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Part 37: Chapter 10 Part 3: Rado-Miletos

Chapter 10 Part 3: Rado-Miletos

Once again, welcome back to Let's Play Seisen no Keifu!

Last time we took Rado, this time we set our sights on Miletos.

So our mounted units here need to head back east before they can get past the mountains to the north. But first, let's have Fee visit this village.

Even though he's kind of a dick, Alvis isn't the main cause of how terrible things have become. I guess the game did mention that he had over a decade of prosperous rule over the continent.

And Fee gets even more items. For now this will help her deal two range damage with the Thunder Sword, and help her heal a bit more, but I'll probably end up giving it to Arthur next chapter.

And now we can start heading back.

The kind of nice thing about Hel Mages is that you don't have to worry about having low Resistance or being low on health when you go to fight them.

I use that rationalization to let Johan get a kill. Maybe I should've thought it through more…

Skasaha easily takes out the fighter, Faval faces no threat from Hel Mages since they literally cannot hit him, and Lana makes good use of her Silence Staff. Fenrir's not too accurate, but there are quite a few enemies with it here, so even getting hit by it once when it's easily preventable can be a big mistake.

The rest of the gang plays catch-up, and Altenna gets ready to cross the mountains and strike next turn.

Or maybe she'll just take a nap. I'm sure there's a nice, relaxing breeze on that peak.

It's an odd complaint when you think about it, but it's kind of a shame that Tinny isn't as easily knocked into Wrath HP range anymore. But she gets the job done anyway.

Our staff users do some recovery action so that we can start plowing through some squishy mages.

Of course they're not squishy enough for Altenna to kill. And she's getting pretty unlucky with Critical/Continue activation.

Guess she'll just have to get refreshed and attack again. To be fair, this guy just has a Sleep Staff, so he's not as weighed down as the other Dark Mages here. Maybe Altenna could double one of them.

Even with Pursuit, without the Hero Axe, Johan's not all that great.

At least he sets Lakche up for an easy kill (as if she needed it).

Tinny takes a bit of a beating from Jormung here. Maybe I shouldn't have been so aggressive with her…

But it's these situations where Rescue comes in handy! We bring Tinny back and out of harm's reach.

And now we're ready to split up and attack Miletos from two sides.

God dammit At this rate, Sety's never gonna get to murder anyone.

Doubly so now that they're sleeping multiple units per turn.

Meanwhile, our other units are pretty close to caught up. But before they go any further, Celice can talk to Fee.

Hey, don't get angry. Look, I'm sorry I ignored you.

Father, you are so cruel! When I first saw you at Rivough Castle, I could hardly believe my eyes! I was so happy... I was in tears! But you wouldn't speak to me! Do you have any idea how horrible that's made me feel!?

So... what? You've just been pretending not to notice me all this time?

I decided I wasn't going to talk to you unless you approached me first.

Damn, you're stubborn, girl.

Why, you! That's it! You just forget you ever had a daughter!! If you weren't such a jerk, mom still might be...

Fee, look, I'm sorry about Fury... But what went on between the two of us is really none of yours or Sety's damn business!


Fee, the only thing you need to concern yourself with is winning this war! Got it!?

Wow, that's pretty damn cold. Not exactly the heartfelt reunion Fee was expecting I'd imagine.

But that +5 Strength probably makes up for it! This is another reason why I love the Levin/Fury pairing so much. Fee's only real problem is her Strength, and now she gets a conversation to fix that. Celice/Levin can also talk Leen or Tinny if he was paired with Sylvia or Tiltyu. They go pretty radically differently than this one. I'll post them at the bottom of this update.

Back in battle, Fin and Hanibal team up to get a kill. Hanibal will probably be the hardest unit to get kills with, because he's not only slow, but he can't reliably kill anything unless it's weakened first. Because of this, I'm going to do my best to help him get kills while Celice takes the time to catch up anyway.

I was really hoping for a lover crit here. It sure would've been nice to take out that Sleep Bishop this turn. But alas, no such luck.

We can get rid of these Sleep Bishops pretty easily though!

And wake Altenna up again.

And to try and prevent even more of our units from taking a nap, Lana silences yet another Sleep Bishop. They really throw a lot at you here.

So we're getting a bit scattered here, and I don't want to push too much further, or I'd risk getting hit by the bosses.

Speaking of which, let's take a look at Ishtar and Julius.

So yea she's gotten stronger since Chapter 8. A lot stronger. And a bit more dodgy. And a bit healthier. And a lot more resistant to magic. Plus that Life Ring will have her heal some of the damage we do to her if we don't manage to kill her in one turn. Hopefully we'll be able to do that though.

Something that bothers me here, I think it would've been a really nice touch if they had given her and Julius a Lover status on this screen, saying they're in love with each other. Seems like sort of a missed opportunity to me.

Then we have the Prince of Darkness himself. While the Lopt tome doesn't give many stat boosts, it has a hidden effect. While it's equipped, it halves the attack of anyone that its user fights. Sort of like a reverse crit. So on top of that, Julius has great stats, and a Leg Ring.

Also: Wrath, Charge, Pursuit, and five leadership stars.

Unlike Julia, instead of inheriting his mother's Narga blood, he inherits the major Lopt blood from his two parents' minor Lopt blood.

So basically here's how Julius and Ishtar work: They don't have the time to dick around killing all of us, so they'll settle for just killing one. They'll race to see which one of them can kill one of our units first, and after doing so, they'll teleport away to Grandbell. However, if we can manage to kill Ishtar first, both of them will retreat to tend to her wounds. I think you might also be able to make them flee by taking Miletos. So that gives you a few strategies: Make a sacrifice to get rid of them (hope you passed down the Valkyrie Staff!), focus on taking out Ishtar, or try to rush the castle before they can move to attack.

But we're still out of their range, so we don't have to worry about that quite yet.

Instead, Johan will just get hit by an arrow.

And that bastard we couldn't quite kill puts Shanan to sleep.

Altenna manages to stay awake this turn, but gets hit by Fenrir instead. So it's kind of a tradeoff.

Oh crap, I forgot that they'll move even when you're out of their range. I wasn't quite prepared for this. Last time we took out Ishtar we had Faval to one shot her with Ichival, but he's asleep now! And we could have Sety fight her like Levin fought Reptor, but he's too far away!

But of course, that's what Rescue is for.

I wouldn't be so sure about that.

Sety immediately activates Continue, not even giving Ishtar a chance to attack. The scary thing is, even though Wind beats Thunder, the Speed and Skill boosts from Tor Hammer make her more likely to hit Sety than Sety is to hit her.

Well that's one problem dealt with.

And that's another. This just leaves us with a couple of Sleep Bishops by the castle, a few enemies next to our larger army, and the boss.

Ok forget what I said about Hanibal before, let's just have him take out the pirate approaching the villages.

That's actually really creepy.

With some easy cleanup and healing, we're about ready to finish this army off.

And Lana hits 30 from Silencing one of the last remaining enemies! That Magic score still leaves something to be desired…

It's kind of sad when the boss can't even kill our Dancer with Fenrir.

Let's just have Leaf pull Celice up to him so that we can seize a bit sooner.

Sety and Corple do some more staff work, and Leen helps Celice get to Miletos even sooner.

The boss doesn't really have anything special about him. So-so stats, no skills, generic sprite recolor. I guess he has a Reserve Staff, but he never got the chance to use it.

Another easy victory.

Before fighting the pirate, let's see what the villagers here have to say.

Thanks for the advice, but we kinda got it under control.

Enough of this, let's seize.

I don't think it could've been helped, Celice. The bridge over the Miletos Channel will soon be down. Get ready to advance on Chalphy.

Chalphy... At last, I can finally see where my father came from.

Let's keep moving then. I'm sure the people are greatly anticipating your arrival.

Alright then. Onward to Chalphy!

Finally, we're about to be back to where it all began.

Before we wrap up this update, Corple can talk to Altenna.

You be careful too, now. Don't be too reckless out here.

Um... Your Highness?


With your permission I'd like to cast a Magic Shield over you.

Ah... you're worried because my resistance is low, aren't you... But isn't that a dangerous spell to cast? Look, that's kind of you, Corple, but I don't want you to hurt yourself.

Your Highness, I never knew my real mother... But you've always been there for me. Please... I'm just trying to help you!!

Alright, Corple. If it means that much to you... But promise me that at the very first sign of trouble you back out. Understood?

You got a deal! Don't worry, I'll be extra careful!

Shall we proceed then?

Sure. Okay, now just be calm... O Lord Blagi... Bestow upon this woman your venerated strength.

It's a nice gesture, but it doesn't make Altenna's Resistance anything but abysmal still.

Best if we heal up Delmud after that battle.

Oh yea, I never really un-slept Shanan, did I? Well, I guess he's out for the map. Faval and Hanibal probably are too, honestly. Well, let's see what happens when we end our turn.

That's right. Julius' people will be here soon from Barhara. You must leave immediately!

Y, yes, Your Majesty! You have my sincerest blessings.

I also want you to hold on to this.

B, but, isn't this the...

You once served under Sigurd, correct... I think you know what to do with it.

Yes, Your Majesty. I believe I do.

Julia, I've been awful to you. You must hate me by now. Can you ever forgive me?

Father! I've never felt that way about you! I've always thought of you as a kind man.

No... I've been such a fool. Manfloy's been using me all along. But by the time I realized what was going on, it was too late. Julius is the reincarnation of the Dark Lord Loputousu. He murdered my beloved Deidre and had the same fate in store for you...

Yes. Mother used her last drop of energy to warp me away from Julius. I must have lost my memories over the shock of it all. I'm glad Levin found me. But I still just break down and cry when I think about what Julius did to mother...

Julia, I could talk to you for hours, but you can't stay here. It's far too dangerous.

If Your Majesty has a problem following Prince Julius' orders, she'll be put to death.

You'll what!? Just who the hell do you think you're talking to!?

Heh heh heh... It's high time you realize the order of things. You're no longer anything but a mere servant to Prince Julius. If you wish to avoid any further anguish, you'll succumb to His Highness' every wish. I'll also see to it that the children you released are all dead by sundown. Mwahahaa!

Julia, I'm powerless against these people. Take this circlet... It belonged to your mother. It's your only hope for protec-

Maybe Alvis isn't such a bad guy after all. Too bad we don't really have a choice but to kill him Honestly Alvis is one of the most well done characters in this game, maybe even the entire series. You want to hate him for what he did to Sigurd, but at the same time you feel bad for him, and can't help but pity him for being nothing but Manfloy's and Julius' puppet. And what did he give to Palmark?? Well, you'll have to wait until next time to find out. On a related note, I really don't like that they reused Ring's sprite for Palmark. I mean sure neither is the biggest character, but Ring was the lord of Jungby, and Palmark has at least some significance in the next update. But enough about that, here's the conversations that Celice/Levin can have with Leen and Tinny.

Celice/Levin and Leen

Leen, Levin wants a word with you. I'll be right over here if you need anything.

Leen, take it easy out here. You'd send the boys crying if you ever scratched that beautiful face of yours.

Hey, Levin. Did you know my mom?

Huh? Why would I know your mom?

'Cause you seem to know everything.

You want to know about your mom, huh...

Yes! And my dad too!

Leen, you are who you are... Don't worry yourself too much about who your parents were. I will tell you this, though. Your parents loved each other like nothing else. They parted during a very rough time, but they still look over you, Leen. Trust me, they do.

Yeah... Ever since I was little I felt as if someone was watching out for me. That was my father, wasn't it... Why won't he show himself to me!? It's lonely not knowing who your parents are your whole life...


Poor Leen It must be really tough not knowing who you're parents are, not knowing that you're descended from holy crusaders.

Celice/Levin and Tinny

Tinny, Levin wants a word with you. I'll be right over here if you need anything.

Tinny, Hilda was your aunt, wasn't she? It must be tough being out here.

No, I'm fine with it. Queen Hilda was an evil, evil person.

What, did she treat you bad or something?

Yeah. She always used to beat me and call me names, and she said my mother a traitor.

That would've been Tiltyu...

Yes. She and Arthur escaped to Silesia after the Battle of Barhara. Then she had me. But I was told my father passed away...

Is that right... So you came to the Alster Kingdom after all that?

Well, we didn't go there willingly. We were taken by force by King Blume's men. And then that's where my mother died.

You sure haven't had it easy, have you...

Yeah... Anyway, Hilda really had it in for my mom. My mom put up with so much to keep me safe. A day didn't go by that she wasn't crying...

Geez... That's horrible.

Levin... are you okay?

Huh? Why do you ask?

I don't know. It kinda looks like you're crying.

No, I'm... it's... it must just be sweat. It's nothing...

That's just heartbreaking, finding out that the woman you loved died in such a horrible way. Like I said, these two are a huge tonal shift from the conversation with Fee. Let's look at some numbers before everything becomes too depressing.