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Part 39: Endgame: The Final Holy War Part 1: Chalphy-Edda

Endgame: The Final Holy War Part 1: Chalphy-Edda

Welcome back to Let's Play Fire Emblem: Genealogy of the Holy War. Previously, we liberated the Miletos District, burst into Grandbell, avenged Sigurd's death, and reclaimed Chalphy. Now, we begin the final chapter of the game. As with the final chapter of generation one, the normal map music is replaced with Towards the Light.

journey. The army's presence continued to instill courage in those still suffering under the empire's rule, and civilians all over Jugdral rose in revolt.

along with the 12 enigmatic Dark Warlords, remained eerily silent at Barhara. Over a year had passed since the liberation army's initial uprising in Isaac. The ongoing conflict tragically split the 12 Crusaders between light and dark as it pitted fellow descendants against one another.

Endgame: The Final Holy War

Poor father... You used him for all his worth and then left him out there to perish.

It was all for your own good, Your Highness. Alvis may have been of Loputian blood, but he clearly opposed the revival of the old regime. Crusader Fala's ways ran far too deep with him. He would have turned on us eventually.

I know... So it seems the rebel army reached Chalphy. Should that concern me?

I've already given orders to Bishop Rodan and Burian of Dozel to retake Chalphy. Rest assured, there's no cause for alarm.

I see... Manfloy, I want to see Julia. Where is she being kept?

She's in the dungeon. One moment... Guards, fetch us the Imperial Princess, now!

Greetings, Julia. Do you remember who I am?


Ha! Your memory is still intact... And to think it's been 7 years.

Yes, I remember it all now... if it were yesterday.

Heh heh... I suppose you've some fond memories of your mother, as well.

... Just who are you? Everything changed the day Archbishop Manfloy brought that eerie black book in. That day also marks the last I saw of my dear brother... All that remained in his place was this powerful, yet demonic child. You... whoever you are... have deprived me of my mother and my brother, as well! Who are you!? Why must you put me through this agony!?

I am the inheritor of the power of the Loputo Clan. This world is my domain.

Hmm... Better be interesting, Manfloy. Alright, she's with you. I'm withdrawing to the capital. But be forewarned... one slip up on your part could have far reaching consequences!

Yeah... Julius turned out to be a descendant of the Loputo Clan. He's been plotting to restore the dark empire from day one. We've got to stop him... no matter what!

Levin, how do you always seem to know everything? Please... you gotta let me know what else is going on here!

Celice, I apologize if I've kept some things from you in the past. In all my years of travel in search of the truth, I've finally stumbled upon something big.

What is it?

Legend has it Bishop Galle crossed the sea in his youth and traveled the world before founding the Loputo Empire. He was determined to drink the lifeblood of a legendary creature of the time. One sip promised powers of unimaginable proportions.

You don't mean the blood of the Ancient Dragon Tribe!? That's all superstition, right?

Yeah, but when Galle returned from his travels, he possessed unexplainable powers. He used his new powers to influence the young to his own devices. Before long he had built up a demonic legion of warriors that followed his every whim.

So where does Lord Loputousu fit into all this?

He was most likely of the Dragon Tribe. Their blood flows in all of Galle's descendants, making the Loputo Clan's evil power and the Dragon Tribe's power one and the same.

Then what of our ancestors, the Crusaders? How did they come to be?

Well, the legend goes that the gods descended upon 12 warriors of the liberation army. It all took place at Darna Fortress. But, um...

But what? What happened!?

Celice, let's save this one for next time. We've got an enemy to confront.

Ok let's just get this out of the way. This track is fantastic. It's a very high energy medley of a few prior chapter theme's, namely select parts of Birth of the Holy Knight, Door of Destiny, and Light Inheritor. I think it's very appropriate to end the game with a mix of the beginning and end of each generation. More so considering that generation one both started and ended right where we are, in Grandbell.

So in this chapter we'll be going through every castle in Grandbell besides Jungby (incidentally, the on Grandbellian castle we took earlier in the game). We'll take a winding path through Grandbell, taking Edda to the east first, going back to the middle of the country to take Dozel, then moving around to Freege in the northwest, finally assaulting Barhara and Velthomer. Various gates will channel us from castle to castle, and fliers are forbidden from moving past them as usual. There are a couple of villages, though I don't believe either is under heavy attack or gives any items.

Ok so first thing's first, before we head out, Corple's ready to promote.

If he had Pursuit and a bit better Speed, he'd actually be a good combat unit at this point. With that Magic score, he's definitely a better healer than Lana.

A bit of item management: Celice no longer needs his father's Silver Sword, so who better to give it to than the man who raised him and who was an aide to his father. I believe Oifey has about a 50% chance to crit with this sword.

Arthur will take a Magic Ring from Fee, and Volcanon from Celice.

At level 28, Altenna's actually the lowest leveled person who can afford the Elite Ring.

Might as well give Corple some way to defend himself.

And lastly, we'll give Fee the Barrier Ring that Johan previously had. The reason for this is that this chapter is filled with Sleep Bishops with around 18 Magic. Giving Fee this ring makes it so that she can resist Sleep where she otherwise couldn't. Due to some of the positioning of these Bishops, it's really helpful to have a flier go and take them out.

Speaking of which, some Dark Mages are waiting for us right around Chalphy, in areas that only a flier could get to.

Some carry Silence, while other's carry Fenrir. Either way, we want to get rid of them ASAP.

Robert, who I'm going to assume is Voltz's son based on his sprite, leads the first army that stands between us and Edda.

Decent stats, a good weapon, Pursuit, and Charge. At the very least, a Hero Sword and Charge give him a pretty good shot at getting a lot of attacks in.

He has an army proficient in various strong weapons, and some healers to back them up.

Next, Boyce leads the second army.

No Hero Sword, but a lot better stats, Continue, Critical, and Solar. He can actually be problematic, since he can double a decent amount of our units, has almost a 50% chance to activate Continue, and almost a 30% chance to get a crit/heal.

His army is also pretty well equipped.

And they're backed by siege mages, Sleep Bishops, and mass healers.

And Rodan (who must be Fiat's son) also stands guard with Sleep. He doesn't have any impressive skills though.

Finally, the castle is guarded by Yupheel, a pretty standard Dark Mage.

Now let's start picking off the mages right outside Chalphy.

Obviously we can't get to all of them right away, so Lana will Silence one of the ones that we can't kill.

Now, since the Sleep Bishops have fairly high magic (18 to 21), so bringing anyone with less than 21 Resistance will just slow us down. Everyone is almost level 30 by now, so EXP gain isn't really a factor anymore.

Of course, the low Resistance growths in this game mean that only Celice and Aless fit that description. Well and Corple, but he's not exactly a lot of help. I could've had Sety tag along as well, but I'm still trying to get him and Tinny to fall in love, so I don't want to separate them.

So basically a ton of enemies swarm our two units, doing little to no damage, then promptly die.

Unfortunately, Robert has a Javelin, so we'll have to take care of him on Player Phase.

Oifey gets nailed by multiple Fenrir blasts, but ends up just staying alive.

The Sleep Bishop is fast enough to stop Altenna from doubling, but the Fenrir Mage isn't.

Corple will heal any wounds that Fenrir caused.

And with that we take care of the four dark mages in the northwest.

Before checking in on Celice and Aless, Patty and Shanan have a conversation with one another.

What's wrong with you? Look, I made us lunch.

What do you think this is, a picnic or something?

I know, but I'm bored. There's nothin' to do around here.

That doesn't give you the right to get in my way now, does it? We're on the battlefield here.

How rude! Do I bother you that much!? ...And here I went out of my way to make us lunch. You've got some nerve!!

Patty, look... I'm sorry I said that. Can you forgive me this once?

Will you eat the lunch then? Really? Oh, I'm so glad! I love you, Shanan!

This would be great if Shanan actually needed any more Speed. Truth be told, Shanan can pretty much solo Endgame at base level. Anyway, this is the first lover conversation we'll see in Endgame. As I've mentioned before, every paired female except Leen has a stat boosting conversation with their lover at different points in the chapter. I'll show off all the different possible conversations in a bonus update towards the end of the LP.

This kinda goes to show how tough some of the Endgame bosses are. Even Celice with Tyrfing can't handle Robert on his own, so Aless will need to back him up.

Now obviously we're not gonna be able to take out all these Snipers and Mages in a timely manner, so the plan will be to just have Celice rush the castle and seize, killing off the rest of the army.

The remains of Robert's army target Aless, but they don't have great hit, and even if they hit, they'll do pitiful damage.

Once again, a lot of enemies will attack at two range, so we'll have to deal with them on our turn.

For whatever reason, siege mages decide to target Aless instead of Celice.

Naturally they're not very successful.

And the last remaining mage near Chalphy silences Tinny.

Of course, it's a simple enough ailment to fix. I think it's kinda neat that if you use long range staves on adjacent allies, the animation takes note of that.

One of Robert's men thinks he can take Chalphy from us, so Tinny shows him that we're not so easily beaten.

Once we take Edda, this gate will open up, so we'll have everyone gather around it in preparation.

Celice gets ready to mount his attack, and Aless retreats.

When faced with so many enemies, even Aless has his troubles.

In an alternate reality, let's see what happens if we attack Fiat Rodan.

Nothing really interesting in the way of battle conversation.

So instead, let's attack Yupheel.

He's about as tough as you'd expect from a generic sprite.

So let's seize!

So apparently this part of the translation was difficult to patch in. This is actually fairly common from here on out since a lot of conversations change slightly depending on your pairings in generation one. Here's what the game should say:

Edda, huh... It would’ve been so glad if Father Claude was alive...

Yes... Father Claude died too for the sake of helping my father. But, the Father’s children...

Ah yes, Corple and Leen. I think they’ll lead Edda in a righteous way. For the citizens of this country, wouldn’t this be the happiest thing?

If you leave Claude unpaired, Levin's last line changes to:

That’s deplorable, but there’s nobody to succeed House Edda. Celice, from now on, you’ll have to protect it.

And we end our turn, ready to immediately pounce on Dozel.

So some of Dozel's army can actually reach us right away. Of course, attacking Lakche probably isn't the smartest move…

As expected, Lakche kills off about a third of them. Next time: We return Dozel to the good hands of Johan and/or Faval. Until then, here's some numbers.