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Part 10: Battle: Graduation Day

Part 7: Graduation Day (Battle)

Welcome back. Last time we had a heart-to-heart with a couple of our companions, Cecille decked Luke in the nose, and Frey babbled.

Also the entire scene was sabotaged by the blink animation.

Now, we face our final test as junior knights, in a map that took me way too many tries while not screencapping, and then worked on my first attempt when I actually started doing screencaps.

(Warning: This map contains copious use of "Draug stands on chokepoint". If you are allergic to Draug Standing On Chokepoint, please do not view this part of "Let's Play Fire Emblem 12")

As soon as the map starts Cain bounds across the field to talk to us. How nice.

This is the last Cain "suspense" segment, everyone. Breathe it in.

Then he ran back across the map, presumably giggling all the way.

This map puts us up against more enemies than we've ever faced, and we have pretty tight quarters to start with. Those archers severely limit even the mobile Caeda's zone of safety. My goals for this map are:

1. Clear it.
2. Get Luke some XP.

So this is how I set things up. Luke and Draug are blocking access to our part of the map, forcing the enemies to slam into them. Ryan and Steve can provide covering fire from a safe position, Wrys can heal when Vulnerarys just aren't enough, and Caeda...uh...sits there.

As soon as Enemy Phase begins, Cain warns us about Obesity, the Silent Killer.

Just as planned...

This is how things look as our turn resumes. The archer that hit Draug is behind the blue box, if you couldn't see him.

Knights have enough armor to make most of our physical attacks pretty weak, but we have another option.

That's nice.

Wrys patches up Luke here, so he can weather the next attacks. (Also note Steve's position)

Get used to this shot. It happens a lot.

Not bad. A few rare stats for Luke, and most of his key ones, except Strength.

That archer diverts his attention from Draug to Steve, doing considerably more damage, but also eating a faceful of Elfire for his trouble.

Wrys can handle Steve's wounds,, and Ryan finishes off the archer that caused them.

The thing to note here is that I'm switching Luke to an Iron Sword so he doesn't kill the Knight. If he did, he would be open to attack from one of those Myrmidons, which could be bad. I also pop a vulnerary to keep him at top shape.

Ready for shit to get messy?

I'm dumb and missed the screengrab, but as soon as Cain says this, another Cavalier, an Archer, and a Peg Knight pop out of the forts.

This is bad. If I had left, say, Steve or Caeda in the wrong spot, they would be murdered. And on Hard and above, reinforcements can act the turn they appear.

The cavalier is a non-issue, because of the roadblock Luke and Draug have, but that archer has range over the north river, and the peg knight can fly down and hit us from behind the chokepoint.

Business as usual here, though. The archer takes a shot at Ryan.

This was a little worrying. I'm lucky Steve didn't get doubled.

On our fourth turn, things are looking notably more cluttered. Oh, and that northern cavalier is Cain. He rides down with his reinforcements to fuck with us.

Unfortunately, the Peg. Knight's lust for Steveblood has put her directly in Ryan's crosshairs.

Now that I don't have to worry about a counterattack, I let Luke finish the Knight and Wrys heal him up.

Are those like the only things Wrys has growths in? He can't even use the speed, except to not get doubled.

I'm ending our turn here. Can you spot the potential problem in this screenshot?

Ouch. The archer moved into the open space and went for Wrys. That's not a huge deal, but it means I have to blow a turn killing him.

Ryan phases the poor guy out of existence. (He was blinking)

2 stats? Little disappointing for Ryan, but I like Strength enough that I'm not too bothered.

Get outta there, Wrys. You've done enough.

Now it's the Myrmidon's turn to step into the Draug/Luke Danger Zone.

Phased out of existence by Ryan again.

Then I realized with the lack of ranged threats, aside from that archer on the west side of the map doing...nothing, it was okay for Wrys to stand here. Also Caeda has not moved a muscle during this map.

You know how this goes by now.

Oh hey, I actually got him while he was still corporeal.

He dropped this. I dropped it right afterwards

Now for the big guns.

Cain shows his face, and

Goes for Draug? Who has better defensive stats? Uh, okay.

Oh, that's why. He can double him.

You are a beautiful man, Wrys.

Caeda gets off her ass and does something. I move Ryan out of the way because I want to show Cain something.

Mag! Glorious Mag!

Oh, and he had this for some reason.

I move Luke up to plug the hole left by Cain, and do some damage to the other Cavalier.

He is rewarded with all 3 stats I really care about.

So now...oh, come on. What has this guy been doing?

That'll teach him to hide in the corner all I did.

This, of course, can change depending on how well you did in the Prologue.

You should just play this for the rest of the update.

Game, stop making me want to use this character

: *Beyond the grave sobbing* And get a haircut, hippie!

And so, we fade out to...uh...this.

: Ah, Steve. What are you doing up so late at night?

: Steve, have I ever told you about the town I was born in?

That's a whole country, Steve.

Wuh oh.

A location from FE11, Knorda is a "market" in the English versions of the game. But that's actually some minor censorship. Full title is "Knorda Slave Market".

: In Knorda, I was treated like an animal, beaten for fun. Whenever I couldn't stand the pain, I'd just close my eyes and think of nothing, taking refuge within my heart's confines...

: She showed me the meaning of life. I felt that I would do anything for her. Steve, do you have someone like that in your life?

: Not long now, is it...? It won't be long until we become Altean knights. When that happens... ......... Good night, Steve.

And now for something completely different/silly.

How is it daytime again?

The miracle of vision is within our grasp.

Uh. So, I get the feeling nobody will want this. Blind bangs Steve is kinda iconic of her at this point. But I saved here, so if there's huge demand for Cecille's haircut, I can do it. Just let me know. If you'd rather keep Steve's trademark mop, mention that too.

For now I said no.

Well, next time is the last prologue chapter and the graduation ceremony. So I'm sure it'll be a peaceful day, nothing will go horribly wrong, and...

Oh, I'll just show it.

Next time on Fire Emblem 12...

Shocking twists!
More talking!

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