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Part 41: Endgame Part 3: Dozel-Freege

Endgame Part 3: Dozel-Freege

Welcome back to Let's Play Fire Emblem: Seisen no Keifu!

Last time we reclaimed Dozel. This time, we move on to Freege.

Now that Altenna's level 30, she doesn't really need the Elite Ring anymore.

So she sells it, and Leen buys it.

Our army starts heading towards Freege's overwhelming amount of Barons

Led of course by Hilda. Let's take a look at her and her army.

She's exactly the same as in Chapter 10, minus one leadership star. Oh and she has major Dain blood now for some reason.

Her Barons aren't too intimidating, though they're pretty bulky, and they all have Big Shield, so that'll make things a bit tougher.

And northeast of Freege, there's a lone Fenrir mage and five Sleep bishops.

It'll be a bit before we reach Hilda's army, so let's fill that time with some conversations. Like one between Lakche and Johan.

But with your love I shall prevail... you wait and see!

...right. Hmph... Well, I fell for you, so I guess I'm stuck with you.

Love makes no mistakes, my darling. Now let's see a smile!

Sure. You hang in there, Johan.

Ah... Lakche...

Next up, Lana and Celice.

Well, I don't know if I've actually done anything... But I'm content just being by your side.

Lana, we go pretty far back, don't we... I remember us always hanging out as kids.

Uh-huh. I have so many good memories from back then, but I never thought you and I...

But I've always liked you, Lana...

I know... but it's just hard for me to accept that, Celice. I feel so awful to Julia...


Normally you get +3 Resistance from this, but Celice maxed it out after +1. In fact, I think this gives him max everything besides HP, Magic, and Luck!

So still pushing forward, we'll end out turn.

Uh oh, looks like we're being surrounded! Even though we don't go by Jungby, its army still has a presence in this battle. Let's check out Scorpio.

Not great, but not bad either. The main problem with his army will be the fact that they're all archers, so most of our units won't be able to counterattack.

Also despite being the head of Jungby, he has no Ulir blood.

He's backed up by some mildly threatening Bow Knights with Hero Bows, and some healers.

I think the best plan here is to leave some archers behind so that they can deal a lot of damage through counterattacks.

Up north, we've entered Hilda's army's range.

They're not too threatening since they can't hit and move off. They also have so-so accuracy.

Unfortunately, they kind of clog up this chokepoint, making it harder for us to get through to Freege.

And Jungby's army advances north through the forests.

Most of our army is too far behind to reach these Barons, so we'll just have our heavy hitters deal some damage while we wait for the rest to catch up.

It's always dangerous to leave Johan too close to magic users, so we'll bull him back with Rescue.

For now we're playing a mostly defensive game on both fronts. I left Patty and Lana in the south in case they had conversations with Scorpio, but they don't.

That Silver Sword really does Oifey a lot of good.

A lone Baron attacks Fee on her way to fight the Sleep Bishops.

I don't think we had much chip damage done, but whatever we did have is gone now.

And then, Hilda attacks.

We're very luck that missed, as it would've just barely killed Oifey.

Meanwhile Hanibal and Patty take some attacks as the first members of Jungby's army reach us.

And then a couple are forced to attack Faval. It doesn't end well for any of them.

Fee takes an unlucky hit from Fenrir, though it won't matter soon.

A great thing about Faval tanking is that Ichival gives Life, healing him each turn.

We quickly take out a few Bow Knights, trying to keep our archers near the front.

Of course, Hanibal can't really do much on his own…

So Lana will help out.

And of course, Corple will top everyone off with Reserve.

Up north, we start clearing out a path through the Barons.

Oifey only manages one crit this time.

Let's have Tinny avenge her mother.

Ok, she doesn't quite kill her, but she faces no threat of a counterattack hitting her, and she weakens her enough for someone else to easily get the kill.

And Nanna gets a nice sibling crit!

Dammit! Of course the crit would be blocked by Big Shield!

Well, the second hit crits as well, but it's not quite enough to finish him off.

Fin can do it though! The whole family is getting in on this one.

Aless clears out some room for one more person to get in an attack.

And that one more person will be Arthur, helping to avenge Tiltyu!

Oh right, Fire beats Wind…

But Wrath crits make it worthwhile!

And this lets Celice move up and attack with the Fire Sword.

It doesn't do a whole lot though.

Meanwhile, Fee starts killing Sleep Bishops. I have her move adjacent to the Fenrir mage, because he doesn't have a 1-2 range weapon, meaning he can't actually attack her.

So a couple of guys shoot lightning at Celice and Aless, then heal up.

What I did not anticipate with Fee, is that the castle boss could hit her with Fenrir.

Looks like we'll have to do something to heal Fee up next turn. Too bad our two Libro staves are down south near Jungby's army.

Great thing about Altenna: She has so much defense, even crits don't hurt that much.

And Big Shield works in our favor for once. Man I should've had the foresight to give Hanibal a bow at the start of the chapter.

Scorpio finally reaches our army, and attacks Faval.

He's actually got some good evade, making things trickier.

Lana surprisingly activates Charge here. I often forget that she actually has combat skills past Pursuit.

Let's have Lester finish off Scorpio.

They have pretty much the exact same conversation as Faval and Scorpio.

The big threat is pretty much eliminated, and with him his leadership stars. The rest of this will be pretty simple cleanup.

Aless and Arthur clear a path for Celice to break through and attack Baran.

After a quick and easy victory, let's seize.

Scorpio's remaining troops also die when we seize. The Sleep Bishops are bound to Barhara, so they stick around.

I wonder how the children at Barhara are holding up... I hope they're okay.

Actually, there's someone here to speak to you about that, Celice.

I had secret orders from His Majesty to safeguard all the abducted children from Julius.

You wh-!? You mean they're all alright!?

That's correct. They are all safe and sound at the monastery here in town.

Wow... You sure did a fantastic job keeping that from Hilda.

Well... Actually, Princess Ishtar secretly came to our aid in that matter. None of the soldiers came near the monastery for fear of retribution from the princess.

Princess Ishtar did that!?

Her Highness is in truth a very caring individual. She took an interest in the children's welfare right from the start. It was Her Highness after all who coordinated their escape from the Royal Palace.

Is that right... Well, everyone will be glad to know the children are safe. Sir Felipe, please accept my utmost gratitude.

But we still haven't located Julia. Where could she be...

Well, she's not in Freege. So that leaves us with Barhara or Velthomer... one of the two.

Yuius is in Barhara, isn't he...

Yeah. We've got to find Julia before we go there. Because we don't stand a chance against Julius without her power.

But will she want to face Julius? He's her own brother...

... You're just going to have to get through to her, Celice.

Let's just take care of that pesky Fenrir mage real quickly.

And since there's nobody nearby to attack, we don't even have to worry about healing Fee yet.

Wrath sure is a great skill.

By the way, Shanan has been hanging back at Dozel for a very specific task. More on that next update. For now, let's end our turn.

I request your permission to leave the Royal Palace.

Hmph... Why do you need to join the battle all of a sudden? They can send as many soldiers as they want. They can't defeat me... You just stay put.

I mean no disrespect... but do understand I take great pride in being a warlock of Freege. With the murder of my parents and my brother... it pains me to sit here doing nothing. Please allow me to fight!

You have a death wish or something, Ishtar? Or are you just trying to elude me?

No... Of course not. I love you, Julius. You know that.

Heh heh... Alright, you do what you want. I'm not stopping you.

Dark Warlords, it's show time! I'm all through playing. That rebel army is history!!

That may not seem like a lot of enemies, but they're all very strong. But again, more on that next update.

So Julia's been brainwashed, and she'll slowly come towards us to kill our army. Surely Celice can talk some sense into her though, right? Well, we'll see next time. For now, stats: