like Claude, he's more or less a dedicated healer. His lack of good combat skills means he'll never be great at fighting, and he needs to gain 19 levels before he can even use a weapon. He does inherit Claude's major Blagi blood and the Valkyrie staff, as well as Libro and Reserve, and he has a base Magic of 10 and a 50% growth, so he'll be an excellent healer at least. The rest of his stats and growths are pretty uninspiring.

So like I said, Reserve will be the primary source of his EXP. 85 per use is pretty great.

And Trabant's army draws closer to Mease. We'll fight him next time. As usual, I'll end this update with some stats.

Oh and as a side note, Corple and Hanibal both make cameos in the early chapters of Thracia 776. I believe Corple is a child you can rescue in Chapter 3, and Hanibal helps out your party in Chapter 7 (titled The Shield of Thracia, Hanibal's nickname).