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Part 17:  Chapter 16

It's time. We're gonna take back Renais, get the Sacred stone, get the holy weapons, and most importantly, we're going to get the Lords a promotion.

Look guys, Myrrh's being helpful! Isn't that cute!

This level design is wonderful. Two units are going to have to make a detour if you want that chest. Why isn't there a door or something after it?

Anyway, to start, I'd like to get Lute some Light ranks, so I bought her Lightning.

Oh, beautiful. Way to kick the battle off.

I actually want to see Wendy's RES go up more, since DEF's capped as is.

Stupid Corrosion!

Very good, Priscilla.


Isadora and Lute are going to get the chest. Isadora got an okay level as well as a Master Seal.

I'd say there isn't much to this initial attack, it's just Paladins and Great Knights.

Here's a shot of a doll with a Fortify. Shame about their low MAG, though.

And now to lure most of the enemies into suiciding on Lute over the wall. Why is Luna still standard issue? No idea.

That was close. I need to actually use Barrier more often.

Or get RES on a level up.

Or use a Talisman from a chest.

Wait. Is that a BISHOP with ECLIPSE?

I guess they used the enemy control glitch?


Echidna's able to one-hit the Bishops. With a Steel Axe. Nice.


Meanwhile, Limstella has capped Speed.

This inspires Wendy to gain speed.

One enemy drops a much-needed Energy Ring.

A Druid decides to use Eclipse on a doll. This would be a one-hit kill if the doll in question didn't have a whole two max HP. Good job, AI.

Now, this is weird, why does it display stats for Echidna even though she has no ranged weapon to counter with?

Another death narrowly avoided. Echidna gets PISSED and counters with a spin attack.

Wendy gets ticked off too. Or maybe she hates Heroes?

Wow, everyone's getting spin-happy today.

A bit further in, we steal some stuff from a Sage.

Speaking of stealing, here's a Thief with a bit of a predicament: The door's blocked by the Druid. OH NO! Not an allied unit that won't move because the AI sucks! Truly the ultimate way to stop a buglary!

I...I keep stealing these, I don't know why.

Now Lyn, I know you haven't seen combat in awhile, that's no excuse to sleep on the job!

Anyways, these girls aren't going anywhere, so we steal the Recover staff.

And...there was a White Gem in there somewhere...on an enemy I guess? I forgot.

This is an interesting situation that I really had to plan for. The Wyvern Knights, of course, have Pierce, and Rangers are as annoying as ever.

That's all the speed she'll be getting I imagine.

With a Fili Shield, Clarine should be able to withstand most of what's approaching.

Or the AI could just be its usual self.

This just goes to show they have no real sense of planning. Attacking Lute here is, from their PoV, completely pointless, but that's FE AI for you.

And to make up for it, our forces can't even hit someone who's unarmed.

Now that that wave's overwith, let's take out the rest of them.

I have had more lucky dodges than I probably deserve.

Limstella. You do zero damage. To GENERALS.


Better than nothing.

We push through the enemies and secure some more staves.

Isadora's trying, I'll give her that much.

Kind of late for the Druid to drop a Chest Key, but the thought is appreciated.

I think I have too many staves.

The Thief is able to steal the Tomahawk once the Druid is removed, but she'll never break out before I take it back.

Actually, that's an advantage to Limstella's low MAG: she can take most Mage Thieves down to 25% of their HP rather easily. And hey, another Member Card! That's...completely pointless since you can access Secret Shops from the world map now. But we steal it anyways. It's rare, after all.

A Druid drops this. It's Fenrir, I believe.

Orson happens to have a bow with 3~4 range, but its accuracy is shit. Why does he even have that in the first place?


30,000 gold and an Angelic Robe? This is actually pretty helpful for the next chapter.

This is what that bow does to Orson's stats. Beautiful ain't it?

He isn't much to speak of otherwise. I needed a bit of luck here, though.

Chapter's done!

Wait WHAT? Uh...who turned out the lights?

There's...MORE?! It's not over yet?! Dammit, FEGirls, the chapter was long enough as is!

...I hear footsteps there. Light it up!

Oh it's just a Bishop I forgot about, okay then.

So anyways, monsters are attacking us for some reason. FE8 really needed more of those, yep!

Wait what? Who's attacking...

...What? WHAT?

Oh, that's really cheap! Assassins in this game are INVISIBLE on the map. This has to be the lamest idea ever, it's not like you can't see them by hovering the cursor over them or pushing start! This will only catch you off guard the first time, you'll be aware of them from then on.

So what's the threat here?

The threat is that they have Bane, a skill that reduces HP to one point. Thankfully it is NOT instant kill unless you were at one HP already. But you have no idea how annoying these guys are, between the skill and sometimes forgetting they're there.

Thankfully they suck at general offense.

No really, Limstella, you don't need any more MAG, you're good as you are.

Eclipse would be a much bigger threat if it could crit. Luckily it can't.

Fiora, on the other hand, can crit just fine.

I think.

Those centaurs must be the fastest things alive.

Keep trying, ladies.

I'm actually amazed I managed to get all the way to Chapter 20 (as of today) without using a Knight Crown at all.

We shed some light on the boss: a Draco Zombie. These guys have the highest...everything out of every monster aside from the final boss.

The chest had a Crossbow. A 1-range bow is really not useful for anyone that isn't a Sniper, and even then the stats on it are horrid.

By the way, here's what the spiders look like if you were curious. I really need more mages...

So, I'll be taking your Physic...I kinda wonder why they're called "Physic" and not their original name, "Libro" but translators are weird sometimes.

Maybe she should use a Dracoshield...

Welp that's the Hero's STR cap.

Little else beyond that can stand in our way.

Case in point.

I'll just be taking Renais's treasure back.

They did a number on Wendy when I used her to lure the boss out.

Echidna shows him who the real boss is. That plus a refresh from Ninian should end the chapter.


There. Boss dead. End chapter. And now, our lords recieve a PRRRRROMOTION!

...yeah. Lyn gets bows like in FE7.

These two need serious work, but I've got some things that can fix it. Anyways, Eirika's a little interesting: She gets lances, so she's like Eliwood. When she uses swords, she has her usual animation. When she uses lances, her animation is similar to Ephraim's - we'll see this in the coming chapters a few times.

The Siegmund was replaced with the Sol Katti. It's a pretty nice weapon now, and Lyn has the exclusive animation for it as well. We're gonna need it and the Sieglinde to level up these two.

Coming up next: Thracia 776 is hell no matter what system you play it on.

Myrrh's growths:
HP: 105%
Str: 75%
Skl: 75%
Spd: 60%
Luk: 55%
Def: 65%
Res: 25%