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Part 49: Alternate Endgame Lover Conversations

Alternate Endgame Lover Conversations

Just like in generation one, everyone can have a couple different conversations with different people if they're in love. There's also a conversation between Arthur and Tinny if neither have lovers.

Arthur and Tinny

Tinny, we're getting pretty close to mother's homeland.

Yeah... I wish I could be happier about it. What're you thinking?

I've resented the Freeges since the day they took you and mother away from me. I can't tell you how much I've wanted to smash their skulls in...

But, you know... Uncle Blume, Ishtar, and Ishtor weren't really that bad... I mean... they were nice to me and mum, at least.

It was Hilda, wasn't it...

Uh-huh. I hate her so much, Arthur... I'd kill her myself if I could!

Tinny, no one's ever going to lay a hand on you again. You've got my word!

I don't know if you can view this conversation, then have either/both of them fall in love later in the chapter and have a second conversation, though if you can, you could get an extra +1 Luck for Tinny. While we're on the subject of Tinny, let's see the rest of her conversations:

Tinny and Celice


Tinny! Get back, would you?

Please, I want to help out, too!

I know, but... I just don't want to lose you!

Well, I'm not budging. I'm not letting what happened to Deirdre happen to me too! Please, Celice... Just let me stay near you!

...Yeah, you're right. I'm sorry. We do need to stay close, don't we? C'mon, Tinny. Let's get going. This is your chance to shine for me.

You got it!

Tinny and Leaf

Leaf, are you alright?

Yes, I'm fine. But you need to watch it, Tinny. This enemy is a tough one.

I know. I'll be safe as long as I'm with you.

We both need to be careful. We have the great task of re-unifying Thracia before us.

I can't wait to return to Alster. I really want to work for the people when I get back.

Not just Alster, Tinny... Remember, you'll be queen of the New Thracia!

That's right, isn't it!

Tinny's lover will get a +3 boost to Magic, not exactly useful for anyone but Sety. Next, let's look at Patty's conversations:

Patty and Celice

Celice, here you go!

Wow, you made lunch! This is for me, is it? Thanks a lot, Patty.

...and here's your drink.

Wow, really? Geez... thanks! This is just what I needed.

And this is to top it off... Here.

Er... what's this?

It's my own home brewed stamina drink. It'll give you a little boost. Now don't waste it!

N, no. I won't.

Patty and Lester

Lester, lunch is ready!

Patty, you made it! Whew... I seriously thought I was going to pass out there.

I knew you were hurtin', so I made it jumbo size today. So how is it?

Superb! Your cooking is the best, Patty!

Hehe... You know it!

Patty's lover will get a +3 boost to HP and Speed, which is pretty nice for anyone, though Celice is pretty likely to cap Speed naturally. Also, in case you forgot, Lester and Patty are cousins. Yup. Moving past that, we have Nanna's conversations. Though I'm afraid we'll find the same problem there.

Nanna and Celice


Nanna... we've still got a tough battle ahead of us, so just play it safe, alright?

I will. But you've got me worried, Celice. Please, don't push yourself too hard.

I know, but we've come this far... I just can't let up now.

Well, I'll do my best to look out for you. You're always in my prayers, Celice.

Thanks, Nanna. Believe me, I really appreciate all the times you've helped me out.

Any time, Celice. Any time...

Nanna and Aless

Aless, take it easy out here. You still have a monumental task awaiting you.

I haven't forgotten, believe me. I've no intention of dying in this war. I will not rest until Agustria has attained the glory my father envisioned for it.

I know you can do it, Aless. Your father would be so proud of you...

But I can't do it alone, Nanna. I need you.

Of course, Aless. My life is yours. I'm not making the same mistake my mother did.

What... his own sister fell in love with him?

Yes... she did. But it's not all that strange, really. They had different mothers.

Hey, that reminds me. You and I are cousins, aren't we...

Yeah, that's right. Hehehe...

Yea they don't shy around that at all. Nanna will give Celice +3 HP, and Aless and Leaf +3 Defense. Kinda odd that she gives Celice a different stat. Anyway, next we have Lana. Hopefully we'll get away from all the incest there.  We won't. 

Lana and Skasaha


What's up?

You make me proud, you know that?

Hey, what're you gettin' all sentimental on me for?

Skasaha, you promise me you won't get killed out here, okay?

Don't you worry... I'd never leave you.

Skasaha... ...


...I love you.

Lana and Faval


What's up?

You make me proud, you know that?

Hey... why're you getting all sentimental on me?

Faval, you promise me you won't get killed out here, okay?

Don't you worry... I'd never leave you.

Faval... ...


...I love you.

Not much difference in those conversations, it seems the only really interesting one she has is with Celice. At least they don't shout out that Lana and Faval are cousins in this one. Lana will give her lover +3 Resistance. Next, we have Lakche.

Lakche and Celice

Celice, wait up!


I'm coming with you!

Sure, that's fine with me. Everything alright?

I... I'm just a little scared, that's all.

Really? Geez, that sure doesn't sound like you, Lakche.

I just...

Hey, don't worry about it. I'd feel better if you were with me anyway.


Lakche and Shanan

We've come pretty far, haven't we...

Yeah, it's been quite a journey.

I wonder how everyone's doing in Isaac... I hope they're alright.

Sounds like you're a little homesick, Lakche...

Absolutely not! I'm not a child anymore, you know.

Heh... Could've fooled me.


Hahaha... Just calm down, alright? You're spoiling your good looks.


This one's creepy on multiple levels since Shanan's not only way older than Lakche, but also her cousin! Oh also, if we had recruited Johalva, there's this conversation as well.

Lakche and Johalva

Johalva, you okay?

This battle is proving to be a tough one... even for me. At least we got Dozel back... Alright, I'm going back in.

You be careful out here! You're the one who has to get the duchy back on its feet.

Yeah, I know... Besides, I'd never get over my father's and brothers' deaths if I left things as they are. Lakche, you're with me on this one, aren't you?

Uh-huh. I guess you could say I sort of owe you.

Yeow... that's my girl! You're the best, Lakche!

Johalva, you freak!

I really like that Johan and Johalva pretty much always have distinct dialogue from one another. Anyway, Lakche gives her lover +3 Strength, something pretty much any of her lovers will gladly take. Lastly, we escape the incest with Fee.

Fee and Celice

Celice, how about I go get a close up on the enemy?

Forget it, Fee! This battle isn't like the others. Don't you dare leave my side!

If you say so...

Fee, are you worried about Silesia?

Yeah, a little. It sounds like they all started fighting too.

The Isaacians staged an uprising. It's going rather well from the sounds of it.

Really? I'm so glad to hear it!

You probably want to get back home, don't you...

No way! I'm not leaving your side.

Wow... Thanks, Fee. I'm glad to hear it.

Celice... you're like a dream come true for me. I wanna stay with you forever...

Fee and Oifey

Oifey, how about I go get a close up on the enemy?

That's not a good idea, Fee. They'd shoot you right out of the sky.

Oifey.. um...

What's on your mind, Fee?

It's really admirable that you've devoted your life to keeping Prince Celice safe.

Hm... We abandoned Sir Sigurd's army right at the battle's peak. It's not something I'm proud of. But the mission awaiting us was a fate worse than death. That went for your folks as well.

I feel I've gotten to know my parents better recently... like the kind of lives they lived. All the talks we've had together have really helped clear up my past, Oifey.

Well, Fury helped me out a lot back then. Perhaps I've been able to repay some of that debt to her through you.

I still have so much to learn from you, Oifey. I want to be more grown-up.

There's no need to rush yourself, Fee. That'll happen in good time.

Oifey! You gotta let me catch up before you get all old on me!

Whoa... Hold on a second there!

Fee will give her lover +3 Skill, something none of them really need, but it doesn't hurt I guess.

So for the most part in order to get a conversation, every girl has three possible lovers, and every guy has one possible lover. Celice is the obvious exception to this since he has a conversation with everyone but Leen, and Leaf also has a conversation with both Nanna and Tinny. Leen and Corple both lack conversations, though they can still fall in love. Hanibal and Altenna can't fall in love, and Julia might as well not be able to. In the way of substitute children, only cousins have lover conversations, so you can't get one from Lana's substitute, Mana, and Faval or vice versa. Oifey also doesn't have a conversation with Femina, Fee's substitute.