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Part 1: My Unit

Part 0: My Unit

Here's our glorious title screen. I managed to hit the capture button just as the flash went across the title. It says "Fire Emblem", just trust me on this one.

We will, to nobody's surprise, be picking "New Game".

The difficulties in FE12 are pretty simple. Normal is a good way for newbies to the series to get introduced, Hard is a solid challenge for fans, Maniac is a difficult challenge for anyone but the most devoted FE fans, and Lunatic is mostly about masochism and tears. Also there's some Fire Emblem in it.

This installation of the series introduced Casual mode, which removes the dreaded "Permadeath". Honestly, this game buries you in units, so you won't really need it. (And I have save spamming A BRILLIANT TACTICAL MIND)

Oh hey, it's Anna!

Anna is a recurring character in the series, usually filling the role of a tutorial guide.

For the first time in FE history, we can make our own unit! The default name is Chris.

Due to votes in the last thread, and because I owe vilkacis for helping me with tech stuff, we're going with his suggestion, Steve.

This is mostly a cosmetic choice, but there are a couple differences in class choices.

Speaking of classes...

Myrmidons use swords, and are insanely speedy, with a high chance to get critical hits. They are restricted to one weapon type, though, and have to rely on dodge due to their shitty defense stats. While there are male Myrmidons, only female My Units can choose this class.

Peg(asus) Knights are female only, and use lances, with axes gained on promotion. They're quick and have a high hit rate, with a huge movement range and the ability to fly over rivers and mountains. However, they suffer from awful defense, and take automatic triple damage from bows. Be careful with these guys.

Cavaliers have high movement and average...everything else. They can use swords and lances. (Interesting note, Male Cavalier My Units start with a lance, Females start with a sword.)

Archers can only strike from two squares away. They use bows only, and have high critical hit rates and accuracy, but cannot counterattack melee units, which is a pretty big problem.

Mages use magic tomes and staves on promotion. They get access to powerful magic attacks, due to enemies resistance stats generally being lower than defense (with a few exceptions). We'll be using a mage MU.

But what about the male only avatar classes?

Mercenaries are Myrimdons with less speed and crit and more bulk. They also get axes on promotion.

The slow and unwieldy knights look a little silly, but against non magic attackers, they are a nearly impenetrable wall of sheer defense power. Their strength isn't too shabby either. They use lances, with bows on promotion.

Fighters are Axe wielders that tend to whiff a lot of attacks, but if they connect, pack a hell of a punch. Getting bows on promotion helps, since they have a naturally high crit rate. Only male characters can ever become fighters.

You can customize the appearance of your MU here. Once again, going with vilkacis' suggestion of a probably blind lady.

This background stuff effects stats. This is a little complicated, so I'll link a guide to it.

I should explain what the stats do as well:
Strength determines the damage you do with non-magical attacks.
Magic is Strength, but for magical attacks.
Skill determines your chance to hit, as well as crit.
Speed determines your chance to "double", striking twice in one round of combat. It also prevents you from being doubled.
Luck factors into dodging and critting, as well as one weird obtuse mechanic that factors into one map we'll see later.
Defense subtracts damage you take from non-magical attacks.
Resistance is defense, but for magical attacks.
Movement is how many squares you can move per turn.

"Growth Rates" refers to how likely you are to gain that stat upon level up. They're different for every character.

Anyway, here's what I chose for Steve.

Don't be fooled by my slow screenshot finger, I went with Orphan for the extra Magic.

Luck and Resistance can be hard to come by, so I went for them here.

I'm not sure why the latter few "Future" choices didn't show up here. But I went for Honorable to round out our character a bit with Skill and Speed. We really only didn't get Defense/HP on this one, which I would consider the least important stats on a mage (except Strength).

Next time, Steve will embark on her journey in:

Part 1, Jagen Rides Again

EDIT: Whoops, forgot to change settings to convert to PNGs in this update. I'll fix it for the next one.