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Part 6: The First Bandit Chapter

Part 5: The First Bandit Chapter

Welcome back. Last time, we all sat in a narrow hallway and hit a foreign woman with a lengthy pointed stick. Also we learned that Marth, in the paraphrased words of his sister, is "a useless fuck".


: Yeah...

Steve thought she was just in a very well scented room. Not that she can smell either. What senses does Steve have?

: Just walking around here makes me feel rejuvenated, in a way.

: Oh, by the way...we're lost, aren't we?

: ...

: Hey, Steve the Timid, wasn't this supposed to be...y'know, a shortcut?

In the forest of the blind, the idiot with the green hair is king.

Evidence suggests that he wouldn't be able to even if he wanted to.

: I-I'm really very sorry...

: It's fine. If we march all night, we can make up for lost time.

Ah...! Please, wait! Could that be...?

: Over there! That village is under attack!

If a village was within eyesight why didn't we just ask for directions?

This guy looks trustworthy enough.

Nice mask. This guy is named "Legion" in his cameo appearance in Awakening.

Oh hey, actual danger! (This does not change the gameplay at all)

So, as the map begins, we're clustered in the top left corner here. Athena has joined us since the last mission, and she is by far our most powerful ally. She could probably solo this chapter, maybe with a vulnerary or Wrys healing.

That said, we don't want to do that. Athena is my last resort here, because everyone else is so far behind her in level, and they need the experience more than she does. Good to have in reserve, though.

There are two hunters to the bottom right here that the camera wouldn't let me scroll to and still keep Caeda in frame

Hunters are a unit type that I think is exclusive to Shadow Dragon and Heroes Of Light And Shadow. They are basically archers with less skill and speed, but more damage. Similar to Myrmidons vs. Mercenaries.

You might also notice those axe wielding sprites. Those are Barbarians. They have absurdly high strength, and suck at roughly everything else.

That turban guy with the bag is a Thief. Thieves are quick and skillful, but extremely fragile. They can also open chests, doors, and destroy villages...but none of that matters in this chapter.

I'm using the forts to keep Luke and Ryan in a good tanking position. Ryan actually has better defensive stats than Rody...despite his lack of melee weapons. Maybe I was wrong about this guy.

Immediately 2 of them rush Ryan. He lives with 4 HP. Totally planned. Not luck at all.

Then a hunter comes after him and...

1 health and...uh...Ryan? Why are you glowing like


That's a critical hit. It deals triple damage. There is basically nothing left of that hunter but little bits of Ruffian strewn about Altea now.

Oh, one of the hunters goes for Luke too. Meh.

But at the start of our second turn...

Hey, do you see that bandit? Right there? One tile east? Okay.

I don't follow that logic. Rody could be the commander then.

: Very well, I shall join you. The name's Merric. I'm a mage from Khadein. Your orders, please!

Merric is another character returning from the first game. He's Marth's childhood friend, and a pretty solid mage.

At the start of Turn 2, most of the enemies are clustered around Ryan in the top fort, except for one hunter in the southwest...conveniently slightly off screen .

So I'm going to try and use everyone to hit these guys, for experience.

Merric does about the same damage as Steve right now.

Pretty happy with the damage Luke is putting out there, even if it's against a Hunter and not a melee class.

.... Must resist...

Ryan lowers the thief's health enough for Steve to burn him down.

Rody just...I dunno. He's not quite doing as well as Luke. He got a pretty good level, but we'll see if he can keep that up.

Caeda doubles this guy to finish him off. She's doing well, but that's not surprising.

Some enemies drop items. These are labeled in green in their inventories.

Wrys heals up Ryan, just for the XP.

But there's still a bandit left, and I don't really want to run the risk of him caving Steve's head in (These barbarians can double Steve and murder her in one round), so...

Eh, whatever.

All we have left is the boss, and he has a Hand Axe. He'll stay still on that space, but having a ranged weapon means we can't just plink away at him with a ranged character all day.

Oh, this happened too. Thanks, Wrys.

Just moving all our units southeast towards the boss. I can pretty much spend as much time as I want now that only the boss is left. I want everyone who can do damage to do so, to maximize EXP gains.

Yikes. That's a fair amount of damage, but I think I can finish him off in this turn. If not, I have Athena and or save states

This boss has a creative name. That's all I have to say about him.

Hum some music and slow scroll this, pretend it's a cool montage instead of my lame LP.

(Yikes, Steve is super fragile. She also needs some speed.)

I'm gonna start saying what stats I want Steve to get out loud, because it seems to work. I will accept anything that helps her not melt instantly.

Well. Uh.

That one was pretty boring. I apologize. Here's a ton of dialogue.

: Um, Steve, maybe this Merric is a friend of Prince Marth...

How many Merrics do you know, Katarina?

I knew a Merric in real life. It was high school. He lost a Mountain Dew 2-liter and put up wanted posters for it. So whenever I see this character, I think of a stoned teenager searching desperately for his gently used soda.

: I heard he even fought alongside Prince Marth during the War of Shadows. Wow, I-I'm a little nervous now...

Dew jitters.

I think there was even a reward for the mountain dew. It was more than the cost of a new 2-liter of Mountain Dew. Can you tell I have nothing to say?

: Could you lead me to Altea Castle?

Womp womp waaaaaa.

Anyway, here's a new scene.

: Roro.

: Ooh, Kleine. Didn't you have something else to do?

Kleine is another new character to the remake, along with Roro, MU, and Katarina. Interestingly enough, there's another Fire Emblem character named Klein. (Interestingness may vary)

This plan may or may not be any good, considering one of the head conspirators is a masked man who makes monkey sounds.

Worked for that crazy guy in Suikoden V. I liked that LP. Vilkacis has an avatar referencing that LP. So it's related to this thread. I'm not babbling. Here's a new cutscene.

EDIT: I just realized he did that LP. So that makes sense.

: ....

Don't talk about Steve in the past tense! (Last terrible joke for this update referencing an unrelated game, I swear.)

Well, it was pretty easy. Ryan gibbed a guy.

: I didn't count him amongst the dead. It's a little worrying...

I'm more worried that Steve is sifting through corpses after her first actual battle.

: Well, it's okay. We did beat them in the end! Heehee, all this worrying's gotten me hungry...Come on, Steve, let's go and find something to eat.

Why are we trying to find something to eat in Marth's room? Are we raiding his fridge?

: Commander Steve and Katarina, of the 7th Platoon, reporting as ordered, sire.

: Please, calm yourselves. You may stand at ease.

: Yet you summoned us so suddenly, milord...


: Are you, sire, reprimanding us for disobeying our orders?

: Not at all–it's quite the opposite.
Your actions have saved many. As ruler, my duty is to protect my people, and I am truly grateful for what you did.

Oh, hey. Go us.

Actually it was one of the easiest so far.

: I hear from Jagen that you've been exemplary cadets.

D'aww, that old softie.

: Why, the both of you are suitable for the Altean army. Should the two of you pass your test, I'd love it if you would become my Royal Guards.

Steve, it's not that tough a concept.

Poor Marth. He's clearly been talking to his sister.

I just like that last line.

Young, dynamic, blind, pyromaniacs, corpse-sifters...

And with that, the chapter just kinda...stops.

That was a pretty dull chapter, with a ton of dialogue that didn't really tell us anything. However, the next one shows off a few new mechanics, so it should at least have some more content that's not just talking.

Next time, Part 6: Schrodinger's Frey.