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Part 9: Prep: Graduation Day

Part 7: Graduation Day (Prep)

Welcome back. Last time, we overcame Draug the armor knight with the power of meatshields and fire shooting.

Cain, I like you and all, but you've been in like 3 cutscenes and didn't bother even showing up the one time we were in real danger. You're not great at this.

: Though your individual strengths vary, there exists no doubt of your excellence. Thus, today we will hold your final practical exam. Make sure that you are thoroughly prepared.

I like to think the first part was a subtle jab at Cecille and Rody.

Wait, what? That was it? Uh. Okay.

This chapter is pretty much a filler chapter. I guess we had to graduate from Junior Knights somewhere in there. There's still going to be a lot of chatting in base conversations here though, so if you aren't interested in those, feel free to cut out once I'm done with this strategy stuff.

Our boss fight this time around is, big surprise, Cain himself. I mean, there's no way it could have been someone else, right? I'll cover that when that character actually appears

Cain has no easily exploitable weaknesses, because Caeda left her superweapon in her closet or something. He might be a little tough.

This map has the most enemies thus far, but a fair amount of room to maneuver around and 6 deployment slots. Also lots of forts, which I will most likely feel less happy about when the chapter actually starts, though you'll see what I mean.

Cecille would be dead weight here, so I'm swapping her for Draug, our best tank so far.

(I also just noticed Luke is still level 2. I thought I was using him quite a bit? Guess he's just not killing much.)

And it's dialogue time. The rest of the update is this, so sit back and get ready. Going from the bottom up...


Ah yes, Mt. Exposition, an Altean landmark. Frey loves it here.

(Goddammit, blink animation)

: Sire...

I do like the Marth/MU dynamic here. The guy really has no friends his age, and it's pretty clear from this and the Elice scene earlier how fucked up he is over what happened in the last game.

I get the feeling Jagen isn't the best grief counselor either.

It's a good thing Frey miraculously lived, then.

Geez. Elice was blunt, but she was right. Marth is not okay. I didn't say much there, but I think that scene speaks for itself pretty well. This next one too.


Expositon Forest! (Sorry, sorry.)

"My eyes bleed clear."

Steve is the most gung-ho little pyromaniac.

Katarina is pretty dependent, it seems.

In Which Cecille Does Something Good

I guess this is the "After the Battle" talk mentioned in the last chapter that didn't seem to happen.

I don't think Steve will have a problem with that.

Luke, never use those two words that close together. This isn't FE4.



Heh. I almost want to use Cecille after that, but unfortunately she's...bad. Or at least she always has been for me. I'm sure someone's had a great Cecille that they'll slap me with after I post this.

with Frey and One Sweet Turban

We just talked to him, though? Maybe I should be reading these top to bottom...then again, Frey probably doesn't know about that talk.


a sovereign or state having some control over another state that is internally autonomous.

Thanks, Google.

Hardin has a brother who is technically king of Aurelis, so I guess the debate was between them? However, his brother doesn't even get a name, so I suppose the conclusion was inevitable.

Sweet turban.

The conversation they're flashing back to here was only available by having Marth talk to Hardin in the 5th chapter of Shadow Dragon. This makes Hardin one of the few characters to get dialogue in that game aside from a recruitment/death quote.

They met like 30 seconds ago. Marth is...uh...something.

Katarina gives a "..." here, but I missed it.

Anyway, that's the prep stuff for Prologue 7. Next time, we face Cain and graduate from junior knighthood!