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Part 11: Prep: The Art Of Foreshadowing

Part 8: The Art Of Foreshadowing (Prep)

Let's just jump right into this one. Last time we fought Cain. We won.

: It's thanks to Steve The Timid that we've come this far. Aren't you all glad that I conceded commandership to her?!

Not the words I would use.

: But he does have a point. We made it this far because you were here, Steve...

Steve's shyness is built from a lifetime of hiding in her own bangs.

Setting Jagen on fire, punching Luke, ...uh...

: It's time, everyone. We should head to the ceremony room. Our induction will be held there.

Following Cain's obesity lecture last chapter, this part of Fire Emblem 12 will focus on the dangers of hazing. Luke is going to drown in a keg.

Anri was an ancient king of Altea who killed Medeus. The first time. Then Marth did the second time. We'll hear more about him.


Katarina, like many of you, is probably just waiting for the interesting bit.

Oh hey, Soldier! I see you're rocking the "Marth Hair Blue" armor now.

Rush Week at Kappa Delta Jagen usually ends in at least one pledge impaled on his shoulder spikes.

You are the worst generic soldier in Fire Emblem. And that's saying a lot.

There's a fade out here.

Well I'm sure Rody's totally right here.

...Oh. Well. I'll shut up for this next bit.

Cecille's a little...slow on the uptake.

And with that bombshell, we hit the final prologue chapter. This one features the most units so far, both on our side and the enemy's, and a pretty dangerous boss to match. It's a fitting finale.

Oh hey, we finally have the main character. Well, of the first game and the original. Marth is solid all around, but is stymied by the fact that he can't promote to a new class at level 20, like nearly everyone else. Still, he's pretty good, gets access to a few exclusive weapons (one you can see here, the Rapier, which does triple damage to mounted units and armor knights/generals), and you literally have to deploy him. So he'll be seeing a lot of use.

I also decided to bring Cain in for the final prologue chapter. He's much like he was in Shadow Dragon, a cavalier with decent stats all around, but a focus on high skill and speed. His buddy Abel isn't here, but he'll still work well on his own.

The throne room is packed with enemies, Barbarians, Hunters, Mages, Thieves, and Katarina herself, who is probably the strongest boss yet. That 19 Atk with a ranged magic weapon is deadly in a stage of the game where most people have 0-2 Resistance. She even hits people like Steve or Caeda for around 13.

That blue circle is a save point. Moving a unit onto it allows you to make a "checkpoint" of sorts.

Anyway, Base Convo time.

Best Friends Forever (Except the one who's trying to murder us)

It takes Marth days to scrub the blood out of the throne room after most knighthood ceremonies. Jagen gets a little intense.

You know, that poses a good question, isn't there a back door to the throne room?


: Steve...


Cecille you were in one battle and you passed out weapons.

Also all those other people who have just kinda been hanging around with us. Like Wrys.

Cecille Has Trouble With The Plot Twist

Oh Katarina. Let us count the ways.

-Showing up to be a knight with no combat training.
-Mysterious access to high quality weaponry.
-Randomly crying in the woods for no reason.
-Up late at night skulking around the castle.
-Always acting like it's the last time you'll see someone.

...Admittedly I still didn't see it coming the first time. Then again it was in Japanese.

And now the stage is set for the last prologue chapter. Will Steve and friends (minus one friend) succeed against the assassins?

Well, probably. But still, read the next part, okay? It makes me happy.